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Pulumi Launches Cloud Development Platform to Help Teams Get Code to the Cloud Faster

Grazed from Pulumi Corporation

Pulumi Corporation today announced the launch of Pulumi, a platform for cloud software development. Pulumi is designed for developers and DevOps teams to build and manage cloud native software that uses containers, serverless functions, APIs, and infrastructure, using one consistent approach.

Pulumi Corporation's founding team includes three developer tools veterans -- Joe Duffy, Eric Rudder, and Luke Hoban. Pulumi also announced a $5M series seed investment from Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital. As part of the financing, Madrona's S. Somasegar joins the Board of Directors.

At launch, Pulumi supports a variety of languages, and enables targeting all major clouds and cloud native environments. The platform is open source, available on GitHub, and is fully extensible. Alongside this initial launch is a public preview of the Pulumi SaaS for individuals and teams to collaborate on and manage cloud software development using the Pulumi platform.

Why Are Developers Considering the Cloud?

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Dan Kobialka.

Experience plays an important role in a developer's decision to create cloud applications, according to a study of more than 13,500 developers conducted by market analysis firm VisionMobile. The VisionMobile "Cloud and Desktop Developer Landscape" study, released last month, indicated experienced developers are more likely to create cloud apps than others, and almost half of cloud developers who are contracting earn more than $2,000 a month.

Other study results included:

  • Lowering build times (64 percent) was the top reason that cloud developers said they used application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • Over 95 percent of cloud developers said they use a developer program.
  • 54 percent of developers are hosting their own cloud servers and prefer to control the development platform they are using.
  • 49 percent of developers are utilizing both cloud and desktop apps.
  • 31 percent of cloud developers using public clouds are leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) as their development platform...

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Competition, Rapid Product Innovation Drive Down Enterprise Cloud Costs

Grazed from TheWhir. Author: Chris Burt.

The price of enterprise cloud computing services has dropped by two-thirds since 2013, but is starting to stabilize, according to a report released Monday by Tariff Consulting Ltd (TCL). The Pricing the Cloud 2 – 2016 to 2020 report puts the cost of entry-level cloud instances at about 12 cents an hour with Windows OS.

The report follows up a 2014 report, with research running through November 2015. It surveys published prices for more than 20 public cloud providers among 45 companies considered worldwide, and breaks down into public and private clouds, with the pricing categories pay as you go, hybrid, and private...

Cloud Computing: How Can DevOps Accelerate Innovation?

Grazed from MSPMentor. Author: Dan Kobialka.

What could revamped development and operations (DevOps) mean for independent software vendors (ISVs)? MSPmentor 501 honoree Logicalis has identified several ways the cloud can enhance the development process for ISVs. The New York-based managed service provider (MSP) noted the cloud "can facilitate DevOps changes and accelerate innovation within the software developer’s organization."

"Developers and their IT counterparts are polar opposites in their business lives," said Brian Day, senior director of cloud services at Logicalis US, in a prepared statement. "But with the help of a savvy cloud or SaaS partner, software providers are realizing significant productivity gains in the people, tools and overall culture of their organizations -- changes that give them a competitive edge in today's fast-paced software development world."...

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Cloud Computing: Cisco Launches DevNet To Woo Developers

Grazed from CIO-Today. Author: Jennifer LeClaire.

Working to woo dvelopers with a new initiative that promises to spark community and teamwork, Cisco has launched a new developer program dubbed DevNet. The program aims to drive an open community of software Relevant Products/Services developers -- including ISVs, customers and systems integrators and channel partners -- to help them build Cisco-enabled apps faster.

Susie Wee, vice president and CTO of networked experiences at Cisco, said the company is encouraging developers to adopt APIs across its products while also fostering integrations with third-party products. DevNet’s overarching goal: fueling software innovation. “As Cisco adds powerful software and services to our market-leading hardware portfolio, we recognize that developers are critical to creating value for our customers,” Wee said...

How the Cloud Has Changed Corporate Development

Grazed from PCMag. Author: Michael J. Miller.

As we've moved into a "cloud-first, mobile-first" world, corporate programming has changed. But I would argue that the change depends on the kind of cloud computing we're talking about and that the long-term implications could be very significant. If we're talking about moving from individual data centers to private clouds or even to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), I don't think the change in corporate programming is necessarily all that significant.

Sure new tools will be used—Open Stack, Amazon services, new mobile-centric frameworks, and languages such as Node.js, Angular, Swift, and Python. But programming is still programming. But when you think about moving from big monolithic corporate applications to using more Software as a Service (SaaS) services working together, that's a completely different model. And I see that happening in a lot of places...

Are there Citizen Developers in your Cloud?

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

They are the amongst the most productive and self-reliant members of your staff, user of your IT systems who used to be called “power users” but now they’re being given the trendy new appellation of “citizen developers.” Are they going to be key players in your move to Cloud computing?

There are various reasons for moving your applications to the Cloud. The ones most commonly mentioned are cost savings (potentially considerable) and the ability to react quickly to workload changes (scale-out and elasticity). Not so often discussed is the new ability for your people to more rapidly develop and deploy new Cloud-based applications that will differentiate your organisation and give it a business advantage...

Cloud Computing: Microsoft Opens .Net, Hops on Devops Bandwagon

Grazed from TechNewsWorld.  Author: Jay Lyman.

Microsoft recently established a .Net foundation and open sourced substantial parts of the popular programming language, continuing to spread its newfound love for open source software. However, it's another movement -- devops -- that may be more of a driving factor in Microsoft's .Net move.  In establishing the independent .Net Foundation and making more key pieces of .Net open source, Microsoft was promoting collaboration and community, it said.

Many open source technologies exist for .Net, including the recently released .Net compiler platform codenamed "Roslyn."  Microsoft also highlighted the value and innovation that comes from broader community collaboration, even on its own developer tools and technologies, such as .Net...

Cloud Computing: Front-End Ops Comes to Fore in Web Development

Grazed from MidsizeInsider. Author: Rick Robinson.

Web users are an impatient lot. They expect speed — as in quick responsiveness — from applications; they also expect the latest applications to be developed and delivered to them quickly. Because users demand speed, Web developers are concentrating on delivering it for them.

One result of this demand is a growing emphasis on "front-end ops," an approach to application development and testing that concentrates on the client side rather than just on the server side. The shift in focus to the client side is being boosted by a new generation of testing and development tools. The shift also embodies the maturation of a cloud-centric approach that is reshaping the IT universe in general and midsize IT in particular...

What You Need to Know About App Development in Cloud

Grazed from ComTechies. Author: Editorial Staff.

The realm of cloud computing in the arena of technology is growing in popularity at a fast pace. And, this makes sense as more and more people are incessantly demanding access to information, ability to stay updated and connected on-the-go. Now, you no longer need to face the dilemma - particularly the inability to share information and data, even though, you don't have a desktop or PC.

Why is that so? Well, a Smartphone is all you need today to get access to any type of information, regardless of wherever you are! That said, smartphones are ruling in today's technological world and replacing the desktop usage, by becoming the go-on computing device...