Cloud Culture

Why culture and teamwork are as important as tech in GoDaddy's cloud strategy

Grazed from SiliconAngle. Author: R.Danes.

With the dizzying array of technology products available to enterprises today, managers and CTOs may wonder where to start. Do they really need five clouds, a plethora of Software as a Service applications and an integration platform to do business in the Digital Age? We spoke to one engineer about how to get the most out of technology at the ready with culture, rigor and teamwork.

Shaheeda Nizar, senior director of engineering at GoDaddy Operating Company LLC, spoke at the CloudNOW 5th Annual “Top 10 Women in Cloud” Innovation Awards about her team-leading experience at GoDaddy. CloudNOW is a non-profit consortium of leading women in cloud computing and converging technologies...

Oracle: Cloud Success Relies On Cultural Shift

Grazed from TechWeekEurope. Author: Ben Sullivan.

This is according to Oracle, which claims that the befuddlement is down to a majority of companies’ overall IT spend being driven by individual business units versus traditional IT departments, making it difficult for organisations to fully benefit from the cloud services they’re subscribing too. Another part of the problem, claims Oracle, is that most organisations are continuing to fund their IT investments without aligning to revenue potential.

Cultural transformation

These claims are from Oracle’s ‘Putting Cultural Transformation at the Heart of Cloud Success’ report. The findings reveal businesses should rethink their IT funding models and undergo a cultural transformation in order to fully exploit the benefits of cloud computing. One third of respondents said an inappropriate IT funding model is inhibiting their business. One third also believe their company’s IT culture is unfit for the cloud computing age...

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The Culture of Cloud in an Information Security World

Grazed from SmartData Collective.  Author: Ryan Ward.

Working in the information security field, I obviously hear a lot about “the cloud” and its many security implications. There are definitely valid security concerns associated with cloud computing, but isn’t the entire industry of “information security” based on the concept of “securing information” no matter where it resides (including the cloud)? Security professionals need to accept the cloud as simply another platform that must be secured in order to protect information. Rather than talk about security controls though, I thought I would step back and first focus on the journey many organizations take to cloud adoption since security fears and IT change still appear to be hurdles.

The differences between cloud adoptions from one organization to another are very interesting to me. Working with a variety of businesses, I have learned that each takes its own approach to embracing cloud solutions without a 100% direct correlation between specific industries or size...