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Dubai Airports, the World’s Largest Airport, Leverages Box for Cloud Content Management

Grazed from Box, Inc.

Box Inc., a leader in cloud content management, today announced that Dubai Airports has moved its workforce to Box. Dubai Airports operates Dubai's two airports, including Dubai International, the largest airport in the world for international passenger traffic. In 2016, the company chose Box to manage its content in the cloud, and it has now deployed Box to nearly 2,000 employees.

"Nearly 88.2 million passengers traveled through Dubai Airports in 2017, and we are continually looking to implement new technology to create a smoother experience for those customers," said Abdulrahman Al Hosani, Dubai Airport's Vice President - BT Infrastructure and Operations. "With Box, we spend less time servicing file servers and support desk tickets, and can focus on what we specialize in: providing premiere passenger experience, baggage processing, and airfield management."

Time for IT to rein in cloud computing control

Grazed from TechTarget. Author: Alex Barrett.

It was fun while it lasted, as developers and business units had their day of unfettered access to public cloud resources. But now, it's time for IT to take back control. Between unpredictable and runaway costs, security lapses, lack of visibility and management complexity, organizations are beginning to put the kibosh on free cloud love in favor of policy-based access, provisioning and centralized management.

Additionally, organizations promote secure and economical internal private cloud use alongside a public cloud. And this lays the foundation for true hybrid clouds. "When a company goes to a cloud model and the users can provision whatever they want, you lose control of your costs," said an infrastructure capacity management specialist at a global entertainment firm...

Looking to the cloud to manage big data and social content storage

Grazed from InsideCounsel. Author: Juliana Kenny.

Big data’s growth and usage is both benefitting and befuddling businesses. As many are still yet coming to terms with what Big Data means, how it works, and the kinds of technologies needed to fully take advantage of what it has to offer, companies that are embroiled in legal cases face particular disadvantages. The storage and archiving practices of old — and the storage of particular amounts of data to prepare for legal issues — are no longer sufficient for businesses that need to be courtroom-ready.

Already, the need is clear for new methods of collecting and archiving large sets of data including social-based content. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) fined Barclays $3.75 million in December 2013 for failing to preserve many of its required electronic books and records from at least 2002 to 2012. The records include order and trade ticket data, trade confirmations, blotters, account records and others. Since the failures were prevalent throughout the firm's business areas, Barclays could not determine whether all of its electronic books and records were maintained in an unaltered condition...

Cloud Computing: Does WordPress Keep Your Content Safe?

Grazed from Business2Community.  Author: Jamin Andrews.

I’m one of those people (as I’m sure you are too) who has moved a great deal of my life online and into the ‘Cloud’. If you’ve joined the cloud computing revolution then you will also be experiencing the benefits of having your emails, documents and images all online and accessible wherever you want.

WordPress in its own rights has become a type of cloud computing, storing multitudes of content on each website. WordPressers use the site to store content and images that they intent to make live one day. Most users will admit to only storing this material on their WordPress site and not having another copy elsewhere, why would you need to …right? Here I’ll aim to answer the above question, does WordPress keep your content safe?...

Akamai's Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Grazed from Seeking Alpha.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Content delivery and cloud infrastructure company Akamai (AKAM) sees opportunity in cloud computing, mobile computing, online video and Internet security. The company is in the process of diversifying its business into these other areas besides its bread-and-butter content delivery business.

Five years ago Akamai did not embed its technology into other company's products or embed other company's technology into its own, but the company is currently working closely with other companies to do just that. Examples of the companies Akamai is partnering with include telecommunications company Ericsson (ERIC), telecommunications company Qualcomm (QCOM) and wide area network company Riverbed Technologies (RVBD) discussed in this article...

Alfresco Launches Cloud Content Management Offering

Grazed from Talkin Cloud. Author: Brian Taylor.

Content and collaboration firm Alfresco is launching its cloud service, stepping up to a SaaS version of its document management offerings.

Describing the new service as “scalable, transactional document management and collaboration,” Alfresco’s cloud service is a SaaS version that extends the company’s document management capabilities across the firewall. “Alfresco in the cloud” permits customers to use mobile devices without a VPN to access content, and also can be used as an online file-sharing and collaboration app. In conjunction with Alfresco Enterprise, Alfresco cloud service can be implemented on-premise in a hybrid cloud model...

Computing, Content, Applications, and Commerce in the Cloud: Legacy Network Operator Threats and Opportunities

Grazed from Research & Markets. Author: PR Announcement.

( has announced the addition of the "Computing, Content, Applications, and Commerce in the Cloud: Legacy Network Operator Threats and Opportunities" report to their offering.

Migration to the cloud will affect more than just IT outsourcing of datacenters. Cloud represents opportunities and threats to existing network operators as applications, content, commerce, and computing migrate to the cloud. Game changing technologies including 4G, IP Multimedia Subsystem, and cloud computing will transform wireless communications. This transformation will be a boon for some who recognize and seize the opportunities and a bane for others who do not adjust their strategies, products and solutions...

Google: Western democracies seek to censor political content

Grazed from InfoWorld.  Author: John Riberio.

Western democracies, which are not typically associated with censorship, have demanded that Google take down certain political videos, blog posts, and other content, the company said Sunday.

The company as on previous occasions has been asked to take down political speech in many countries, Google said.

"It's alarming not only because free expression is at risk, but because some of these requests come from countries you might not suspect -- Western democracies not typically associated with censorship," said Dorothy Chou, Google's senior policy analyst in a blog post...