Cloud Containers

Containerized cloud computing - the next big thing?

Grazed from ITWorldCanada. Author: Don Sheppard.

Cloud computing seems to have become a roller coaster of technology advancement – everyday there’s something new and improved, and every other day something fades away. There is certainly no shortage of new terms, acronyms and venture-backed products. Also, cloud computing is no longer a simple concept or a single solution – it has rapidly evolved into a new and significantly expanded IT ecosystem.

Competition among cloud providers is intense on many fronts, and yet many of the innovations seem to be older ideas re-visited. Perhaps you’ve been wondering – what really is “the next big thing” in cloud computing? Application containerization, as popularized by Docker, may just be the answer!...

Cloud Computing: 'Everyone's going container crazy'

Grazed from NetworkWorld.  Author: Brandon Butler.

It’s a busy time for container technology in the cloud computing market: IBM this week at its InterConnect conference in Las Vegas announced broad support for containers in its hybrid cloud computing software, while Google partnered with OpenStack distributor Mirantis to enable container technology capabilities in the open source cloud platform.  Forrester storage analyst Henry Balatzar reported from IBM InterConnect that: “Everyone is going container crazy.”

Perhaps all the hype is for good reason. Containers are shaping up as breakthrough technology that some believe could rival the impact that virtual machines (VMs) have had in corporate data centers...

IBM extends cloud portfolio with containers and greater hybrid cloud support

Grazed from  Author: Daniel Robinson.

IBM has added a series of technologies and services to its cloud computing offerings, including support for Docker containers and the extension of the Bluemix developer platform into a customer's data centre, among others.

Announced at the IBM InterConnect 2015 conference, the additions are aimed at delivering the same level of control, visibility, security and governance in a hybrid cloud environment as an organisation has over its internal private cloud or traditional IT systems...