Cloud Competition

Oracle outlines plans to take on Amazon in cloud

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Brandon Butler.

Oracle executives on Tuesday revealed the results of years’ worth of engineering and development efforts on its IaaS public cloud and announced a new bare metal cloud database service and an international geographic expansion. Oracle is typically not considered one of the top IaaS public cloud leaders, but the company has hopes of competing in the market by combining its infrastructure services – which focus on its core database services – with a suite of application development and software as a service offerings.

At its Cloud World event in New York, company executives laid out their vision of how they will take on competitors such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Oracle founder and now CTO Larry Ellison once famously denounced the cloud, questioning whether the technology was just hype...

Oracle Closing in on AWS, Microsoft With Public Cloud Infrastructure

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Scott Petersen.

Oracle has been accused of being "late to the party" when it comes to cloud computing—almost 10 years too late—but it is now the company is moving like Olympic champion sprinter Usain Bolt rounding the turn in the 200 meters. Now the Silicon Valley stalwart and its irrepressible Executive Chairman Larry Ellison are as confident and brash about their cloud strategy as the perennial gold-winning Jamaican running when crossing the finish line with another victory.

In keynotes here at the Oracle World conference this week, Ellison called out cloud competitor Amazon Web Services on several counts by virtually announcing the AWS' reign at the top of the cloud infrastructure services market. "Amazon's lead is over," he said, and followed that up with attacks on AWS's database services...

Oracle is gunning for AWS with new infrastructure offering

Grazed from ComputerWorld. Author: Blair Hanley Frank.

Larry Ellison has a message for Amazon Web Services: Oracle is going to give Amazon a run for its money in the cloud market. "Amazon's lead is over," he said during his keynote address at the OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. "Amazon's going to have serious competition going forward."

To that end, the company he co-founded is launching a set of new cloud data centers that are aimed at providing more powerful compute instances to help it compete against the likes of AWS, Azure and other cloud players. The generation 2 data centers will help bring a variety of performance improvements to customers who want to run high-performance workloads in the cloud...

Paul Maritz's Vision For Pivotal And The Battle With Amazon Over Open Source Cloud Computing

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Andrew Cave.

As the third highest-ranking executive behind Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in Microsoft’s heyday at the end of the last century, Paul Maritz learned a thing or two about cultural and technological shifts. Responsible for virtually all of Microsoft’s desktop and service software, he played a key role in the development of Windows 95 and Internet Explorer as executive vice-president of the company’s platforms strategy and developer group and a member of the five-person executive management team,

When he retired from Microsoft in 2000, Gates said that his vision and technological insight had had “a major impact not only on Microsoft but on the entire computer industry.” Going on to found Pi Corporation and join EMC when it bought Pi in 2008, Maritz then served as chief executive of virtualization specialist VMware...

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Alibaba’s dominant cloud business could take on Amazon

Grazed from YahooFinance. Author: JP Mangalindan.

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba (BABA) reported stellar fiscal first-quarter earnings on Thursday propelled by revenues that spiked 59%, surging past Wall Street estimates. And while talk of e-commerce transactions soaring on mobile dominated the announcement, analysts also paid close attention to the company’s cloud computing business, Alibaba Cloud — and for good reason.

Founded in 2009, Alibaba Cloud has evolved into China’s dominant cloud computing services provider, offering clients including Dutch electronics giant Philips, Schneider Electric and marketing platform Blogmint a wide range of storage, security, and database management options. For its fiscal first quarter, the company reported Alibaba Cloud revenues swelled 156% year-over-year to $188 million with 577,000 paid users...

Google cloud chief Diane Greene admits their victory against AWS and Microsoft

Grazed from LeapRate. Author: Valentina Kirilova.

Diane Greene confirmed that when companies ask Google to join in the bidding process for cloud computing contacts, Google is practically always the winner. "We can actually win an RFP pretty much every time against AWS or Azure. Our growth is great. We have the best infrastructure, our own network backbone, our own fiber, a very cost-effective data centers, very automated,” Google’s head of cloud computing mentioned to attendees of the Fortune Brainstorm Tech show in Aspen, Colorado on Monday.

And that means Google can offer low prices on those request for proposals (RFP). Greene also said that internally, the culture at Google didn’t have to change that much to serve enterprises, which was even a surprise to her. While she’s spent her first seven months creating the kind of classic internal organizations that enterprises need (sales, support, a CTO office to help Google do more custom projects), the underlying culture was already a fit, she claims...

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HPE edging out Cisco in cloud infrastructure space, argues research

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and Cisco continue to battle it out for supremacy in the cloud infrastructure market with HPE having the slight advantage, according to the latest note from Synergy Research. The note, which assesses the most recent Q1 data, sees Cisco just ahead of HPE and Dell in public cloud hardware, but HPE more dominant in the private cloud hardware space, capturing more than 20% of the overall market.

In cloud software, Microsoft has more than 40% share and is streets ahead of nearest competitor VMware, but given the relatively nascent size of the market sees the Redmond giant in third place for the overall poll. Even though both HPE and Cisco gained market share in the previous quarter, HPE slightly widened its advantage, according to Synergy...

TechnologyOne plots US expansion to take down Oracle and SAP in the cloud

Grazed from AFR. Author: Paul Smith.

Australian software company TechnologyOne will begin a three-year process to lay the groundwork for ambitious US expansion plans, as its ten year old UK operations approaches profitability for the first time. Speaking to The Australian Financial Review as the 29-year-old company – valued at $1.6 billion – released half-yearly results which reaffirmed guidance for 10-15 per cent full-year profit growth, founder and CEO Adrian Di Marco said the company would take a measured approach to entering the potentially lucrative US market.

This will involve opening up a US research and development centre in 12-18 months, to ensure its software works properly with US regulations, ahead of a launch within two or three years. "We have not fragmented our code line, it is one global codeline that we have built here in Australia, that is exactly the same code that runs in the UK, so we have actually already done the globalisation of the product from that regard," Mr Di Marco said...

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Amazon Vs. Alibaba: Cloud Computing & Infrastructure Growth

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Editorial Staff.

Online retail giants Amazon and Alibaba have both seen massive growth in their cloud computing businesses over the past few years. Both Amazon Web Services and Alibaba’s cloud computing and infrastructure segments have outpaced the growth in total worldwide spending on cloud computing and infrastructure services.

Alibaba has grown at a faster pace than Amazon, primarily due to the fact that it is primarily present in China, which is a relatively nascent and fast-growing market. Correspondingly, Alibaba’s cloud computing revenues are significantly lower than Amazon’s AWS revenues. According to an estimate by Technology Business Research, the global cloud computing market is likely to continue to grow at a similar pace over the next few years...

Cloud Computing: Web giants splash out on servers again

Grazed from BDLive. Author: Shira Ovide.

THE web’s biggest spenders have mostly started splurging again. I wrote six months ago that Google, Microsoft and Amazon — among the world’s biggest operators of internet technologies and cloud-computing services — had slowed or reversed their perky growth in spending on huge server farms and other capital projects. I did not expect the breather to last — and for the most part, it has not.

Collectively, capital spending by those three giants and Facebook has risen 23% this year after a collective decline of 0.9% last year. Only Google’s parent company Alphabet has bucked the capex-growth rebound. Buying and maintaining their gigantic computing networks represent a big chunk of the tech superpowers’ overall bill...