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Tintri Platform Provides Cloud Benefits to BrightCloud Customers

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Tintri, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise cloud platforms, today announced that BrightCloud has deployed Tintri to help deliver cloud benefits to its customer base. BrightCloud offers a Hybrid Cloud Service, and with Tintri they can guarantee the performance of customer applications, access more detailed analytics and leverage automation to greatly reduce operating effort and expense.

BrightCloud, headquartered in Daventry in the United Kingdom, provides enterprise-grade managed and cloud-based services focusing on Microsoft, VMware, and Citrix technology. Established in 2000, BrightCloud now supports nearly 50 small and medium-sized businesses from its central operations centre in the UK and three hosted data centres located across Europe.

Prior to purchasing Tintri, BrightCloud built its IT environment on traditional fibre channel storage and HP rack-mounted servers. However, due to the complex nature of the legacy system, the IT team was spending too much time manually intervening to meet performance SLAs for customer applications. The expertise required to make the infrastructure work was creating silos and impeding communication.

Can the Cloud Protect Your Data?

Article Written by Avery Phillips

For most people, the cloud is this otherworldly thing that they don't completely understand. Yes, your data is there, and yes, occasionally other people can access it, but is it safe? Can you guarantee who is able to access your data, or is it a free-for-all? 

Well, the answer to that is more complicated than you think. On one hand, some severe cyberattacks could have been avoided if the victims had been using cloud services instead. On the other, there is always the risk that someone unauthorized will be able to access your data. This might seem like a double-edged sword, but one end is clearly sharper than other upon closer inspection.

The Benefits of Cloud Technology for Seniors

Article Written by Sally Perkins

Whether you like to face the reality of the 21st century or not, an undeniable truth is that technology and the Internet became a paramount part of our daily lives, which without it would be hard to function. Twenty, or even just ten years ago, life looked a bit different, and some people might have never guessed that they would ever have access to such a convenient way to learn about the world out there. Besides making learning and communication extremely convenient, advancements in Cloud technology also provided significant improvements for seniors and upgraded their comfort and safety.

Health-Monitoring Gadget--Senior Wearables

When people enter their golden years, various health complications may arise that can cause worry. High blood pressure, for instance, is one of the most commonly occurring symptoms in seniors, which can now be tracked at all times with innovative senior wearables.

5 Ways Cloud Computing Can Benefit Engineers

Cloud computing as a technology is so groundbreaking that it will eventually end up affecting every sector, may it be healthcare, education and in some cases engineering. Engineering is a fluid sector that thrives on the efficient exchange of information, and engineering firms big and small might benefit from cloud computing in ways they might not even imagine. In this article, we're going to explore a few reasons why it's time for your engineering firm to move to the cloud.

Cloud Computing Gives You Access to Big Brand Infrastructure

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it allows your company to benefit from the same infrastructure bigger companies have access to, with a small time budget. In many cases, the idea of overhauling huge systems might be frightening to some, and Cloud computing offers a great solution to companies who either want to upgrade on the cheap or are looking for a temporary solution until they secure the funds necessary to upgrade their infrastructure.

Determining cloud's true benefits

Grazed from ITWeb. Author: Suzanne Franco.

Cloud technology and services have gained widespread adoption and have made a huge impact on the way business runs making cloud computing more capable, and more accessible IT solutions. Is your organisation fully aware of cloud's true benefits to the business? On this note, by partnering with ITWeb, Neotel is conducting an online Cloud Survey during August and September to identify the cloud strategies of South African organisations.

"The objectives of the cloud survey is to take an honest and realistic look at the way in which South African businesses are looking towards cloud services, what they are comfortable with and what benefits they expect from the cloud," says Andre Schoeman, data centre analyst at Neotel. Schoeman points out that there are always dramatic changes in the business environment...

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Better collaboration now a key cloud benefit

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

In 2010 research firm Gartner placed cloud computing at the “peak of inflated expectations” in its famous hype cycle. How quickly things have changed! Companies that held off embracing cloud now find themselves at a competitive disadvantage as those that were early adopters become mature users of cloud services and start to get some strategic benefits, beyond those initially identified for cloud.

That’s the conclusion of a new report from the Harvard Business Review Cloud: Driving a Faster, More Connected Business. “As cloud services have matured and adoption has increased, research has consistently shown that using cloud has enabled companies to act more quickly and to collaborate more easily,” it says...

Cloud computing offers many benefits businesses cannot afford to ignore

Grazed from ITBusiness. Author: Robert Cordray.

Cloud computing has created a range of opportunities for businesses seeking to improve their working process. The technologies, services and options that are currently available can allow workers to enjoy greater flexibility while providing employers with enhanced security as well as reduced operational costs. Cloud computing services make it easy to update a conventional working process and ensure that workers and employers are able to benefit from the unique opportunities this technology is able to provide.

Enhanced flexibility

Limiting workers and staff to dedicated terminals and systems can reduce their effectiveness. Businesses that are seeking to make the most of their existing computer systems and equipment will find that cloud computing can provide an ideal solution. Ensuring that workers can more easily make use of a wider range of systems, devices and options is often much simpler than many employers may realize...

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Surprise: More Cloud Benefits Are Emerging

Grazed from InformationManagement.  Author: Scott Feuless.

As more and more enterprises move infrastructure from in-house data centers to off-site public clouds, they begin to see changes in staffing requirements and functions almost immediately. At the very least, IT shops are freed from the work of purchasing, installing, configuring and upgrading hardware. You already know about those benefits.

But when an enterprise moves further along their migration journey to include a much larger percentage of the infrastructure and perhaps higher levels of the software stack, it will eventually reach a tipping point -- where the benefits begin to build on one another, exposing unanticipated opportunities that can increase organizational efficiency, reduce staffing requirements and lower asset costs in a step-wise manner...

Bridging the cloud-benefits-to-cloud-strategy gap

Grazed from WhaTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

Outsource surveyed 150 senior IT and management decision-makers, 110 in Australia and 40 in New Zealand. Forty six percent of respondents said that cloud had CEO and board support.Respondents represented avariety of industries including banking and financial services, education, government, other professional services, retail, transport, insurance, utilities, resources, and entertainment.

However this board support has not so far lead to the same level of adoption. Only 13.3 percent of respondents’ organisations were using Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with full senior management approval...

Cloud benefits understood, but lack of skills hinder migration

Grazed from CBROnline.  Author: Eleanor Burns.

According to a NaviSite survey most UK businesses recognise the benefits of cloud computing, but many are still running a significant amount of systems either in-house, or externally on traditional platforms.  Three-quarters of those surveyed had migrated less than 50% of their infrastructure to the cloud.

A major cause of this was found to be the lack of the correct tools and skills needed to execute migration.  A finding which will come as no surprise is the 59% of respondents who cited security as their main concern when choosing a cloud service provider...