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CloudVelox Delivers Industry's First Cloud Automation Solution

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CloudVelox, a pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software, today announced new enterprise-grade automated cloud workload mobility and optimization capabilities with enhanced management and control features for its One Hybrid Cloud (OHC) software. Through automation, OHC accelerates workload mobility and optimization in the cloud by matching data center environments with optimal cloud services to deliver cost savings or improved application performance, without requiring specialized cloud skills. New features for cloud optimization include: application-centric instance tagging, placement groups, multiple security groups, Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles. New features for managing workload mobility include comprehensive system reporting and alerts for the successful completion of workload migrations to the cloud. With the new powerful suite of OHC features, enterprises are able to accelerate time to value, are further equipped to meet regulatory and compliance requirements and reduce IT effort while enhancing system visibility, management and control.

According to an IDC study, nearly 68 percent of organizations are using some form of cloud to help drive business outcomes; however, only three percent have optimized cloud strategies in place today. Businesses are challenged by unexpected cloud costs, the complexity of mapping security and data policies from the data center to the cloud, a scarcity of skilled cloud engineers, and a lack of visibility into monitoring the status of mass workload migrations.


ZeroStack Launches AI Suite for Self-Driving Clouds

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ZeroStack, the leader in making self-driving private cloud affordable for all companies, today announced its roadmap and first suite of artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities derived from machine learning. These capabilities build the foundation for self-driving clouds, making deploying, running, and managing on-premises cloud as ‘hands off' as using a public cloud. Aimed at empowering application developers, other on-premises clouds require major investments in IT infrastructure and internal skills. ZeroStack's intelligent cloud platform leverages self-healing software and algorithms developed from over one million datagrams. This economic disruption unleashes businesses to choose clouds for application development based on data locality, governance, performance and costs without technology adoption restricting their choices.

"With ZeroStack's vision for automated cloud, and this first release of real capabilities, I believe they are the only credible cloud vendor to employ artificial intelligence in the service of enterprise customers," said Torsten Volk, senior analyst at Enterprise Management Associates. "Given the increasing complexity of IT operations, deploying AI is an optimal way of managing costs."

CloudVelox Extends Automation Capabilities to Cloud Network Customization to Accelerate Enterprise Cloud Migration

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CloudVelox, a pioneer in cloud automation and orchestration software, today announced a new automated cloud network customization capability for its One Hybrid Cloud (OHC) software that is designed for complex data center environments. Cloud network customization enables enterprises to map their existing network environments in a data center to a cloud network design, so that enterprises can accelerate the migration and deployment of workloads without sacrificing workload compatibility or control.

Large data centers and cloud environments have complex network configurations and settings to satisfy regulatory and internal policies. These data centers and environments have various levels of internal as well as external permissions and access. Additionally, for production deployments, enterprise workloads may be configured to operate in specific sub-networks, VLANs and use specific IP address ranges as well as physical IP addresses. To ensure these workloads can run in the cloud seamlessly would require a significant amount of effort, mapping the existing network design into a virtual network environment within the cloud. OHC cloud network customization automates the task of mapping an existing network environment into the cloud network, so that customers can accelerate deployments and maintain control to address regulatory, security and compliance mandates.

CloudFX Delivers The Holy Grail of Cloud Brokerage, Automation and Management Platforms, CloudSelect 2.0

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CIO Review's most Innovative Cloud Company for 2015, CloudFX today (May 14) announced the launch of its first-of-its-kind Cloud Service Brokerage platform that will allow users to customise, configure, deploy and manage cloud services from the world's most popular cloud service providers through one secure, central market place.

CloudSelect 2.0 follows fast on the footsteps of CloudFX's first CSB platform offering CloudSelect and offers a multitude of functionality enhancements they believe will finally bring the promise of Cloud computing to SMB's, Enterprises and Service Providers looking to simplify the design, deployment and management of multi-supplier cloud services...

GridVision Brings Cloud-Based IT Automation to SMBs

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GridVision, a small and midsized business (SMB) IT specialist, has launched a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool that helps companies spend less time maintaining their IT environments and more time serving their customers. When it comes to IT management, small business owners have two choices.

They can either pay IT experts a tidy sum to keep their systems up to snuff, or they can become IT experts themselves spending their days manually updating and configuring their servers, desktops and Web services. It goes without saying that neither of those scenarios appeal to businesses that are just getting off the ground. So Christian Ehrenthal, GridVision's co-founder and CEO, looked to the cloud...

F5 Receives Cloud Automation Award at VMworld 2014

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  F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV) today announced an award received at last week’s VMworld 2014 conference. During the event, VMware formally recognized the Best Cloud Management Marketplace Solutions, with F5 capturing the award in the Cloud Automation category.

VMware partners and vendors from around the world that have contributed solutions to the Cloud Management Marketplacewere considered for these awards. Winners were selected based on the number of solution downloads, indicating breadth of use throughout the industry...

Cloud Automation: Even Cattle Need Care

Grazed from NetworkComputing. Author: Scott S. Lowe.

Managing virtual machines in the cloud doesn't mean interpreting the pets vs. cattle meme literally. It requires automating systems and processes to care for the herd. In the cloud world, the "pets vs. cattle" meme is everywhere. It's almost universally used as the means to differentiate cloud implementations from so-called traditional virtualization environments. For those who aren't familiar with this analogy, here's the short version:

In traditional virtualization, VMs are like pets. Administrators give them unique names and care for them if they get "sick." In other words, administrators or application owners get attached to their VMs. In cloud environments, instances are like cattle. They are given generic names like instance-048, and they are a dime a dozen. If an instance gets "sick," then you just shoot it in the head (destroy the instance and spin up a new one). In other words, instances are disposable and replaceable, so don't get attached...

4 Reasons You Must Automate Your Cloud

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Joe Masters Emison.

Systems administrators and software engineers have spent the past five years facing down the problem of whether and how to use software to automate application life cycles. As an industry, we've agreed to call this process of defining an application life cycle in software "orchestration."

Brian Adler, an architect at cloud management platform provider RightScale, defines orchestration as automating "short- or long-running, event-driven, or schedule-based tasks across a deployment of servers." Luke Kanies, CEO at IT configuration management developer Puppet Labs, defines it as "making ordered changes to multipart services across a wide range of hosts, in an even or progressive manner."...

CloudEthernet Forum Addresses Programmability, Security, & Automation

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Following his announcement of the “Five Fundamentals” to be prioritized for the Cloud, James Walker, President, CloudEthernet Forum (CEF), has named the first three working group Co-Chair appointments. Jay Wampold, VP Marketing, CHEF, has been selected for the Automation committee; Dr. Mehmet Toy, Distinguished Engineer at Comcast involved in Computer Networking Architectures and Standards, for the Programmability committee; and Dr Hongwen Zhang, Wedge Networks, for the Security committee.

“We are now selecting industry leaders with specific expertise, connections and experience relevant to each of our Fundamentals,” Walker explained. He was referring to the key issues that had been identified by the CEF under the acronym VASPA – Virtualization, Automation, Security, Programmability, and Analytics – with two Co-Chairs being appointed under each heading...

Rackspace banks on DevOps to help companies automate cloud management

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Rackspace Hosting is extending its support offerings to include DevOps tools such as Chef to help enterprises automate the management of their clouds. Through its new DevOps Automation Service, Rackspace will provide support for DevOps tools that help enterprises deploy and scale applications running on Linux. The service will soon work with Windows as well, Rackspace said on Thursday. DevOps is a software development concept that aims to smooth out the interaction between development and operations departments.

Although the service can be used by anyone, it fits best when enterprises need to scale up infrastructure quickly or expect to do so in the future. Enterprises can, for example, turn to Rackspace to get help with infrastructure automation using Chef or with monitoring using StatsD, Graphite and New Relic, the company said on its website. Rackspace also offers support for tools used for workflow automation, log aggregation and source control...