Cloud Analytics

Security Analytics Startup Looks To MSPs, Cloud Partners For Growth

Grazed from CRN.  Author: Kari Hamanaka.

The head of an early-stage security analytics company has a well-thought-out strategy for partnerships moving ahead amid what he called accelerating demand for smarter approaches to security.

Austin, Texas-based SparkCognition is just about a year old and has established partnerships with IBM Watson, SoftLayer and Power, and while most of its sales currently are direct, Founder, President and CEO Amir Husain is already in the beginning stages of building out the company's channel...

Cloud Based Analytics Service – Future of Analytics?

Grazed from Business2Community.  Author: Naagesh Padmanaban.

In the last few weeks we have seen new products launched by IT majors that have the potential to greatly influence the fortunes of the Analytics and Insights business. IBM’s Watson Analytics and Oracle’s Cloud based Analytics are just two new solutions/ platforms that have hit the market. We can rest assured that many more such offerings will be launched in the coming weeks. As the products keep coming, they raise some important question for the analytics industry. What impact they will have? Is the Analytics & Insights business ready for these changes at all?

It is almost two weeks since Big Blue launched its Watson Analytics. It is a natural language-based cognitive service that can provide businesses instant access to powerful predictive insights and cool reports. Launched as a freemium service, it will provide predictive insights for a small fee and hopes to leapfrog user base...

The right cloud for the job: Multicloud database processing is here

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: David Linthicum.

The idea is pretty simple and actually pretty old: Use a distributed architecture on large databases to quickly return the data requested. This approach runs the database query across many servers at the same time, then combines the results as they return from hundreds, perhaps thousands of servers in the cluster.

This idea has gotten new attention because it is the core idea behind MapReduce, the parallel processing model used by Hadoop in big data analytics. These types of distributed workloads have been used for years, typically with a homogeneous server cluster, meaning it works across lots of the same servers. That homogeneity restricts you to one server cluster or one cloud -- thus, one resource type and cost. But not any more...

Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data Analytics - removing barriers to reinventing work

Grazed from IT-Director. Author: Neil Ward-Dutton.

While I was at IBM’s IMPACT conference in the spring, I participated in a panel with Sandy Kemsley and Bruce Silver, and also Pierre Haren and Eric Herness of IBM. The theme was about the future of BPM and, among other things, we were asked to talk about the impact of the ‘big 4' technology trends that everyone talks about—Social, Mobile, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics—on BPM discipline, business cases and results over the coming years.

Like all keen panellists, I did a bit of prep on these topics before we actually got onto the stage—making sure I’d thought through various angles and thought of ways to explain them plainly to what looked like it would be quite a mixed audience. As we got towards the end of the panel session I was glad I’d done that prep. We were all asked to provide some closing thoughts to the audience, and something struck me in the moment. We’d all been talking about the impact of social, mobile, cloud computing and big data as isolated concerns in the context of business processes; but really, they’re all very much connected together...

VMware launches analytics solution for cloud computing

Grazed from CXOToday. Author: Editorial Staff.

VMware Inc. today launched VMware vCenter Log Insight, a new log management and analytics product for the cloud era. The extension from analytics to logs will enable IT organizations to gain real-time insights from vast amounts of log data generated by applications, physical hardware and virtualized infrastructure.

The benefits of the solution according to VMware include automated log management through log aggregation, analytics and search for system monitoring, troubleshooting and root cause analysis. It supports streaming data and real-time queries, and features a just-in-time schema definition that adapts to any data format. Additionally, delivers the performance and scalability required by IT organizations for visualizing and analyzing multi-terabyte datasets...