How to Forge a Career in 3D Printing

What with all the engineering jargon attached to it, the nitty gritty details associated with it, and the disorganization of the online information that pertains to it, 3D printing can easily be seen as a field that is not at all friendly to newcomers. If you want to dedicate your career to this sector, however, then you need to ignore everything that you might come across, and you need to go for it. 

More to the point, to forge for yourself a career in 3D printing, you need to take as much advice as you can, from as many sources as you can. You can find such advice below. 

How To Be A Better IT Manager

Working in IT is a tough job because it’s a complex industry and you need to have specific knowledge that’s going to help advance the company where you work. Part of your responsibility in a leadership role is to be a good manager and help the employees who are under you succeed. 
Not only will you enjoy your job more when you learn how to become a better IT manager, but your department will likely thrive as well. People will start to notice all your hard work,and you’ll have a better chance at being in the running for the next promotion. 
Educate Yourself  

As a manager, you can’t always expect to depend on other people for answers and solutions. You have to want to take the initiative to educate yourself on all that’s going on in the IT world and be ready to propose your ideas to management. Become a better IT manager when you not only have the skill, but also the knowledge to excel at your job. Attend conferences, read up on various publications and take online courses to help you gain new information and stay on top of the latest trends. Keep in mind that the more you know the better suggestions you can make and the more people will trust you to do a good job. 

How a Master of Communication Management Degree Can Help Your Career

Picking a career can be a difficult process.  Whether you are still in high school or going through college and are still not sure what to major in, the decision can be a life changer.  There are so many professions to choose from and each of them has at least one degree to go along with it.  Online colleges offer options for those that are working at the same time or raising a family as well.  In this article, you are going to be able to see how an online master of communication management degree will help you.

Choosing to Get a Degree Online

Of course, you can go to just about any college in the country to earn your degree, but there is a more popular option that has been giving every student a chance to get a degree in a way that is a little easier.  Choosing to get your degree online is an option and master in communications degrees are included as an option.  Because you can get a degree online these days, there are now plenty of schools that offer this type of course.  Doing a simple online search can help you narrow down that search.

Cloud Computing: Google can't be too happy about Snapchat's latest hire

Grazed from Business Insider. Author: Julie Bort.

Snap, the company that makes the popular app Snapchat, just hired away Jerry Hunter from Amazon Web Services, Snap has confirmed to Business Insider. At Amazon he was responsible for Amazon's data centers globally. At Snap he will be the VP of engineering, reporting to Snap engineering chief Tim Sehn, reports The Information's Tom Dotan, who first reported the news.

Before Amazon, Hunter was running global data centers for another huge tech company. He was the VP of IT for Sun Microsystems which, before it got bought by Oracle, was also a pioneer in cloud computing (although the world didn't call it that back in the day). The interesting thing about hiring a data center expert is that Snap doesn't run it's own data centers. It is, instead, a marque customer for Google's cloud, its App Engine service...

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Cloud Computing: Salesforce ecosystem to pump in 1.9M new jobs by 2020: IDC

Grazed from TechScreen. Author: Sharmishtha Mukherjee.

IDC has revealed a new research study on Salesforce, detailing how the CRM company and its ecosystem of customers and partners will drive nearly 1.9 million new jobs and more than $389 billion in new GDP impact worldwide by 2020. According to the research, when Salesforce released its first product in 2000, cloud computing was in its infancy, an unproven computing technique.

In fact, cloud computing didn’t surpass 1% of IT spending until 2009. But despite its small share of the $2 trillion IT market, cloud computing has been a major contributor to growth in IT spending, growing at 4.5 times the rate of IT spending since 2009 and expected to grow at better than 6 times the rate of IT spending from 2015 through 2020...

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10 Cloud Jobs In Highest Demand Now

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Dawn Kawamoto.

With cloud computing becoming the platform that enterprises are turning to for their applications and data, it should come as no surprise that cloud positions are in extremely high demand. But what may be surprising are the top 10 positions that employers are looking for when staffing up for their move to the cloud.

In a study of online job ads that were posted between Feb. 15 and March 15, the term "cloud" appeared in 460,000 posted ads -- making cloud knowledge No. 3 among the most in-demand IT skills, according to data collected by CEB TalentNeuron, the employee recruiting unit of consulting firm CEB...

Cloud Computing: 5 IT Jobs That Saw A Jump In Salary

Grazed from Forbes. Author: Karsten Strauss.

The job market in tech is competitive and employers are willing to shell out a bit more for talented personnel with wide skill sets. This according to a report released last week by multinational human resources firm Randstad, which found that a number of IT positions saw some notable jumps in pay between 2014 and 2015. Those jobs were more valuable, it seems, because they require more know-how and certifications.

The data Randstad used comes from The Economic Research Institute, and shows that network engineers – who command an average $93,000 annually in the U.S. – saw the biggest increase in median compensation, to the tune of 7.21% That more than doubles the average salary increase of jobs in the United States during that timeframe, which was about 3% overall...

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Former Verizon Director Among New Hires at CloudPassage, Hostway

Grazed from ChannelPartners.  Author: James Anderson.

Two cloud companies that do business in the channel have brought on new personnel.  CloudPassage, the cloud security provider, added a vice president of channel sales, Tim Colby, and a vice president of federal sales, Dan Brigati.  Colby most recently led worldwide channel sales at Infoblox. He said CloudPassage’s security platform address a major need in the IT space.
“Smart integrators, VARs and MSSPs are investing in platforms like CloudPassage Halo to gain a competitive edge in the emerging security services market," he said.  Brigati came from Hypori, where he served as vice president of sales. He said CloudPassage’s Halo solution will help government agencies take up cloud computing models...

Cloud Computing: CenturyLink's Chief Techie Joins Automic

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

John Purrier, chief technology officer for CenturyLink’s cloud effort, is now CTO at Automic, a business automation company. The news comes two weeks after two other high-profile CenturyLink CTL -0.83% cloud executives, Jonathan King and Jared Wray, left the company, as well as the departure of Lucas Carlson, chief innovation officer in July.

This indicates a broad changing of the guard for the telephone company, which launched an ambitious cloud computing effort four years ago with its $3.2 billion buyout of Savvis. CenturyLink subsequently bought AppFog, with its cloud development services, and Tier 3, a well-regarded cloud infrastructure provider founded by Wray. King landed at Ericsson; Wray appears to be taking time off...

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Cloud Computing: Breaking Down The Big Data Top Job Skills

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Jennifer Klostermann.

For those in the tech arena – and let’s face it, we’re all in the tech arena somehow – a few abilities are topping all of the must-have skills lists. Inc. points to the growth of Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Data Virtualization as three of the six major trends we should all be keeping up with, supported by countless other industry analysts.

Data and Cloud technologies have effectively transformed both our personal and business landscapes, so skilling up in these areas is a necessity. This year, the Cloud will become the “new normal”, reports TechRadar. Dramatically cutting cost by digitizing information-intensive processes, it’s been predicted that the end of 2015 will see a world of hybrid deployments...