Big Data

Teradata expands market opportunity for industry-leading data warehouse on Amazon Web Services

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Teradata Corp. , the big data analytics and marketing applications company, announced that it is making its Teradata Database, the market’s leading data warehousing and analytic solution, available for cloud deployment on AWS to support production workloads. The initial version of Teradata Database on AWS will be offered on a variety of individual multi-terabyte virtual servers–known as Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances–in supported AWS regions via a listing in the AWS Marketplace.

“Today, Teradata is adding more innovation by coupling data warehousing capabilities with public cloud convenience,” said Tony Cosentino, Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research, a leading benchmark research and advisory services firm. “No longer is cutting-edge technology the sole domain of the upper echelon of the corporate community; soon virtually any organization on the planet can tap into – and trust – the power of Teradata.”...

Cloud Computing: The Ethics of Big Data

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 Big data generally refers to information that is either unstructured or multi-structured. Unstructured is information that is not easily interpreted or organized and it has to be micro-analyzed in order to turn that data into value for businesses and government. It can refer to content heavy websites and databases as well as metadata.
Multi-structured data can be derived from individual interactions between people across a diverse range of websites and handles such as social media, chats, comments on websites, direct human interaction with the internet and smart city data statistics. The multi-structured avenues continue to expand and evolve as internet technologies emerge and adapt keeping up with the current and foreseeable economy...

Analytics Becomes Next Great Cloud Service

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When it comes to analytics there are primarily two types of use cases. The first generally involves fairly sophisticated end users that access analytics applications via a traditional user interface. Less conventionally, however, more users of other types of applications are starting to invoke analytics engines via an application programming interface (API).

Case in point is Salesforce, which at the recent Dreamforce 2015 conference announced that it has opened the programming model surrounding the Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud. Anna Rosenman, senior director of product marketing for Salesforce Wave Analytics Cloud, says that while the first version of this cloud offering was aimed primarily at line of business users, Salesforce is now also focusing on recruiting independent software vendors (ISVs) to make use of Salesforce Analytics Cloud as part of applications that invoke Salesforce customer records...

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Here's Microsoft's latest big data project

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Derrick Harris.

Microsoft is hard at work on a new platform that will let developers easily build cloud computing services and mobile applications that can analyze lots of data, according to a report Tuesday in ZDNet. The platform, code-named Prajna, is built on Microsoft’s .NET programming language (which the company open sourced last March) and is inspired by the data-processing capabilities of the white-hot Apache Spark technology.

Like Spark, Hadoop and most popular big data technologies, Prajna is also an open source project. Microsoft is pushing the project to help it gain a stronger foothold in the fast-growing business of processing and analyzing large amounts of corporate data. There’s a lot of money to be made in this space, which is often called “big data,” as evidenced by the multi-billion-dollar valuations of some companies in it and the seeming ubiquity of certain technologies...

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ISC Cloud & Big Data: From Banking to Personalized Medicine

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Human lives could be at risk if we get the technology of cloud computing and big data wrong in applications such as driverless cars and personalized medicine, this year’s ISC Cloud and Big Data conference will be told. The conference is moving from the picturesque setting of Heidelberg to the more pragmatic Frankfurt Marriott Hotel, located directly across the street from the Frankfurt Messe Fairgrounds.

Whereas last year’s event offered separate conferences on cloud computing and on big data, this year’s conference, which takes place from 28 to 30 September, offers parallel tracks that recognize the tight relationship between the technology of cloud computing and the scientific and business challenges of big data...

C-suite executives at mid-market firms investing in analytics, cloud

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C-suite executives in mid-market firms are increasingly involving themselves in technology decision-making, and they are focusing on cloud and analytics, according to a new report by Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services. "In the middle market, technology really has become a C-suite issue," says Stephen Keathley, national technology leader of Deloitte Growth Enterprise Services and principal of Deloitte Consulting.

"The numbers are way up for executives that are actively involved in their company's technology decisions." Between May 29 and June 15 of this year, market research firm OnResearch polled 500 executives at mid-market companies on Deloitte's behalf. The poll focused on the role and value that technology plays and how it influences business decisions in the middle market...

Cloud Computing: Aria Embeds Analytics within Billing Management Service

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Mike Vizard.

In a digital economy business models are constantly in a state of flux. Other than the fact that they generally involve some form of subscription revenue no one is ever quite sure how to best price a particular good or service. As a result, there tends to be a lot more reliance on analytics applications to make sense of the overall digital economy.

Aria Systems today announced that it is making it a lot simpler to take advantage of those analytics by embedding Aria Revenue Analytics software inside its cloud service for managing billing. Designed to make it simpler to support multiple types of billing models, Adeeb Shanaa, senior vice president of products and engineering for Aria Systems, says Aria Revenue Analytics will provide a way for organizations to more easily discern, for example, which customers have the greatest lifetime value...

10 ways big data is revolutionising supply chain management

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Big data is providing supplier networks with greater data accuracy, clarity, and insights, leading to more contextual intelligence shared across supply chains.  Forward-thinking manufacturers are orchestrating 80% or more of their supplier network activity outside their four walls, using big data and cloud-based technologies to get beyond the constraints of legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) systems.

For manufacturers whose business models are based on rapid product lifecycles and speed, legacy ERP systems are a bottleneck.  Designed for delivering order, shipment and transactional data, these systems aren’t capable of scaling to meet the challenges supply chains face today...

Big data, cloud, mobility, and why IT needs to move at the speed of business

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Ian Moyse.

“We change our behaviour when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. Consequences give us the pain that motivates us to change” – Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend Successful businesses require the ability to change and increasingly to adapt quickly, to be agile to new approaches and technologies and be flexible to the needs of the business and customers.

We are at the wake of monumental change and how businesses service and engage with the customer and employee alike are under upward pressure from users and customers who are driving a higher expectation on their provider where brand loyalty can wane quicker than ever before. Of the Fortune 500 firms in 1955, come 2015 89% of the list has changed, having either gone bankrupt, merged, or exist but have fallen from the Fortune 500...

Analytics, big data most common cloud tasks for developers

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Big Data and analytics are the most common cloud tasks for nearly eight in 10 developers, according to research by market intelligence group Evans Data Corporation.

Its report revealed that 79 per cent of 578 developers spend 42 per cent of their time on the tasks, as well as discovering that those who associate cloud computing with the Internet of Things (IoT) are three times as likely to use the cloud as the basis of their development...