BlueStripe Software First to Deliver End-to-End Transaction Monitoring in Azure Hybrid Cloud Environments

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BlueStripe Software raised the bar in Cloud performance monitoring today, announcing full functionality and support for its FactFinder Transaction Monitoring solution in Microsoft Azure Hybrid Cloud environments. With this announcement, FactFinder becomes the first and only transaction and application performance monitoring solution to track transactions end-to-end across Hybrid environments that include systems in both the data center and in the Azure Cloud.

"As enterprise organizations deploy applications in more complicated Hybrid environments, tracking transactions across the data center and the cloud is critical to maintaining appropriate performance and availability levels," said Chris Neal, BlueStripe CEO and co-founder. "BlueStripe FactFinder breaks through the barriers between the systems operating in the on-site data center and those running in an Azure cloud, whether Platform as a Service or Infrastructure as a Service."

BackupAgent enables backup to Windows Azure

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As the ongoing battle for lowering storage costs continues, the leading provider of cloud backup software for service providers BackupAgent announces its integration with Microsoft’s Windows Azure. With this new major feature the company enables service providers of all shapes and sizes to stay competitive in the cloud backup market.


The integration is twofold; the BackupAgent Cloud Backup Platform – including the service management console – can be fully hosted in a high available (load balanced) setup on Windows Azure Virtual Machines. Apart from the savings on hardware investments, this configuration makes it incredibly easy to manage resources and ensures optimal service during backup peak hours. The other part of the integration is the storage of backup data that can be outsourced to the Windows Azure storage platform. One of the great benefits is that this fits perfectly in BackupAgent’s pay-as-you-grow philosophy; you always pay for what usage, no overhead. On the other hand it makes it very easy to store backups on multiple physical locations all over the world. This redundancy reduces latency and adds value to the backup proposition.


Microsoft Advances the Cloud OS With New Management Solutions

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Microsoft Corp. today announced the availability of new solutions to help enterprise customers manage hybrid cloud services and connected devices with greater agility and cost-efficiency. System Center 2012 Service Pack 1 (SP1), the enhanced Windows Intune, Windows Azure services for Windows Server and other new offerings deliver against the Microsoft Cloud OS vision to provide customers and partners with the platform to address their top IT challenges.

“With Windows Server and Windows Azure at its core, the Cloud OS provides a consistent platform across customer datacenters, service provider datacenters and the Microsoft public cloud,” said Michael Park, corporate vice president of marketing for Server and Tools, Microsoft. “Powerful management and automation capabilities are key elements of the Cloud OS, taking the heavy lifting out of administration and freeing IT organizations to be more innovative as they embrace hybrid cloud computing and the consumerization of IT.”

ManageEngine Monitors Windows Azure with Applications Manager

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ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, today announced its performance monitoring software package, Applications Manager, now supports monitoring of the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud platform and applications running on the platform as well as monitoring of transactions in .NET environments. The company also introduced the Applications Manager Cloud Starter Edition for organizations looking to quickly leverage a proven, cost-effective solution for monitoring their cloud services.

With more revenue-critical applications on PaaS systems such as Windows Azure, organizations need to proactively and cost-effectively monitor the performance of their cloud-based applications to maximize uptime and to optimize capacity planning. Meanwhile, the success of .NET means that more IT departments have growing numbers of .NET applications running in both traditional and cloud environments, requiring the extension of performance monitoring to include the Microsoft framework.

Benefits of Utilizing the Microsoft Azure Platform for your SaaS Solutions

Contributed Article.  Author: Shawn Barker, Quest Software
CloudCow Contributed Article

Benefits of Utilizing the Microsoft Azure Platform for your SaaS Solutions

As a software developer, Quest Software has a great deal of experience building on-premises software to solve such customer challenges as migrating email from one platform to another.  While these products have done very well, the inherent drawbacks to on-premises software, include the need to provision hardware, as well as download, configure, patch, and maintain the software.  Companies generally live with this for software that solves ongoing management problems like identity management, data protection and auditing.  These requirements of on-premises software can add significant time, cost and resources to short-term projects, however.

For the last few years, I’ve been working with development teams at Quest to build Software as a Service (SaaS) products, most of these on Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform.  One of those products – Quest OnDemand Migration for Email – was released last September and, as the name suggests, it migrates email from on-premises or cloud-based email platforms to Office 365, Live@Edu and hosted Exchange.  The following are the main factors we considered when deciding on a cloud platform for this product.

ScaleXtreme to Support Google Compute Engine

Grazed from ScaleXtreme. Author: PR Announcement.

ScaleXtreme, a leading provider of cloud and server management products, announced coming support for Google Compute Engine. As part of this support, ScaleXtreme customers will be able to monitor, manage, patch and automate deployment of Google Infrastructure-as-a-Service servers.

“We’re excited to see Google give public cloud computing customers additional choices in who to partner with for infrastructure,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “We built ScaleXtreme to handle multiple clouds simultaneously and along with internal enterprise infrastructure. Google Compute Engine, along with services like Amazon EC2, Rackspace, HP Cloud Services, Microsoft Windows Azure and VMware vCloud powered services is making multi-cloud infrastructure a reality for customers, and ScaleXtreme has given customers native support for all these platforms.”

Windows Azure Virtual Machine is Here!

Grazed from MSDN Blog.  Author: Roger Doherty

On June 7, 2012 in San Francisco, Scott Guthrie encouraged the world to Meet the New Windows Azure. As part of this milestone, Scott announced the availability of several Windows Azure Preview Features including a new Virtual Machine capability.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Now Available on Windows Azure

Grazed from SUSE.  Author: PR Announcement

SUSE today announced that SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and openSUSE can now be run in Windows Azure Virtual Machines. Additionally, through SUSE Studio, customers can rapidly develop cloud-ready applications and automatically launch them on Windows Azure, virtually eliminating inefficient manual processes.

SUSE makes it easy to extend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-based applications to Windows Azure using the one-click-deployment capabilities of SUSE Studio. SUSE will also include automatic maintenance that keeps SUSE Linux Enterprise Server up-to-date on the most current security patches, bug fixes and new features, so customers can get peak performance efficiently and cost- effectively.

An enterprise-class distribution, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Windows Azure will be backed by a wide range of support options from SUSE. In addition, it comes with the tools needed to quickly and easily build, deploy and maintain complete, portable, Linux-based application stacks so customers can rapidly scale up or down as needed. During the preview period Microsoft will offer discounted hourly rates for Virtual Machines ranging from $0.013 per hour up to $0.64 per hour depending on the instance size.

ScaleXtreme Announces Support for Linux/Windows Server on Windows Azure Public Cloud IaaS

Grazed from ScaleXtreme.  Author: PR Announcement

ScaleXtreme, a leading provider of cloud and server management products, announced full support for Windows Azure Virtual Machines to launch, monitor, manage and patch Windows Server and Linux machines in Windows Azure. Windows Azure customers can sign up for free or paid accounts and instantly start managing their Windows Azure-based servers with ScaleXtreme.

“ScaleXtreme worked with Microsoft early on to ensure immediate interoperability for our customers,” said ScaleXtreme CEO Nand Mulchandani. “Microsoft’s entry into the IaaS business is going to have a big impact on the technology industry and will be an enormous windfall for public cloud users. We’re pleased to help customers begin benefiting immediately from Microsoft’s new Windows Azure virtual machine functionality.”

BitNami Brings One-Click App Deployment to Windows Azure

Grazed from BitNami.  Author: PR Announcement.

In conjunction with Microsoft Corp’s announcement of its new Virtual Machine Image Gallery for Windows Azure, BitNami has announced that it is making two of its popular open source application bundles available free of charge for Windows Azure. The BitNami application bundles, called stacks, allow developers to get their favorite web applications and development environments up and running on Windows Azure in minutes.

“We are excited to be working with BitNami to support their open source web applications and development frameworks on Windows Azure,” says Helene Love Snell, director of Marketing, Microsoft Server and Tools Business. “BitNami’s solution allows developers to get their favorite web applications up and running quickly and easily.”