HyTrust Integrates with Veeam to Bring Fine-Grained Visibility and Insight to Veeam Cloud Data Availability Solutions

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HyTrust announced today that its market-leading CloudAdvisor product now includes fine-grained visibility and insight for cloud data availability solutions from Veeam Software through new product integration efforts. Now, HyTrust CloudAdvisor for Availability and CloudAdvisor for Data integrate with all Veeam products to offer data and file analysis, search and discovery, data categorization, sensitive data detection and user and file auditing across complex multi-cloud workloads. The integrated solution provides breakthrough content-level awareness for globally implemented workloads protected by Veeam solutions, including physical storage locations.

"With ever-increasing compliance and security requirements, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is no longer realistic to store and protect data in a one-size-fits-all, unclassified manner," said David Siles, vice president of business development at HyTrust. "Enterprises and organizations must understand what they are storing or restoring and treat the content appropriately. With the new integration between HyTrust CloudAdvisor and Veeam cloud data availability solutions, customers can more easily comply with changing and complex requirements."

Veeam Availability Orchestrator Ensures Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery Compliance and Peace-of-Mind

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Veeam Software, the Availability for the Always-On Enterprise innovator, today announced the general availability of NEW Veeam Availability Orchestrator - the newest addition to the Veeam Availability Platform - which enables enterprises to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) compliance. Most DR failures can be tracked back to outdated and untested plans. The rapidly increasing rate of business and technology changes makes it critical that companies update their DR plans continuously, something that only 14 percent do today, according to Forrester Research. Veeam Availability Orchestrator solves this problem by delivering a DR orchestration solution that reduces the time, cost and effort associated with planning for and recovering from a disaster.

While many enterprises have a DR plan already in place, executing on these plans is often complex, cumbersome and time-consuming. Expensive, error-prone manual processes are common but do not scale, resulting in DR plans that can easily become obsolete. This results in risk to both data and application Availability, but also to compliance with industry regulations and governing bodies. Veeam Availability Orchestrator is the answer, providing an orchestration engine rich with planning, automated documenting and testing capabilities for preparedness and compliance, with full support for Veeam replicas.

Almost 23% of Large On-Demand, Cloud and SaaS Companies Poorly Available

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Jorg Bouman.

Nowadays, internet companies and their associated customers are increasingly relying on the Cloud for their services. This obviously has many advantages. However, there are also a few very serious downsides of providing and using software, infrastructures and services from the cloud. Most of the time a lot of business processes are completely depending on the continuous and uninterrupted delivery and performance of the services of these internet companies. If a service faces unexpected downtime, business processes could potentially come to a complete stop with all the possible and serious consequences.

Reputation depends heavily on uptime

What good is secured data and great business software from the cloud if the data or service isn’t available? In fact, downtime of these services could lead to serious losses in revenue, customers and reputation. Therefore, to these companies and its customers hosting and the associated uptime levels are crucial...

Cedexis Expands Cloud Availability Visibility

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Sean Michael Kerner.

The cloud is an amorphous technological construct with varying degrees of performance and availability, depending on the location and the network of the end user. That's where the Cedexis Radar cloud app performance and benchmarking service comes into play, providing users with visibility into cloud availability and performance metrics.

Marty Kagan, co-founder and CEO of Cedexis, explained to eWEEK that his company is now expanding the scope of its monitoring business to provide a more comprehensive view into cloud services delivery. The Cedexis Radar service is now being enhanced with improved data visualizations and alerts that enable users to compare multiple aspects of cloud availability and performance, including page load times...

Multi-Tenant Architectures Must Balance Security, Availability

Grazed from Network Computing.  Author: Gary Hilson.

Cloud computing is obviously here to stay, so enterprises need to balance security and availability when using private, public or hybrid cloud services that leverage multi-tenant architectures.

Forrester Research defines multi-tenant architectures as "IT architectures that let multiple customers (tenants) share the same applications and/or compute resources with security, reliability and consistent performance." AdTech Ad

In its recent research report, "Understanding Cloud's Multitenacy," the analyst firm concludes that multi-tenant architectures are not necessarily a less secure model. However, need to understand the type used by any service they consume, as well as their own security responsibilities...