Cloud Adoption and Challenges in Asia-Pacific

Grazed from SecurityIntelligence. Author: Preethy Soman.

Organizations around the world understand the importance and the challenges of cloud adoption, and they continue to adopt the technology at a fast pace. Gartner predicted that the cloud market in India will reach $3 billion by 2017, which represents an almost fivefold increase from 2012.

Challenges of Cloud Adoption

On one hand, while cloud promises to change the way businesses run, it also presents significant challenges relating to information security and privacy. Organizations need to understand that, in addition to cost reduction and the ability to move from one licensing model to another, the major drivers behind cloud adoption should be transformation and innovation...

Cloud atlas: A weather forecast on the Chinese cloud industry

Grazed from TheNextWeb. Author: Josh Ong.

We’ve already talked at length about the division between the Chinese Internet and the rest of the world. It’s a schism that has broad-reaching effects on censorship and culture, and it also has a heavy impact on the development of the Chinese cloud industry.

That industry, like its nebulous namesake, is itself vague and undefined. These days it has become such a buzzword that almost anything related to the Internet will have the label slapped onto it. As such, in our survey of the Chinese cloud industry, we’re going to look at several different cross-sections, from back-end computing infrastructure to personal storage...