Application Virtualization

HotLink Launches HotLink Hybrid Express for Citrix

Grazed from HotLink Corporation

HotLink Corporation announced HotLink Hybrid Express for Citrix, the first hybrid management solution to seamlessly extend VMware vCenter to XenServer for Citrix desktop and application virtualization users. For IT organizations that have standardized on VMware management for general-purpose virtual infrastructure, HotLink's new offering is the only technology available that enables the robust capabilities of VMware vCenter to be applied to XenServer hosts and virtual machines (VMs) without adding consoles, sacrificing features, rebuilding VM templates, redesigning workflows or adding new IT skills.

Citrix and HotLink are working together to help Citrix customers dramatically simplify hybrid IT operations and reduce overall costs, while benefitting from the superior performance of the XenServer hypervisor for XenApp and XenDesktop deployments. Optimized for application virtualization and VDI, XenServer - included in all XenApp and XenDesktop editions - offers superior graphics support and industry-leading security, as well as faster desktop boot times, lower network bandwidth utilization and streamlined Provisioning Services. With HotLink Hybrid Express for Citrix, IT shops can combine best-of-breed virtual infrastructure together with unified, fine-grained administration and management that's easy to deploy and intuitive to use.

Sapporo City Chooses Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for Application Virtualization

Grazed from Nutanix

Nutanix (NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced an application virtualization project to achieve Internet Segregation for Sapporo City, the fifth largest population in Japan, and the largest city on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido.

As part of the local government initiative driven by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Sapporo City is tasked to strengthen its information security by carrying out an internet segregation; a mechanism that prevents information leakage by separating the network connected to the internet from other business networks such as LGWAN (Integrated Administrative Network). For example, the city can choose to segregate secure email systems from other activities such as Internet browsing. As a result, a project was launched with Nutanix to virtualize specific applications and separate them from the existing environment.

Workspot Announces Partnership With Algiz Technology to Deliver the Fastest Application Delivery for VDI 2.0

Grazed from Workspot and Algiz Technology

Workspot (, the leading provider of VDI 2.0, has partnered with Algiz Technology (, a specialist virtualization and network security consultancy, to enable organizations to accelerate application virtualization and deploy complete virtualized desktops to users in as little as 60 minutes.

Through the partnership, applications delivered by next generation VDI 2.0 from Workspot will be available in record time using Algiz Technology's virtualization process. Compared to traditional packaging which delivers one or two applications per day, Algiz can automatically process up to 250 applications per day ready to stream to target desktops. Now core products such as Microsoft Office and Google Chrome which are included in virtual workspaces delivered by Workspot can be quickly complemented by user-specific applications.

Liquidware Labs Unveils "Micro Isolation" in FlexApp at Citrix Summit 2016

Grazed from Liquidware Labs.

First-of-its-kind feature eliminates packaging complexities and application conflicts to support hyper-sophisticated desktop application-handling scenarios.

Liquidware Labs today announced the availability of ProfileUnity v6.5.1 with FlexApp, featuring a new innovative technology: Micro Isolation for application layers. The company will be demonstrating this hot new functionality at its Booth 405 at Citrix Summit in Las Vegas, January 11th through the 13th.

This feature is an industry first, setting a new standard among application delivery solutions, such as application virtualization and application layering. Micro Isolation in FlexApp solves a common industry challenge of addressing file and registry conflicts when two or more applications’ dependent files collide when deployed for the same desktop images. With Micro Isolation, FlexApp eliminates packaging complexities while delivering among the highest application compatibility rates in the industry.

dinCloud Announces App Virtualization Platform

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dinCloud, a cloud services provider that helps organizations rapidly migrate to the cloud, today announced dinApp, its application virtualization platform. Part of dinCloud's Hosted Workspace Portfolio, dinApp allows organizations to run efficiently without being held back by applications that cannot run on modern infrastructure, or applications that require multiple instances.

dinApp runs in the cloud on dinCloud's secure servers and can be accessed by any physical or virtual desktop or mobile device (e.g. Chromebook, Mac, Android, or Windows device). Instead of virtualizing apps within an existing infrastructure, organizations now have an easy and flexible way to minimize security threats without continuous maintenance costs, saving both time and money.