5 Pieces of Software You Need for Your PC

All computers come with some sort of basic software to help you get work done or to help you with other tasks. However, not all programs are particularly useful, and that means installing some programs yourself is required to help keep your computer running efficiently, and of course, to ensure your data and identity is kept safe. Have a look at some of the useful software below that you should consider investing in today.

1.      Premium Virus Protection

It's important your identity and files remain secure always. As the internet is growing further, more and more viruses are sneaking their way on to computers, so it's becoming mandatory to house some decent anti-virus software. Malware and other viruses are built to steal identity and financial information, and sometimes even damage hardware so it no longer works. Get yourself a top anti-virus solution so you can prevent this from happening to you.

SecureWorks Teams with Carbon Black to Deliver Automated Cyber Threat Prevention with SaaS-Based, Next-Gen Antivirus Solution

Grazed from SecureWorks and Carbon Black

SecureWorks Corp. (NASDAQ:SCWX), a leading provider of intelligence-driven information security solutions, and Carbon Black, the leader in next-generation endpoint security, are teaming up to bring managed, next-generation antivirus (NGAV) protection to clients to block sophisticated security threats.

As a part of SecureWorks' advanced endpoint security solutions, SecureWorks will offer Advanced Endpoint Threat Prevention (AETP), a next-generation antivirus service powered by Carbon Black's Cb Defense. Using a combination of endpoint and cloud-based technologies, Cb Defense delivers a breakthrough security model known as "streaming prevention" to block malware as well as increasingly common attacks that exploit memory and scripting languages, such as PowerShell.

By leveraging Cb Defense, SecureWorks' AETP service will offer enterprises and SMB clients:

What are the benefits of using the free Panda Cloud Antivirus?

Grazed from AlphaWired. Author: Ivan Ivanoff.

The free Panda Cloud Antivirus software has been initially released back in November, 2009. Even though most people at the time thought that a cloud computing antivirus service would only be slowing down your personal computer more and more people are switching to using the antivirus software. However, what exactly are the benefits of using a cloud antivirus protection software?

What is Cloud Computing?

In case you have been living on Mars or are just not that interested into the way things work, cloud computing is a rather new hosting technology that allows developers to provide people with more sophisticated web applications. In cloud computing, instead of reserving a limited amount of computing power for a certain web application or user, the hosting service shares its computing power with all applications and distributes it in a way to let every user enjoy their experience with the certain web application...

Cloud Infographic: Computer Virus Facts And Stats

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Editorial Staff.

With the recent news of Heartbleed affecting millions of websites security, malware is on the minds of tech consumers more than ever. Being informed about this bug is vitally important for anyone with online accounts. In this infographic by toptenreviews, many important statistics are shown such as the infection rate in the top 10 most infected countries and the infection rate of the top 10 least infected countries. In the United States, 30 percent of households are infected by some form of malware, with viruses and Trojans being the most common types...

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AVG CloudCare Expands Cloud-based Email Security for SMB Partners

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Joe Panettieri.

AVG CloudCare, an antivirus and security management console for SMBs, continues to expand its portfolio of services for VARs and MSPs. The latest offering features a commercial edition of AVG Remote IT and AVG Email Security Services. AVG CloudCare is the free cloud-based administration platform with "pay-as-you-go" services for channel partners and their end customers. More than 1,000 partners use the platform, which launched in October 2012.

In some ways, the AVG strategy resembles that of GFI Software, which develops the GFI Max cloud portfolio for MSPs. Admittedly, the market for cloud-based security services is saturated with rival offerings. But AVG has been busy extending and expanding its own suite of cloud services for partners. The AVG suite now supports:...

How Effective are Cloud-Based Anti-Viruses?

Grazed from CloudTimes.  Author: Xath Cruz.

Cloud computing technology is one of the most transformative technologies in recent history, as it allows computers to perform tasks that are normally beyond their computing and storage capabilities. We have also seen that the amount of web applications available has increased rapidly as the consumer market starts to accept cloud computing. Everything from document editing, to image manipulation, and even gaming have been adopted to the cloud. In fact, even security software such as anti-viruses have been migrated to the cloud.

The demand for cloud-based anti virus software has gone up steadily these past few years, as more and more computing devices that are cloud dependent have come out of the woodwork, with tablets, ultraportables, and even smartphones starting to become as susceptible to malicious code as their big desktop brethren...