CI & CD are meaningless without CT

Article Written by Sanjay Zalavadia, VP of Client Services, Zephyr

Agile methods have introduced a bunch of new processes to help support fast-paced operations and ensure that products meet quality standards. Continuous practices have become a staple for facilitating these needs, but they can often be dependent upon each other to function effectively. Alone, continuous integration and continuous delivery can bring essential benefits but they cannot reach their full height without continuous testing. With quality testing tools, teams can uphold continuous testing requirements and establish an environment for successful continuous integration and continuous delivery efforts.

The importance of CT

Continuous practices were implemented as a means of ensuring that a deliverable would be ready to release at any moment. However, this couldn't happen if it wasn't appropriately tested. Users are placing a major emphasis on whether an app is functional and meets their needs when they download it to their devices. In fact, according to research by Localytics, 23 percent of people abandon an app after just one use. Although this is a slight improvement over last year, the numbers show that 62 percent will use an app less than 11 times. User retention is the name of the game for organizations that want to be competitive, but to do this, they'll need to step up their testing capabilities.

Cloud, agile software changing the nature of projects

Grazed from TheAge. Author: Editorial Staff.

Remember when getting a new project off the ground in a large business took months of argument, analysis and testing? And that was only to create the business case, before anyone could persuade the finance department to fund it. If the project involved software development it might then take months or years for the code to actually be written, implemented and tested, and even longer before its effectiveness was known.

By then, it was possible that the reason for starting the project had been rendered redundant by changing business needs. For some businesses, that is still the way projects are managed. But now concepts perfected in the tech start-up industry, such as cloud computing and agile software development, are being adopted by large businesses such as Suncorp Bank and Vodafone Australia to get small projects off the ground in a matter of just days...