The Future of Careers in Cloud Accounting

Article Written by Avery Phillips

Virtually every industry under the sun is adopting cloud-based platforms as the path forward, and the accounting and finance sectors are no different. The cloud boasts a lot of benefits, and its implementation is crucial for businesses invested in remaining competitive and relevant. 

But this shift in platform requires a comparative shift in the professionals who fill the ranks of finance and accounting positions within companies. As we've previously noted, "There is an explosion in both the use of cloud computing and the demand for people to assist in the mass migration to cloud." 

The demand must be filled by individuals who are able to implement the same ethics and understanding as their predecessors, but in a way that fits the modern technology and systems.

Accounting, The Cloud And ERP

Grazed from CloudTweaks.  Author: Editorial Staff.

The cloud computing concept (Illustration) is really very simple. SaaS (Software as a Service) programs are executed within any number of cloud hosting services located around the world. These SaaS programs can range from Accounting, CRM, Business Intelligence, Email, HR or any number of the thousands that exist in today’s SaaS landscape.

Accounting SaaS As A Business
One of the most lucrative markets at the moment is SaaS accounting services.  Why would I want to move my accounting firm into the Cloud?...

Don't let bean counters determine your cloud strategy

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Archana Venkatraman.

John Finch, the CIO of the Bank of England, warned potential cloud users to be wary of financial promises made by cloud providers and urged them to worry about legal aspects, security, compliance, service level agreements (SLAs) and data scalability while planning out their cloud strategy.

“Do not, do not, do not let the bean counters determine your cloud strategy,” Finch warned delegates at Cloud World Forum in his keynote focusing on the practical realities of cloud computing. “I may sound like I'm in cloud-denial, but I am not. Cloud can deliver good value and I know of many use cases where cloud has been a real enabler,” Finch said...