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Cloud Computing Services Have 'Come Of Age' In Enterprise: Survey

Grazed from CRN.  Author: Andrew R. Hickey.

More than 90 percent of large enterprises are using at least one cloud computing service, illustrating cloud computing has "come of age" in 2010, a survey recently released by CA Technologies found.

That same 90 percent of large enterprises are also looking to increase their cloud usage and grow beyond cloud computing services like collaboration and start taking advantage of more complex infrastructure and platform cloud computing services.

Maturing cloud, evolving BI headline 2011 IT trends

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Kevin Kwang.

In its Asia-Pacific IT Market Predictions 2011 released Tuesday, the research firm revealed that hype generated around cloud in 2009 and 2010 will give way to a "more sober, realistic understanding of the relevance and applicability of cloud computing" among CIOs and senior IT decision-makers.

New AppFirst Monitoring Product Integrates With Top Cloud Providers

Grazed from Network Computing.  Author: Robert Mullins.

AppFirst, a company that provides detailed monitoring and management of computing resources running in cloud environments, has introduced a new version of its solution that integrates with the systems of major cloud providers. The company announced this week that its AppFirst system--which constantly, rather than intermittently, monitors performance-- works with cloud providers such as Amazon EC2, Rackspace, SoftLayer and GoGrid, and will support additional cloud providers in the near future.

Nasuni Gets $15M as Cloud-Storage Gold Rush Carries On

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

Rackspace Looks to Bring Order to 'Cloud Chaos'

Grazed from Server Watch.  Author: David Needle.

Cloud computing offers a potentially great way for IT to offload and expand infrastructure resources outside of the data center, but managing those cloud resources can be tricky.

Apache Tomcat Gets New Support with WSO2 Application Server 4.0

Grazed from ServerWatch.  Author:  Sean Michael Kerner.

Why Foursquare Needs Infrastructure to Beat Facebook

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Ryan Kim.

Google Predicts Rise of Web OS in 2011

Grazed frrom GigaOM.  Author: Om Malik.

With the launch of ChromeOS, Google chief executive Eric Schmidt has realized his long time dream of building a network computer, one that taps into the Internet and offers browser-based-network-hosted applications. My view, when it comes to the ChromeOS? Google should forget chasing the consumers and go hard after the corporate market – especially after verticals that need low-cost, zero-maintenance machines dedicated to a few tasks.

The Cloud Made Open Source "Invisible" This Year

Grazed from ReadWriteWeb.  Author: Klint Finley.

"The big open source news in 2010 is that open source became essentially invisible," writes outgoing Canonical COO Matt Asay in his 2010 year in review column for The Register. It's not that the media stopped reporting on open source Asay explains. In fact, according to Google News, the number of stories mentioning the phrase "open source" roughly doubled. What's happening is that open source is moving behind the scenes, thanks in large part to cloud computing...

Standing Cloud Closes $3m Financing, Launches Partner Program

Grazed from MIT Technology Review.  Author: Brad Feld.

Standing Cloud, which makes it easy to deploy and run apps in the cloud, recently closed a $3m financing led by Rich Levandov at Avalon Ventures. Rich and I have known each other and worked together since the mid-1990′s and more recently have invested together in NewsGator and Zynga.