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HIPAA Cloud Computing: Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions

 Grazed from PauBox.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Cloud Computing for HIPAA Compliance is finally gaining adoption in US Healthcare.  When I attended the Medical Informatics World Conference in Boston last year, I joined an interactive breakout discussion group on Leveraging the Cloud. Of the dozen or so people in the group, only a few people were actually using the cloud in their organization.
The internet moves fast however, especially in Cloud computing.  The goal of this post is to succinctly answer the Top Ten Frequently Asked Questions around Cloud Computing for HIPAA Compliance...

The Cloud Is Tearing Up Tech and Helping Amazon

Grazed from Barrons.  Author: Tiernan Ray.

 What ails tech? The last couple of weeks of corporate earnings have seen one disappointment after another, for companies large and small.  Some of this is pressure on global economies finally hitting home, with the miracle of American tech giants making money off an expanding world marketplace now showing its unfortunate downside. But that’s not all. Read through the statements of the companies reporting, and there is evidence that their businesses are changing drastically because of cloud computing.
Cloud is displacing sales of traditional equipment and software. In a time of pressure on global economies, the move to cloud computing will only accelerate, given that it offers companies a chance to rent computing rather than buy it, thereby trimming their up-front capital budgets. That leaves some companies caught between a cloud and a hard place...

Mellanox Announces Multi-Host Technology, Enabling Next Generation Compute & Storage Rack Design for Scalable Clouds and Data

Grazed from Mellanox.  Author: PR Announcement.

Mellanox® Technologies, Ltd., a leading supplier of end-to-end interconnect solutions for servers and storage systems, today announced Mellanox Multi-Host™, an innovative technology that provides high flexibility and major savings in building next generation, scalable Cloud, Web 2.0 and high-performance data centers.

The new technology enables designing and building new scale-out heterogeneous compute and storage racks with direct connectivity between compute elements, storage elements and the network, better power and performance management, while achieving maximum data processing and data transfer at minimum capital and operational expenses. Mellanox Multi-Host technology is available today in the company’s line of ConnectX®-4 10/25/50/100 Gigabit Ethernet adapters, and in OCP-based boards as part of Facebook’s recently announced Yosemite platform...

Bluewolf Achieves Salesforce FullForce Master Program Certification for Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

Bluewolf, a leading global business consulting firm, today announced it has achieved Salesforce FullForce Master Program Certification for both Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. This elite recognition is granted to partners who have proven expertise in delivering industry and cloud-specific services and solutions to sales and customer service teams, thus providing clients unprecedented success.

Bluewolf earned its Salesforce FullForce Master Program Certifications based on overwhelming success in implementing Salesforce Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, sales and customer service expertise, and ability to offer differentiated solutions that optimize customer moments and drive business results...

JTC 1 Announces Two Key International Standards for Cloud Computing

Grazed from PRNewsWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) will release two new International Standards for cloud computing in the coming weeks:

  • ISO/IEC 17788, Cloud Computing - Overview and Vocabulary
  • ISO/IEC 17789, Cloud Computing - Reference Architecture

These standards were developed as a collaborative project between JTC 1 – ISO/IEC Joint Technical Committee 1, Information Technology – and ITU-T – the International Telecommunication Union's Telecommunication Standardization Sector...

Federal Cloud Migration: Challenges Bring Opportunities For VARs

Grazed from BSMInfo. Author: Megan Williams.

While migration to cloud platforms presents unique challenges for VARs working with federal agencies, it also offers business opportunities in addressing issues unique to the government sphere. What opportunities does federal migration to cloud platforms provide for you as an IT reseller?  Quite a few. Federal agencies have a long road ahead of them in their migration to cloud computing. Even after the decision to migrate is made, uncertainty looms about the best way to approach the migration for government agencies.

Challenges With Migration

As far back as 2012, the Government Accountability Office was calling for better planning of cloud migration procedures. The implementation (across seven agencies) brought the following common challenges to light...

Cloud Computing: HP builds up OpenStack portfolio with new messaging, bursting services

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Rachel King.

Hewlett-Packard is boasting its dedication to OpenStack through the debut of a handful of new Converged Cloud products being debuted today. Announced amid the OpenStack Summit in Portland this week, HP is integrating more of the open source cloud computing software with its own portfolio of private and public cloud solutions. Starting with brand new options, HP has added new private cloud bursting services intended to simplify the startup of hybrid clouds.

Dubbed CloudSystem Bursting Activation Services, HP will provide support to help clients configure the software needed to burst from HP CloudSystem (the tech giant's private cloud flagship product) to another while also streamlining access to additional capacity across multiple HP CloudSystems. Service providers will also be able to use these services to deliver on-demand capacity to customers...

Cloud Computing: Citrix and Industry Leaders Usher in New Era for Open Source Xen

Grazed from BusinessWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Citrix and The Linux Foundation today announced that open source community development for the Xen(R) virtualization platform will become a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project. Leveraging its proven model of collaborative development for the new Xen Project(TM) initiative, The Linux Foundation will provide infrastructure, guidance and a collaborative network. The neutral, member-led community will help accelerate cross-industry innovation around the Xen Project hypervisor, bringing guidance and contributions from a more diverse group of technology leaders.

Over the past decade, collaborative innovations in cloud computing, security and advanced processor support have made Xen the most scalable and secure hypervisor in the industry. It is these innovations that have led to the adoption of Xen and Citrix XenServer(R) as the platforms for powering approximately two-thirds of the public cloud revenue in the world. The initial set of supporters demonstrates the broad reach the technology has had in the marketplace. With more than 10 years of development and in use by more than 10 million users, the open source technology attracts contributions from organizations such as Amazon, AMD, Cambridge University, Citrix, Fujitsu, Intel, National Security Agency (NSA), Oracle and SUSE...

Are we misjudging the cloud’s environmental impact?

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

A whitepaper from Melbourne’s Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications (CEET) has cast doubt on traditional thinking regarding the energy consumption of cloud computing. “Previous analysis and industry focus has missed the point,” blistered the Power of Wireless Cloud report to open its executive summary. “Access networks, not data centres, are the biggest threat to the sustainability of cloud services.”

As straight to the point as this is, what are the underlying reasons behind this summation? According to the researchers, the wireless infrastructure is a more fundamental part of the cloudy ecosystem, with data centres just a part of a larger space. “Wireless cloud is a surging sector with implications that cannot be ignored,” the report notes...

Microsoft brings fight to AWS with first full IaaS offering

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Nick Heath.

Microsoft challenged AWS today by making its infrastructure–as-a-service (IaaS) offering generally available and committing to match AWS for the price of storage and compute in the cloud. The Redmond-based software giant said its IaaS offering will allow businesses to migrate virtual machines running on Hyper-V from their internal datacentre to Windows Azure public cloud.

Microsoft has offered the service since last year, but today's general availability means the introduction of monthly SLAs guaranteeing 99.95 percent availability for the service and 24/7 support, as well as the ability to run VMs on Azure servers with 28GB and 56GB of memory, compared to the previous limit of 14GB...