February 2019

Q&A: Fortanix Talks Funding, Protecting Cloud Data, and Cloud Security Trends

Earlier this week, Fortanix announced that it had closed a sizeable Series B round of funding, which will help the company execute on its bold vision of helping solve today's cloud security and data privacy problems.  To find out more about the funding news, the company, their technology and partnerships, CloudCow spoke with Ambuj Kumar, the company's CEO and co-founder.  Kumar also goes into detail about the major trends that he sees in cloud security for the remainder of 2019.

CloudCow:  Congratulations Ambuj on this week's funding!  Before we go into those details, can you give our readers a quick overview of Fortanix?

Ambuj Kumar:  I would be happy to. Fortanix was founded to solve cloud security and privacy challenges. We allow customers to securely operate even the most sensitive applications without having to trust the cloud. Fortanix provides unique deterministic security by encrypting applications and data everywhere - at rest, in motion, and in use with our Runtime Encryption® technology built upon Intel® Software Guard Extension (SGX). 

We were the first company to recognize the power of protected enclaves to secure enterprise applications and cloud data, and adoption has been growing rapidly ever since. In addition to many Fortune 100 customers around the globe, Fortanix is partnering with and enabling protections in the IBM Data Shield. We have also been working with Equinix to power its SmartKeyTM HSM-as-a-service, and we partnered with Alibaba Cloud to integrate with the Alibaba Cloud platform, enabling them to introduce new levels of security and privacy with our Self-Defending Key Management ServiceTM in the cloud. Those are just a few of the big names I can mention.


CoreStack accepted into Forbes Technology Council

CoreStack, a leading cloud governance platform, has been accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.

CoreStack Co-Founder and CTO Rathinasabapathy (Saba) Arumugam was vetted and selected by a review committee based on the depth and diversity of his experience. Criteria for acceptance include a track record of successfully impacting business growth metrics, as well as personal and professional achievements and honors.

"We are honored to welcome Saba into the community," said Scott Gerber, founder of Forbes Councils, the collective that includes Forbes Technology Council. "Our mission with Forbes Councils is to bring together proven leaders from every industry, creating a curated, social capital-driven network that helps every member grow professionally and make an even greater impact on the business world."


Cloud-Based Technology in Healthcare and Patient Care

The third leading cause of death in America is errors made during patient care in hospitals. Thankfully, doctors, support staff, and technology professionals are implementing systems to change that statistic. The use of cloud computing and AI is geared to reduce the number of mistakes and drastically improve patient care.

Currently, 83 percent of all healthcare organizations in the U.S. use some cloud-based technology. The majority prefer SaaS-based applications. Collecting patient data electronically makes it instantly accessible for review and analysis allowing for quicker and more accurate diagnosis. Additionally, keeping records in a cloud-based solution provides a single access point for all records. 

Medical cloud computing was designed to make lives easier and eliminate human error. However, this high-growth industry is also improving healthcare quality and changing how physicians, hospitals and support staff deliver their services.

Infinio Survey on VMware Trends and Performance Monitoring - Win $500 Amazon Gift Card

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Download a Free VMware and Hyper-V Backup

Want a high performance VM backup and replication solution? Altaro has cut down complexities to back up and replicate your Hyper-V & VMware VMs with ease, and they've updated it with version 8.

The solution is free for micro businesses.  You can backup unlimited VMs for 30 days, so give it a try and see it in action for yourself. And after 30 days, you can continue to use Altaro VM Backup on two VMs for free, forever.

Altaro VM Backup is an easy to use backup and replication solution for Hyper-V and VMware-based virtual machines. With its straightforward UI and simple setup, they eliminate the hassle and headaches of backing up your environment. And they are priced per host, not per socket or CPU!  It offers:
  • Full control - Manage & monitor all backup/restore jobs across multiple hosts from a single dashboard
  • Boot VM - Instantly boot any VM version from the backup location without affecting backup integrity
  • Flexible backup scheduling - Assign backup schedules, specifying what to back up and where to
  • Outstanding support - 16-sec live chat response, chatting directly with product experts
  • WAN-Optimized Replication - Replicate VMs to a remote site continuously, improving Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

Try for free, download today.


nClouds and Amazon Web Services Sign Strategic Collaboration Agreement to Accelerate and Optimize Cloud Usage for Startups

nClouds (www.nclouds.com), a provider of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and DevOps consulting and implementation services, announced today that it has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with AWS. The intent of the agreement is to help startups and growth-stage companies leverage AWS for strategic advantage.

"nClouds has a proven track record of providing consultation and implementation services to growth-stage companies," said Darci Kleindl, Director of North American Partners, Amazon Web Services, Inc. "By working with nClouds, we can help customers leverage automation to accelerate product delivery and improve productivity, optimize cloud costs while building scalable infrastructure, and address their unique security and compliance requirements."

"Working with rapid-growth companies to build their cloud infrastructure that supports business growth is what we do best," said JT Giri, CEO and Co-founder of nClouds. "For these organizations, cloud is typically the most important component of their business infrastructure and leveraging the power of AWS can generate significant benefits for them."

Monitor your infrastructure and apps in real time with Datadog

In rapidly evolving cloud environments, seeing across all your systems, apps, and services is more difficult than ever. When something goes wrong, do you know how to effectively troubleshoot and resolve issues?

That's where Datadog comes in.  Datadog's monitoring solution gives you full visibility into your infrastructure and applications in one platform, so you always know where to look first. Within minutes of setting up Datadog, you'll get:

  • Real-time interactive dashboards that deliver unified insights across dev and ops teams
  • Seamless navigation between correlated metrics, distributed request traces, and log data
  • Built-in support for more than 250 technologies, including AWS, Docker, and PagerDuty
  • Algorithmic alerting to auto-detect performance anomalies and prevent alert fatigue

Give it a try -- start a free trial here and put those features to work in your own environment today.

Free Azure IaaS Webinar with Microsoft's Thomas Maurer

Implementing Infrastructure as a Service is a great way of streamlining and optimizing your IT environment by utilizing virtualized resources from the cloud to complement your existing on-site infrastructure. It enables a flexible combination of the traditional on-premises data center alongside the benefits of cloud-based subscription services. If you're not making use of this model, there's no better opportunity to learn what it can do for you than in the upcoming webinar from Altaro: How to Supercharge your Infrastructure with Azure IaaS.

The webinar will be presented by Thomas Maurer, who has recently been appointed Senior Cloud Advocate, on the Microsoft Azure Engineering Team alongside Altaro Technical Evangelist and Microsoft MVP Andy Syrewicze.

The webinar will be primarily focused on showing how Azure IaaS solves real use cases by going through the scenarios live on air. Three use cases have been outlined already, however, the webinar format encourages those attending to suggest their own use cases when signing up and the two most popular suggestions will be added to the list for Thomas and Andy to tackle. To submit your own use case request, simply fill out the suggestion box in the sign up form when you register!

Once again, this webinar is going to presented live twice on the day (Wednesday 13th February). So if you can't make the earlier session (2pm CET / 8am EST / 5am PST), just sign up for the later one instead (7pm CET / 1pm EST / 10am PST) - or vice versa. Both sessions cover the same content but having two live sessions gives more people the opportunity to ask their questions live on air and get instant feedback from these Microsoft experts.

Cloud Technology and Trucking: How It's Improving Safety

Technology is constantly evolving, changing the day-to-day operations of numerous industries as it does so. Freight trucking is no exception, and fleet owners across the U.S. are implementing a variety of cloud-based technological advances in order to streamline their business and improve safety. 

Cloud computing, also known as software as a service (SaaS), allows trucking companies to overcome barriers such as fleet control and overhead cost. Using the cloud, companies can also improve safety on the road by monitoring speed and collecting various types of data such as maintenance information on their trucks and miles traveled. 

Thus, cloud computing is becoming integral to fleet management in our digital age. Real-time insight into trucking fleets can help trucking owner-operators reduce cost while improving efficiency and safety. But collecting data is only the first step toward a safer roadway. The data must be analyzed and patterns identified, a process known as predictive analytics. 

The Future Of Website Personalization Moves With Cloud-Based ML Tools

Written by Paul Matthews

If there's a recurring trend in web development since 2015, that is definitely related to big data and its projections within the web development world. Website personalization or web personalization is a branch of web development which focuses on creating tools that, by reading big data, cookies and everything in between are automatically learning what a hypothetical user may want from a listing. Let's analyse how these tools are developed nowadays and why their cloud compatibility will be a major factor in the near future. 

What Exactly Is Website Personalization?  

Web personalization was born from combining UX-based strategies to some Python-based tools which were simply reading cookies. UX is a major part of the current web development industry and, therefore, this combination was big from its beginning. In 2019, web personalization is an industry which focuses on creating tools developed to tailor each catalogue, product description and general online portal to a potential customer by reading the big data associated with him/her. 

How Organizations Can Fix the Cloud Skills Gap

Written by Sam Bowman

Cloud computing and technology are rapidly becoming the norm for business. The problem is that there is a serious skills gap between corporate IT personnel and cloud computing experts. Some might even say this gap is becoming a crisis. 

The need for seasoned, versatile professionals is gaining momentum while IT managers lack the training and motivation to expand their skill sets. The pool of available skilled cloud technology experts is very shallow, and this situation doesn't look like it will resolve any time soon. 

Although most companies are aware of the skills gap and the highly competitive marketplace, they don't know what to do about it. Many believe that this problem has held them back and made them less competitive.

Kaloom Introduces Cloud Edge Fabric for Distributed Edge Data Centers

Kaloom, an emerging leader in the automated data center networking software market, today announced its Cloud Edge Fabric (CEF), the first fully automated data center network fabric with native support for network slicing along with embedded 5G user plane function (UPF). Kaloom's CEF, an edge data center solution, is specifically designed for simultaneous 4G and 5G applications.

Service providers are under pressure to ensure that their networks efficiently deliver high throughput and avoid bottlenecks. Overcoming this challenge makes it the most critical piece for improving data center application performance. To address this demand, service providers are distributing their data centers at the edge to lower the latency and improve performance of their mission critical applications such as NFV, AR/VR, IoT and financial applications.

Sophisticated end-to-end network slicing is supported natively in the fabric with full tenant isolation down to the hardware level for better security. Network slicing is a key innovative aspect of 5G architectures that provides customers their own virtual network slice for better quality of experience.

HCL Technologies and IBM Collaborate to Accelerate Clients' Hybrid Cloud Journey

HCL Technologies (HCL), a global technology company, today announced a collaboration with IBM designed to help advance the hybrid cloud journeys of organizations worldwide.

HCL today announced new re-platforming and refactoring services to enable enterprises to build and migrate applications to IBM Cloud Private from within the company's HCL Cloud Native Labs. The services will be orchestrated and available from HCL's Cloud Native Labs in London, New York, and Noida, later this year.

HCL offerings include cloud strategy planning, application transformation, cloud-native cultural transformation, proof of concept building, and next-generation cloud native software development services - all of which are being extended to include the IBM Cloud offerings.

Cambridge Analytica Whistle Blower, Christopher Wylie to headline #IPEXPOManchester 2019

IP EXPO Manchester today announced that Christopher Wylie, known for his role in setting up - and then taking down - the cyberwarfare firm Cambridge Analytica, will open this year's show.

Cambridge Analytica, linked to Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the UK referendum on EU membership turning clicks into votes, quickly became one of the biggest data scandals of the last decade. The firm used the personal data collected from tens of millions of Facebook users without their knowledge or permission and built sophisticated models of user's personalities.

Christopher Wylie blew the whistle on Cambridge Analytica by detailing how it was done, the blatant abuse of data and the attitude that it was just cyber-warfare and fair game. His revelations, that exposed the rampant misuse of data, rocked Silicon Valley and forced numerous Fortune 500 companies to overhaul cybersecurity and user privacy practices.


Behavox Announces Full SaaS Offering on AWS and GCP

Behavox, a pioneering artificial intelligence data analytics firm, announced today that it will begin offering a full Software as a Service ("SaaS") deployment model to its customers, in addition to on-premise implementations. Behavox SaaS is a single tenant environment, not shared with any other Behavox clients and deployed on Amazon Web Services ("AWS") or Google Cloud Platform ("GCP") infrastructure based on customer preference.

Behavox has been working on Behavox SaaS for over two years in partnership with several production customers. Client feedback has been instrumental to our fortress-like security controls, guaranteeing that the confidentiality and the integrity of our customers' data remains intact.

Behavox SaaS is a fully-managed service provided by Behavox, allowing our customers to focus on extracting value from Behavox applications, while we work tirelessly behind-the-scenes providing 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime.

Wipro Launches QuMiC to Accelerate Migration to Oracle Cloud

Wipro announced the launch of QuMiC (Quick Migration to Cloud), a comprehensive platform designed to transform the way organizations migrate to Oracle Cloud. Using QuMiC, Wipro and Oracle aim to simplify and accelerate the journey to Oracle Cloud for their customers. Wipro is a Platinum level member of Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN).

Wipro's QuMiC is a unique platform that migrates all aspects required for a cloud implementation, i.e. process definitions, configurations, data, and code to Oracle Cloud for a wide variety of software environments. Irrespective of whether an organization's original assets are in an on-premise platform such as Oracle E-Business Suite, a version management tool, or another cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) environment, QuMiC can automate and thereby, seamlessly accelerate the migration process. The platform reduces the risk of manual errors and ensures a secure migration to Oracle Cloud.

QuMiC combines automation, pre-built integrations with Oracle ERP systems, and an easy-to-use interface, reducing the number of resources needed for deployment. Enterprises can expect to save nearly 30 percent in overall cloud implementation costs and time by leveraging Wipro's QuMiC platform. The time taken to design ERP processes, analyze and setup the configurations for each environment during the migration process i.e., testing, production and development will be reduced by up to 60 percent.

Faction Drives Adoption of VMware Cloud on AWS with Record-Setting Year

Faction, the leading Managed Service Provider for VMware Cloud on AWS, today announced it has become a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner - which comes on the heels of significant customer growth over the past year. The new designation makes Faction one of the very few managed providers to earn both AWS Advanced Consulting Partner status in addition to VMware Premier Service Provider status. As the only provider of fully integrated, cloud-attached storage for VMware Cloud on AWS, these two certifications deliver an additional layer of experience and trust that enterprises value when searching for a managed service provider for this relatively new cloud platform.

"We've seen a massive uptick of midsized and large enterprises growing their VMware Cloud on AWS footprint," said Luke Norris, CEO, Faction. "We think this technology is at the tipping point for even greater multi-cloud adoption. Now that Faction has solved for cost-effective, cloud-attached storage, expanded our datacenter footprint, and earned key certifications due to our unique expertise, we're beginning to see a flood of organizations across industries looking to move from their datacenters to VMware Cloud on AWS."

Lacking a Clear Plan for Public Cloud Will Cost Operators Millions, Optiva Warns at MWC

Optiva Inc., an innovative software provider of mission-critical, cloud-native monetization solutions to leading communication service providers (CSPs) globally, is cautioning CSPs at Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC) that failure to move core, cloud-native applications to the public cloud will result in the loss of competitive market position and millions of dollars from their bottom line.

At a series of complimentary Optiva Insider events at MWC, Optiva executives will unveil their new Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Simulator. The simulator allows operators to see, specific to their circumstances, the resources and revenues they are wasting with on-premises implementations of their core BSS applications. In the case of one Middle Eastern CSP, hosting their disaster recovery on the public cloud is leading to savings of 78 percent of its TCO.

In Ovum's February 2019 report "Understanding the Business Value of Re-architecting Core Applications on the Public Cloud" Roy Illsley, distinguished analyst at Ovum stated that:

Deutsche Telekom Completes World's First Public Mobile Edge Network, Powered By MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0

MobiledgeX, which is helping operators make edge infrastructure widely accessible and easy to use for third parties, today announced it has released MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0, which is powering the world's first public mobile edge network deployment with Deutsche Telekom in Germany and live developer trials in the network. The solution connects mobile users to application cloud containers created by aggregating existing operator network resources. These containers execute close to end devices, meeting the stringent performance requirements of next- generation mobile innovations. MobiledgeX Edge-Cloud R1.0 is now in general availability globally and already supporting the prototyping of developer use cases in public networks.

Walter Goldenits, CTO of Telekom Deutschland in Germany, said: "Deutsche Telekom is proud to lead a global effort toward a smart, mobile, digital society and recognizes that ubiquitous edge availability is the foundation for this vision. For operators, Edge-Cloud R1.0's ability to quickly aggregate existing 4G and 5G resources and make them available anywhere they are needed across the network means an extremely low barrier to entry for scalable edge deployments that can be immediately monetized. When edge networks are deployed widely, developers and device makers can more easily define business and use cases for new offerings that can be rolled out across a large number of users. The milestone announced today is an important moment not just for Deutsche Telekom and MobiledgeX, but the broader mobile ecosystem eager to capitalize on the massive edge opportunity in the lead-up to 5G."

Western Digital and Veeam Streamline Data Backup and Recovery for Scale-out Hybrid Cloud Environments

Western Digital announced that its ActiveScale object storage system supports Veeam Cloud Tier, a feature of the new Veeam Availability Suite 9.5 Update 4 . The ActiveScale system provides Veeam customers with a fast, cost-effective hybrid-cloud backup repository that helps manage the avalanche of data inundating today's data centers.

"As a leading data infrastructure company, Western Digital is a valued member of the Veeam Alliance Partner Program, and we're are extremely pleased that their ActiveScale system is one of the first to be compatible with Veeam Cloud Tier," said Ken Ringdahl, vice president of Global Alliance Architecture at Veeam. "Their membership, as well as ActiveScale's support for Veeam Cloud Tier, allows us to work together to develop technologies that can transform our customers' environments and enable Intelligent Data Management."

"We're delighted to expand our relationship with Veeam," said Stefaan Vervaet, senior director of Solutions & Alliances, Western Digital's Data Center Systems business unit. "Together, our goal is to help ensure that our customers' data is always protected and available for quick and easy recovery when using our ActiveScale system or IntelliFlash all-flash arrays. The combination of Western Digital systems and Veeam software delivers a highly scalable and an economical solution for end-to-end backup of enterprise and service provider applications."