March 2018

Netwrix Survey: Tech and IT Companies Are the Driving Force of Cloud Security Investments

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Netwrix Corporation, provider of a visibility platform for user behavior analysis and risk mitigation in hybrid environments, today released the 2018 Netwrix Cloud Security: In-Depth Report.

The report supplements the 2018 Netwrix Cloud Security Report, unveiling survey findings specific to various industries and regions. Overall, 853 organizations shared their feedback for the survey, conducted in November 2017. All organizations are public or hybrid cloud users.

The key findings include:

Going digital with your business – the must 'gets'

If you're starting up a small business or recently started running one, then have you thought about how you're going to make it stand out on the net? It doesn't matter what the nature of your company is; you should be looking for as many opportunities as possible to promote your products and services through a website and across social media channels. Being a small organization, you probably don't have the budget to hire a full-time member of staff dedicated to digital. Don't worry; there are still things you can do to get your presence out there. Here are some of the top ‘gets' you need to be thinking about. 

Nutanix Fuels Channel Partners to Propel the Next Generation of Cloud Deployments

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Nutanix announced today that it is introducing new channel program incentives and expanded standalone software license offerings with Dell EMC to drive the next wave of enterprise cloud adoption for its customers. With these new incentives, Nutanix will provide its partners with enhanced economics for selling Nutanix software and enable customers to have more options in how they procure industry-leading hybrid cloud and hyperconverged technologies for their data centers.

Dell EMC XC Core includes Dell EMC PowerEdge 14th generation servers and Dell EMC solution integration software for Nutanix software deployments. XC Core, available today, is an alternative to other products in the Dell EMC XC Family that allows customers to purchase the Nutanix software license separately from the rest of the appliance with access to software support directly from Nutanix's award-winning customer service organization. Customers will be able to choose the software licensing terms and conditions that are optimal for their business needs.

How technology can help you to create a buzz around your business

In order to secure success for your business, it is vital that you present your organization in the best light. If you are going to stand out from the competition, you will constantly need to be on the lookout for opportunities to move your company forward. One of the best ways for you to do this is by engaging with technology. Why stay in the past when moving into the future can save you an enormous amount of time, money, and effort? Furthermore, making the most of your digital devices will assist you in creating a buzz around your business. Below are six examples that support this claim.

Technology can help you to improve your levels of service

Firstly, technology can help you to improve your levels of service. Not only can it aid you in speeding up your operation, but it can also help you to lower your costs and save your staff members from carrying out monotonous tasks. If you are wondering where to start, you should consider automating specific elements of your business. For instance, if you have an online mailing list, you should use an automated response system to deal with the initial stages of inquiries and complaints. Automated emails will also be of use if you run an online store and need to send through order confirmations. Eliminating the risk of human error and speeding up your responses is a fantastic way for you to improve the customer experience. It could lead to positive word of mouth reviews and impressive online recommendations.

Arkadin Launches a Cloud Consulting Practice to Ensure Clients Have Highly Functioning UC Services

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Arkadin, an NTT Communications company and market leader in cloud Unified Communications and Collaboration services, announces today a new managed service to help enterprises successfully navigate their digital cloud transformation journeys. Cloud Transformation Services (CTS) is a holistic, technology agnostic program that includes the full spectrum of UC services, including needs assessments, risk mitigation, migration planning, training, change management and adoption campaigns. It also includes ongoing support services through Arkadin's 24/7 help desks and regular Service Management reviews to measure the quality of the UC service.

"As Microsoft, Cisco and other leading UC providers continue to roll out advanced cloud capabilities, our clients need a trusted partner to help make decisions about the platforms and technologies best suited to their needs," said Christophe Reyes, Arkadin's Managing Director, UCaaS. "We are well positioned for this: Our clients benefit from sophisticated networking and telecommunications expertise from fellow NTT Group Companies Dimension Data and NTT Communications, and our own deep experience in telephony and collaboration. Together we offer the full life-cycle of services for optimising their cloud UC journeys."

Components of the 4-step ‘Cloud Transformation Services' program:

Ipswitch Now Offers Cloud Performance, Usage and Billing Monitoring in WhatsUp Gold

Grazed from Ipswitch

Ipswitch today announced WhatsUp Gold 2018 with major enhancements, including performance monitoring of Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud deployments, Meraki cloud managed wireless systems, Dell Compellent storage devices and Outlook 365. Ipswitch's customers now have an at-a-glance dashboard and an interactive map for visibility into the status and performance of networks, servers, storage devices and applications across on-premises and cloud with a single network interface.

"IT professionals wear multiple hats and can't afford to invest large amounts of time trying to extract the information they need from disparate management tools," said Austin O'Malley, Chief Product Officer at Ipswitch. "The latest version of WhatsUp Gold meets the growing needs of our customers with even smarter discovery, a new overview dashboard to view key metrics and overall health quickly, and greatly expanded out-of-the-box support to monitor all facets of their on-premises and cloud IT environments."

WhatsUp Gold 2018 delivers automatic discovery of your networked environment and displays your entire physical, virtual and cloud environment in a unique interactive map to enable truly proactive end-to-end performance monitoring and troubleshooting. Unlike competitor products, there is no need to learn different tools to gain insights into the various components of your environment.


The Benefits Cloud Technology Has Had on the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is at something of a crossroads. The future could take any one of a number of potential forms. The emergence of electric and driverless cars as serious challengers to the current status quo has dramatically altered the calculations of many investors and industry observers. Automobile manufacturers are constantly finding new ways of combining technological innovations in order to radically change the experience of driving a car.

There are few technologies which have not in some way informed the design choices of car manufacturers. New technologies mean new capabilities and functionalities will become possible. As these new possibilities are realized, car manufacturers are able to evolve their approaches to both crafting the experience of driving for the driver and ensuring that everything behind the scenes is operating as smoothly as possible.

Like a myriad of other technologies, cloud computing has made a big difference to the automotive industry. It has affected the way that customers interact with their vehicles, and how the industry interfaces with drivers and the general public. Let's take a look at some of the most prominent benefits that cloud computing offers to the automotive industry.

CyberArk Acquires Vaultive to Advance Privileged Account Security for the Cloud

Grazed from CyberArk

CyberArk today announced the acquisition of certain assets of privately-held Vaultive, Inc., a cloud security provider. The deal closed today.

The CyberArk Privileged Account Security Solution is the industry's most comprehensive solution for protecting against privileged account exploitation anywhere - on-premises, in hybrid cloud environments and across DevOps workflows. Building upon the Vaultive technology, CyberArk will deliver greater visibility and control over privileged business users, and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) administrators. By delivering a cloud-native and mobile experience, Vaultive will extend the CyberArk solution to these highly privileged users, which are frequent targets for cyber attacks.

"The Vaultive team brings innovative technology and advanced cloud industry experience to CyberArk. We look forward to incorporating the technology to add additional depth and proactive protection for enterprises facing an expanding attack surface in the cloud," said Udi Mokady, chairman and CEO, CyberArk. "Vaultive provides a strong building block to accelerate CyberArk's cloud security strategy, making CyberArk the only vendor able to extend privileged account security to administrators and privileged business users in cloud environments with this level of granularity and control."

Cloud Academy Announces International Expansion in Strategic Partnership With ICG

Grazed from Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy, the leading enterprise cloud training platform, has announced a strategic partnership with ICG (I Consulting Group Limited) the leading Cloud Managed Services Provider in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and China. ICG will distribute Cloud Academy to enterprise customers embracing digital and cloud transformation across APAC.

ICG will leverage Cloud Academy's multi-cloud, enterprise platform to help its clients close the cloud skills gap and accelerate innovation through customized, measured, and on-demand training programs.

What can Small Retailers Learn from the Big Names?

Retail is constantly changing, and never has this been truer than now, with the relentless march of Internet shopping posing a real threat to many small and niche stores. If you run a retail operation, you may not feel you have very much in common with the likes of Walmart, but they were once little minnows like you. They may now be more like Great Whites, but they still operate on the same basic principles, and given that they are doing it so successfully, it makes sense to see what you can learn from them and apply to your own business.


You might have decided security systems, electronic cash registers and smart stock systems were too expensive to implement when you set up your business, and it's true they represent a substantial investment. It's easy to rationalize your position because you feel that a small store doesn't need every bit of available technology to be well run. You and your staff are there and can easily deter shoplifters, do stock inventory, and keep on top of replenishment. This may well be true, but it's not an assumption you should be making.


6 ways to drive traffic to your website

Your business has got its website up and running which is great, but how do you get people visiting it and driving traffic on it? There is no point in paying out a load of money for a big and shiny website if nobody is paying any attention to it, after all.

Website traffic is important for a number of reasons, among which are seeing how well your marketing campaigns are working, gathering insight and information about your audience, improving your ranking when it comes to search engines and generating more leads and customers.

If your website isn't generating the traffic you want it to, then there are a few ways you can fix that. Here are six of them.

Search engine optimization

SolarWinds System Management Updates Sharpen Visibility into Physical and Virtual Infrastructure

Grazed from SolarWinds

SolarWinds, a leading provider of powerful and affordable IT management software, today announced a pair of product updates that offer broader and deeper performance monitoring capabilities across physical and virtual infrastructure, particularly in hybrid environments. The newest version of Storage Resource Monitor (SRM) extends support to a wider range of leading all-flash arrays (AFAs), while the latest update to Server & Application Monitor (SAM) permits deeper visibility into interactions between a set of servers running critical business applications.

"Finding clarity through the haze of complexity is vital to successfully keep today's heterogeneous and distributed IT environments running smoothly," said Christoph Pfister, executive vice president of products, SolarWinds. "With support for more leading-edge storage vendor solutions and deeper visibility into the connection between critical infrastructure resources, our system management updates give IT professionals more powerful tools to overcome complexity and optimize performance in their diverse worlds."

Combined, the two updates arm IT professionals with the broad system management, monitoring, alerting and reporting functionality needed to optimize performance in hybrid environments, across an even broader mix of systems and vendors.

ObjectRocket Delivers Fully Managed MongoDB-as-a-Service On Microsoft Azure

Grazed from ObjectRocket

ObjectRocket, a database-as-a-service (DBaaS) company offering solutions that leverage some of the most popular open source database technologies, today announced fully-managed MongoDB-as-a-service available on Microsoft Azure Cloud. Customers now have the ability to manage their MongoDB instance via the ObjectRocket Control Panel, with 24x7x365 access to the ObjectRocket database team and deep MongoDB expertise.

ObjectRocket offers a purpose-built data platform fully managed and supported by data engineers and DBAs, giving businesses of all size access to unlock the power of open source, enterprise-grade technology. ObjectRocket for MongoDB is a uniquely designed, fully managed database-as-a-service solution that delivers significant cost savings and lightning-fast speed to customers managing data from anywhere. ObjectRocket now supports customer applications across the globe that run on Microsoft Azure.

5 Industries Highly Impacted by the Cloud

Article Written by Avery Phillips

The term "industry cloud" is telling of what many industries think of the cloud. It is becoming so much of a part of the industry that they are shaping it to move vertically instead of horizontally. In other words, the cloud system has been customized to fit the needs and operations of a specific industry - and worldwide spending on industry cloud is only expected to grow. 

The benefits of the cloud are too valuable to not make the switch, in fact, there is a substantial chance that your company has already. The benefits may be known, but just how are they transforming leading industries? 

Read below for an analysis of industries significantly impacted by the Cloud.   

Four Things Every Successful Start-Up Needs

When you dream of starting your own business, it an exciting, nerve-wracking, exhilarating, and worrying. All of these things together make it something that a lot of people are extremely keen to do; there is something about that excitement and exhilaration that appeals (and the nerves and anxiety can be dealt with at a later date). However, before rushing into your launch, there are some important elements to have in place if you want to stand the best chance of being successful.

Business Plan

Every successful business will need a good quality, in-depth business plan. You can download a business plan template and complete it if you feel confident that you will be able to get it right. However, you can speak to an expert to help you with this if you prefer. The document will need to contain what the aims of the business are, what the goals are, how much money you expect to be making, and how much money you need to spend initially. This business plan will be used to show anyone whom you want to borrow money from including banks or angel investors. It is also a useful document for you to be able to track your progress. 

Limelight Networks Helps Companies Defend against Cyber Threats with New Bot Management Solution

Grazed from Limelight Networks

With cyberattacks increasing in scope, sophistication and frequency, Limelight Networks, Inc., a global leader in digital content delivery, today announced a new Advanced Bot Manager option for its Limelight Web Application Firewall (WAF) solution for protecting digital content.

Global internet traffic generated from bots is higher than human-generated traffic, according to Mary Meeker's annual internet trends report. And more than half of bots are malevolent and engaging in destructive activities such as seeking vulnerabilities on websites and committing fraud, stealing corporate and personal data, and launching DDoS attacks. At the same time, the internet depends on beneficial bots that power search engines and digital assistants.

Why Technology Should Be Your First Focus At Your Business

If you own a business, you have to remain knowledgeable when it comes to technology, especially in this digital age and reliance on electronics. Spend time diving in deeper to discover the advantages of having it become a bigger part of your operation.

It has so much to offer that it's worth taking a look at all it can do for you and your company. If you want to compete in your industry and draw in more customers, then it's highly recommended you welcome aboard more technology solutions at your workplace. In fact, it should be your first focus for several reasons that are worth exploring further.

Allows Employees to Work from Home

Working from home is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. More and more employees are looking to work for companies who offer a work from home opportunity so they can create more work-life balance in their lives. Being tied down to a desk all day isn't attractive to those looking for a new job, and they're going to gravitate toward companies with more flexibility. All your employees truly need to work remotely is a laptop, an Internet connection and access to important files from their home. This is also good for you being the owner because you can conduct business from anywhere in the world using the proper technology.

InterVision Expands Its DRaaS and IaaS Offerings with the Acquisition of Industry Leader Bluelock

Grazed from InterVision

InterVision is pleased to announce the acquisition of Bluelock, a recognized leader in Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions.

"Bluelock is an accomplished provider and one of the most sought after brands in the fast-growing DRaaS space," said Aaron Stone, President and CEO of InterVision. "Bluelock has built a top notch organization with an industry leading DRaaS solution, a loyal client base, and exceptional customer satisfaction. This acquisition positions InterVision to better address the changing needs of our clients in today's high-uptime and compliance-driven IT Marketplace."

Univa Open Sources Project Tortuga to Accelerate the Migration of Enterprise HPC Workloads to the Cloud

Grazed from Univa

Univa, a leading innovator in on-premise and hybrid cloud workload management solutions for enterprise HPC customers, announced the contribution of its Navops Launch (née Unicloud) product to the open source community as Project Tortuga under an Apache 2.0 license to help proliferate the transition of enterprise HPC workloads to the cloud.

"Having access to more software that applies to a broad set of applications like high performance computing is key to making the transition to the cloud successful," said William Fellows, Co-Founder and VP of Research, 451 Research. "Univa's contribution of Navops Launch to the open source community will help with this process and hopefully be an opportunity for cloud providers to contribute and use Tortuga as the on-ramp for HPC workloads."

Navops Launch offers faster path to the cloud for HPC workloads

Using Technology to Make Your Company More Flexible

With so many new companies starting and the lines between markets blurring, many established businesses have had to think of new ways to keep themselves relevant. One of the best ways to do that is to try and keep your core business as flexible as possible so you can move and adapt to changes quickly. Technology can help your company become more flexible and able to adapt and even anticipate changes.

Market Research

One of the things which has changed with technology is market research. You no longer need to have people on the high street handing out surveys to get an opinion on your customer's happiness. You can now tap into their thoughts just be sending them an email or a text message. The proportion of customers that respond might even be higher using these methods, as they can respond when they wish instead of having to stop in the street. It also allows you to get the results of your survey a lot quicker, especially if using an automated survey.