April 2016

The Next Wave of Cloud-Computing Companies

Grazed from Barron's.  Author: Tiernan Ray.

 The stock market’s broad move this year from growth to value is nowhere more starkly evident in technology than in the downturn of cloud-computing stocks. As it has matured, cloud computing has lost some of its sizzle. Cloud companies sell software as a service, which customers tap into by visiting a Website, rather than installing the software on their own computing equipment.
Stocks that used to be the “pure plays” in cloud that every investor needed to own—names such as Salesforce.com (CRM) and Workday (WDAY)—have underperformed, while traditional software names such as Oracle (ORCL) and IBM (IBM) have surged...

Intel Announces First 3D NAND SSDs Optimized For Cloud and Enterprise

 Grazed from SSDReview.  Author: Scot Strong.

Intel Corporation is announcing their first dual-port PCI Express (PCIe) SSDs that utilize the Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) protocol.  The dual-port design of the new Intel SSD DC D3700 and D3600 series provides failover and redundancy, which are critical in safeguarding against data loss.  Systems utilizing the D3700 can realize up to a 6 X performance increase as compared to current dual-port SAS offerings.
Also being announced are the Intel SSD DC P3320 and P3520 series, which are the first Intel SSDs built on the industry’s highest-density 3D NAND.  The DC P3320 series are optimized for more cost-effective performance, and are geared toward read-intensive usage scenarios common to cloud and data analytics. The DC P3320 features a PCIe Gen 3×4 interface to provide low latency and fast data access, to the tune of up to 5 X faster performance and up to 3.2 X faster sequential reads as compared to mainstream SATA SSDs...

Read more from the source @ www.thessdreview.com/daily-news/intel-announces-first-3d-nand-ssds-optimized-cloud-enterprise/

New Secure Cloud Services for Azure Subscriptions Help ISVs and Customers Protect and Secure Their Clouds

Grazed from ProjectHosts

Project Hosts, a CSP and leading provider of Secure Cloud Services for Azure and hosted Microsoft solutions, announced today a new generation of Azure Managed Services with Extended Security. ISVs, enterprise organizations, and government agencies can utilize these security services in an Azure environment to fully comply with today's most rigorous industry security standards including Department of Defense IL4, FedRAMP, NIST 800-53 and ISO 27001+. Stop by Project Hosts' booth # 1725 at Microsoft Envision to discuss your cloud security options.

NGINX Announces nginx.conf 2016

Grazed from NGINX

NGINX, Inc., the engine delivering sites and applications for the modern web, today announced its third annual nginx.conf user conference, which will be held September 7-9, 2016 at the Hilton in Austin, TX. Last year's event was attended by more than 600 IT Professionals, including developers, application architects, system administrators, DevOps professionals, and CIO/CTOs. This year, attendees will come together to discuss how to build and deliver applications flawlessly, and to explore best practices and techniques in application architecture and infrastructure, including microservices, DevOps, cloud, containers, and more.

"The NGINX user community includes some of the most forward-thinking minds in the application development and deployment world -- innovators who are on the leading edge of adopting new tools in a rapidly changing industry," said Gus Robertson, CEO of NGINX, Inc. "With a new suite of technologies having emerged as the new normal, it is more important than ever to bring technology leaders together to share best practices and address the relevant industry issues. NGINX is the heart of the modern web, powering these new tools and techniques, and enabling organizations to deploy and deliver sites and applications with performance, reliability, security, and scale."

How Converged Infrastructure Is Impacting Cloud and Business Demands

Grazed from WindowsIT Pro. Author: Bill Kleyman.

New kinds of workloads, user demands and infrastructure technologies are affecting how data center providers deploy and utilize various critical resources. Organizations across all verticals are changing the way they control and distribute resources, which includes looking for more efficient ways to create a scalable data center ecosystem. With global data center IP traffic expected to grow threefold during the next five years, new kinds of data center technologies have to be implemented to create cloud-ready scalability.

Indeed, cloud computing is no longer in its infancy. In fact, organizations have evolved from private to public to hybrid cloud platforms—and combinations thereof. Moving forward, the cloud model will give end users even more services and benefits. Gartner recently stated that cloud technology is now being used for anything that can be reasonably hosted on virtualized x86-based servers...

Important Ways Cloud Computing Is Helping the Health Care Industry

Cloud computing continues to play a big role in the health care industry. However, any new technology embraced by health care experts has to undergo rigorous testing before it will be trusted and used. These tests have been carried out on cloud computing systems and the most important ways this new technology is helping the health care industry are listed below.


Traditionally, physical health care records were stored in secure rooms and filing cabinets. However, an increased number of health care records are being stored in digital form, on secure servers in the cloud.

Volkswagen chooses OpenStack for private cloud

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Brandon Butler.

The second largest car manufacturer in the world, Volkswagen Group, will use the open-source cloud computing platform OpenStack to build a private cloud that will host websites for its brands VW, Audi and Porsche, and be a platform for innovating automotive technology, the company announced today.

For the past two years VW officials at the company’s Wolfsburg, Germany, headquarters debated what platform to use. VW decided to first build out a private cloud based on OpenStack that will eventually span thousands of physical nodes across multiple data centers in the U.S., Europe and Asia. Eventually VW hopes to incorporate public cloud resources to create a hybrid cloud, said officials with VW’s consultant, Mirantis...

GhangorCloud and Huawei Sign Strategic Partnership to Enhance Security for Enterprise Customers

Grazed from GhangorCloud and Huawei

GhangorCloud Data Security and Compliance Enforcement Software to be Delivered on Huawei Server Platforms to Address Critical Data Security Threats

GhangorCloud, the company redefining information security compliance and protection against the "cloud and collaboration age" data exfiltration attacks, today announced a new strategic partnership with Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. The partnership combines the strengths of two industry leaders to deliver vastly improved security solutions to customers worldwide.

Volkswagen Group Selects Mirantis OpenStack Software for Its Next-Generation Cloud

Grazed from Mirantis

Mirantis, the pure-play OpenStack company, today announced that Volkswagen Group has chosen OpenStack as its global standard for next-generation private cloud, aiming to drive innovation across business and consumer applications. The open source cloud platform is projected to cut IT costs through joint standardization. It will support internal and consumer-facing applications and will connect people across Volkswagen, its dealers and suppliers. The joint project focuses on adding critical enterprise features to OpenStack to ensure that applications can be managed with high performance, enabling full control of data center infrastructure. The system will be fully optimized for Intel platform capabilities, making amazing experiences possible.

nGenx Powers Workforce Mobility With Cloud Enablement of Microsoft Office 2016

Grazed from nGenx

nGenx, a cloud services pioneer in the delivery of hosted workspaces, including applications, data, and desktops, today announced inclusion of the world's most popular office productivity suite, Microsoft Office 2016, in the nGenx Cloud Application Catalog. With the new addition, nFinity nWorkspace customers have cloud access to this and other business critical applications on a wide range of computing devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

According to Market Research, an independent research organization, "The cloud office and collaboration productivity applications market is anticipated to reach $21.6 billion by 2018. The market growth comes as enterprises select this more affordable option to get productivity tools to users as opposed to server licensing of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Exchange. Cloud delivery of systems in a shared workload environment is part of the cloud computing business model."

The myth behind cloud autoscaling for ecommerce sites

Grazed from eConsultancy. Author: Mike Bainbridge.

Infrastructure hosting as we once knew it, has been reduced to a commodity purchase. If you want to host a website or online application, it has never been easier. Building a highly scalable, fully redundant environment can be done in minutes, using either a browser or one of hundreds of automation tools.

While infrastructure is boring, it is still an essential foundation of any platform. For online retailers, things have never been better. Ecommerce sites can take full advantage of a wide range of technology solutions. The nirvana of website hosting is an achievable reality. At the heart of it is automated scaling. A drop in website performance is detected (usually due to an increase in traffic) and more cloud instances are deployed...

Google previews next wave of cloud computing

Grazed from TechInquirer. Author: Marlet D. Salazar.

Google’s announcement of partnerships with companies like Coca Cola, Spotify and Disney Interactive at the GCPNext 2016 held recently sends the message that it’s taking cloud computing and its enterprise business seriously. While others see the announcement of Google Cloud Platform’s (GCP) new products and partnerships as “third-wheeling” with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure, Google made it clear that enterprise companies would have the privilege of using the infrastructure that powered it.

“We are in the beginning of what’s possible with the cloud,” said Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google. “It feels like the special time of the confluence of the right people, the right technology and the right time.” Pichai added: “In the future, almost anything would be done on the cloud because it’s simply a better way to do computing.”...

How Intel’s acquisition of Altera could transform IoT and the data centre

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: Editorial Staff.

After a relatively quiet transaction that began on June 1 2015, in December Intel officially acquired the Altera Corporation and reformed it as an internal department dubbed “Intel Programmable Solutions Group.” This acquisition represents a crucial step in the industry-wide transition towards data centre architectures that allow faster processing and lower latency.

Altera’s Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) provide a critical building block in the link between data intake and the rapid, efficient processing demanded by virtualisation, analytics, Internet of Things (IoT) sensor arrays and other computing-intensive use cases. Bringing on the Altera team internally means that Intel can now develop sophisticated processing architectures and ICs that embed FPGA capability within to unlock powerful parallel processing capabilities...

Newest OpenStack Release Reflects Project Maturity, Elevates User Experience

Grazed from Mitaka

The OpenStack community today released Mitaka, the 13th version of the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds, with a focus on manageability, scalability and end-user experience. OpenStack has become the cloud platform of choice for enterprises and service providers, bridging cloud-native software development with the optimization of enterprise applications. It is an integration engine that can manage bare metal, virtual machines, and container orchestration frameworks with a single set of APIs.

OpenStack’s Mitaka release was designed and built by an international community of 2,336 developers, operators and users from 293 organizations. As OpenStack approaches the sixth anniversary of its launch, the project is widely acknowledged as having achieved a mature and stable core; therefore, recent development efforts by the OpenStack community have been focused largely on making the software easier to deploy, manage and scale.

Rackspace Simplifies Cloud Adoption for Companies by Delivering Managed Private Cloud Everywhere

Grazed from Rackspace

Rackspace today announced companies can run a fully-managed private cloud in any data center around the world without bearing the high cost, risk and operational burden of doing it themselves. By delivering OpenStack everywhere, the new integrated software, hardware and services solution can answer CIO demand for managed services for private cloud on their own terms -- meeting customers at every step of their cloud journey whether it is in a customer or third party data center, a Rackspace-supported third party colocation facility or a Rackspace data center.

Companies are on a transformational journey inside and outside their data centers -- adopting a hybrid approach to public and private cloud to deliver improved customer experiences, increase reliability and reduce infrastructure and operational costs. OpenStack has fast become a dominant platform for private cloud, but the complexity and cost of hiring talent to deploy and operate it themselves has enterprises wanting to consume OpenStack as a managed service.

Velocity Helps Transform Innocor IT Ecosystem With Zoom Analytics, Hybrid Cloud, Unique Cloud Application Management Platfom

Grazed from Velocity Technology Solutions

Velocity Technology Solutions, a global leader in enterprise application cloud managed services, announced that it will provide Innocor Inc. with hybrid cloud services for its information technology (IT) footprint across manufacturing and distribution centers throughout the U.S. Innocor, a manufacturer of innovative sleep products, will also employ sophisticated analytics and wide application management capabilities provided by the Velocity Cloud Application Management Platform™ (VCAMP™) to realize greater operational efficiencies and product fulfillment. 

CliQr Named SIIA Business Technology CODiE Award Finalist for Best Cloud Management Solution

Grazed from CliQr

CliQr, the leading enterprise cloud management platform provider, today announces that CliQr CloudCenter is a finalist for the 2016 SIIA CODiE Awards in the Best Cloud Management category. Finalists represent the information industry's best products, technologies and services in the software, content and business technology.

The SIIA CODiE Awards are the premier awards for the software and information industries and have been recognizing product excellence for over 30 years. The awards offer 91 categories that are organized by industry focus of education technology and business technology. CliQr CloudCenter is honored as one of 215 finalists across the 62 business technology categories.

Cloud Computing: Rackspace Looks to Boost OpenStack Adoption

Grazed from EnterpriseTech.  Author: George Leopold.

OpenStack pioneer Rackspace has moved to boost enterprise adoption of the cloud operating system with this week's release of a managed private cloud service that can be installed in a variety of datacenter settings.  Also this week, the cloud provider along with OpenStack developers announced new servers, server specifications and the latest release of OpenStack deployment software.
Rackspace (NYSE: RAX) said Thursday (April 7) the managed private cloud service integrates software, hardware and services for private clouds hosted in a customer's datacenter, a third-party facility or a Rackspace datacenter. The managed service also includes computing, networking and storage...

Cloud Computing: Repealing Moore's Law

Grazed from Business Standard.  Author: Editorial Staff.

 Every segment of computing is likely to see a tectonic shift over the next few years. The International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors, an advisory issued by experts from the global semiconductor industry, makes it clear that computer design and architecture must seek new paths. Processing power will not increase at the same exponential pace any more. Moore's Law - the paradigm which underpinned research and development (R&D) for the last 50 years - is finally hitting physical limits.

In 1965, Gordon Moore, then Director of Research at Fairchild Semiconductors, observed that the numbers of transistors on integrated circuits doubled every year. This implied that processing power (the number of calculations per second) would also roughly double every year. He thought this rate of doubling would continue for a decade. Mr Moore proceeded to co-found chipmaker, Intel, in 1968. In 1975, Mr Moore "downgraded" projections, estimating that doubling would occur every two years...

Workflow of the future: Time for distributors to move to Cloud ERP

Grazed from MIS-Asia.  Author: Zakir Ahmed.

Distribution companies have no easy task when it comes to maintaining their daily operations. The need to control manufacturing and inventories, coupled with the requirement to track a huge range of products over widely dispersed distribution networks make it one massively complex operation to handle.  Many distributors are still relying on aging, on-premise systems to operate their businesses and supply chains.

Not only does this add the burden of cost and complexity to their day-to-day operations, but it also results in slower employee productivity and eventually dampens business sustainability in the long run.  With customers' demands growing more personalised and diverse in today's burgeoning e-commerce landscape, there is a critical need for companies to deliver everything 'real-time'. Businesses are forced to think on their feet in order to stay above their growing number of competitors...