March 2016

Server General to Offer Data Encryption Service to CenturyLink Customers Through Its Cloud Marketplace

Grazed from Server General

Server General​ , the leading provider of data-­at­-rest encryption service, announced that it has joined the CenturyLink Cloud Provider Program. Customers who store their sensitive information in a database or file server hosted within CenturyLink's cloud will now be able to encrypt it quickly from within their management console. The service helps to address compliance and data breach challenges.

"We are taking the pain out of encrypting data," said Raj Sharma, Founder of Server General. "30 minutes --­ that's all it takes for a customer to go from placing an order to getting their data encrypted." Customers have the option of storing their encryption keys within a global and fully managed cloud key locker or in a secure appliance deployed within their own network.