December 2015

6WIND Partners with Canonical to Accelerate Ubuntu Cloud Networking

Grazed from 6WIND and Canonical Announcement.

6WIND, a high-performance networking software company, today announced it will work with Canonical to help customers accelerate cloud networking on Ubuntu. 6WIND Virtual Accelerator has been validated on Canonical's Ubuntu platform and both companies are working together to integrate 6WIND Virtual Accelerator with Canonical's Juju. Juju is a service orchestration tool that enables Ubuntu users to quickly model, configure, deploy and manage entire cloud environments with only a few commands. Customers can leverage Juju to deploy hundreds of pre-configured services, OpenStack or their own code to any public or private cloud.

6WIND Virtual Accelerator is a software package that deploys transparently within Linux's KVM hypervisor domain on x86 servers to accelerate virtual infrastructure so that Virtual Machine (VM) based application performance approaches bare metal while remaining hardware independent. Virtual Accelerator removes performance bottlenecks in the virtual networking infrastructure with support for Open vSwitch, Linux bridge, multi-tenancy, security, filtering and guest processing offloads. It reduces CPU resources necessary for packet processing in the hypervisor so that more cores are available for applications.

Zenoss Announces Call for Speakers at GalaxZ 16

Grazed from Zenoss Announcement.

Zenoss, Inc., the leader in unified IT monitoring and analytics software, today announced its “Call for Speakers” for GalaxZ 16, the company’s annual user conference. The event will be held May 10-12, 2016 at the JW Marriott in Austin, Texas and is expected to attract hundreds of attendees.'

GalaxZ 16 is looking for IT professionals to present challenges, strategies and success stories in how-to and case study sessions. Conference sessions will cover topics and specialties spanning all facets of innovative and advanced approaches to infrastructure monitoring and analytics.

iland introduces Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service with Veeam Cloud Connect

Grazed from iland and Veeam Announcement.

iland, an award winning enterprise cloud hosting provider and noted leader in Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) by Forrester Research, today announced a new fast path from cloud-based backups to full DRaaS using Veeam Cloud Connect technology.

The eagerly anticipated December release of Veeam Availability Suite v9 provides Veeam customers the ability to easily configure, test, and fail over to one of iland’s eight cloud locations aroud the world.

Dimension Data Selects Blue Coat to Provide Global Managed Cloud Security Service Worldwide

Grazed from Dimension Data and Blue Coat Announcement.

Blue Coat Systems, Inc., a market leader in enterprise security, today announced it has signed a worldwide agreement with Dimension Data to deliver its global managed cloud web security service. Dimension Data plans to roll out this new offering worldwide beginning in the first quarter of 2016.

Combining Blue Coat's award-winning Cloud Generation Web Gateway with Dimension Data's global managed security services portfolio provides customers with real-time threat protection -- all without the need for on-site equipment. This new offering also helps organizations deploy new secure, cost-effective cloud service and web applications. In addition, customers are able to enforce consistent global security policies across wired, roaming, and mobile environments.

Talligent provides key insights in cloud capacity, utilization, and costs across OpenStack and VMware clouds

Grazed from Talligent Announcement.

Talligent, the leading provider of cost and capacity management solutions for OpenStack and hybrid clouds, today announced the general availability of Openbook v3 and is scheduling demos and evaluations of its new functionality.  Openbook is cloud management software that simplifies the tasks of planning, charging, and predicting capacity requirements for cloud services.  Talligent gives the administrator and tenant real-time visibility of resources and accrued costs, as well as the ability to scale up or down according to budget and resource requirements.

Enterprise adoption of OpenStack is growing quickly, driven by the interest in providing on-demand cloud services behind the firewall.  Private cloud deployments increase the agility of IT departments to respond to infrastructure requests, increase control of company digital assets, and reduce the need for shadow IT services from public cloud providers.  In response to this increase in market demand, Talligent has added functionality to support private cloud use cases such as chargeback, utilization tracking for sprawl control, single pane of glass view of hybrid clouds, and capacity reporting to improve resource and budget planning of cloud growth.

Cisco Extends SDN Leadership With New ACI Capabilities

Grazed from Cisco Announcement.
Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) today announced a new software release for its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) to enhance its comprehensive SDN portfolio built on open APIs, open standards and a broad ecosystem for customer choice and flexibility. New software capabilities enhance ACI with microsegmentation for both physical (bare metal) applications and multivendor virtualized applications (VMware VDS, Microsoft Hyper-V) and extend ACI across multi-site environments to deliver policy-driven automation across multiple data centers.

Cisco also added integration of Docker containers through contributions to open source, offering customers a consistent policy model and greater deployment flexibility using the Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC).

ManagedMethods Announces Cloud Access Monitor

Grazed from ManagedMethods Announcement.

ManagedMethods, a new contender in the cloud access security space, today announced its latest release of Cloud Access Monitor, a software solution that gives companies visibility into the usage and potential risk associated with using both sanctioned and unsanctioned cloud applications. The software's flexible architecture allows for deployment on premises, in the Cloud or a hybrid of both.

More than 80 percent of employees admit to using non-approved SaaS applications in their jobs according to Frost and Sullivan. A 2015 report from the Cloud Security Alliance found only eight-percent of companies know the scope of Shadow IT at their organizations and an overwhelming 72-percent of companies surveyed said they did not know the scope of Shadow IT but want to.

ThreatSTOP Joins Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

Grazed from ThreatSTOP and Microsoft.

ThreatSTOP, the company that makes threat intelligence actionable in real time, today announced it has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance to deliver its cloud-based, automated threat protection service to enterprise customers using Microsoft Azure. This collaboration highlights ThreatSTOP's commitment to better protect customers' data both on-premises and in the cloud, enabling businesses to take advantage of Azure flexibility, scale and innovation.

ThreatSTOP delivers a highly scalable defense against advanced cyberattacks by using the power of DNS to better protect every device and workload across on-premises and cloud-based networks. More than 500 companies trust ThreatSTOP to protect their networks today. The ThreatSTOP service enables a physical or virtual firewall to deflect inbound attacks and enables both firewalls and DNS servers to help prevent infected hosts from communicating with threat actors trying to extract or alter data. The service is cloud-based, updates automatically and works with leading firewalls and DNS servers.

CloudLock and CDW Form Strategic Alliance With Cloud Cybersecurity and CASB Solutions

Grazed from CloudLock and CDW.

CloudLock, the leading provider of Cloud Access Security Brokerage (CASB) and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service solutions, today announced it signed a strategic alliance with CDW, a leading provider of integrated information technology solutions. CDW will join the CloudLock Partner Program as a Premier Reseller, offering the CloudLock cybersecurity fabric to CDW customers.

As the market for multi-cloud solutions continues to increase in adoption, the partnership bridges the gap for small and large organizations across industries ranging from government and education to healthcare. Based on analysis across 10 million users, 1 billion files and over 91,000 applications, CloudLock CyberLab found 1 percent of users are responsible for 75 percent of risk. With this partnership, their mutual customers can enable secure cloud adoption and data loss protection in a comprehensive solution by accessing CloudLock's real-time, cloud cybersecurity-as-a-service offering.

Email Privacy Act should protect cloud computing

Grazed from CloudPro. Author: Clare Hopping.

A number of technology companies, including Google, have come together at the hearing of the Email Privacy Act, which specifies US governmental bodies must obtain a warrant in order to gain access to customer emails. These technology companies argue that putting measures in place to prevent official bodies from gaining access to the content of emails is essential to benefit the future of cloud computing.

At present, under the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA), law enforcement agencies are able to obtain emails from a provider without getting a warrant, as long as the information has been stored for more than 180 days However, a court ruled in 2010 that in fact, this legislation violates the US's Fourth Amendment, which specifies a person has the right to "be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."...

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It's Time To Blow Away Cloud Jargon

Grazed from MinuteHack. Author: Daniel Keighron-Foster.

Technology is full of inaccessible jargon that sets business owners' heads scratching. The cloud is no different. It's time to put all that to bed as we outline five of the most common buzz phrases in cloud computing. Earlier in the year, an industry study revealed that more than half of all Americans believe storms affect cloud computing.

While that’s an amazing statistic, it’s also very telling – and perhaps a sign that we need to start talking about this huge technological movement in a way that’s straight-forward, tangible and accessible.The same article claimed that, while 54% own up to having never used the cloud, 95% of that same group use it regularly for their banking, shopping, social networking, storage and file sharing without even knowing it...

CIOs struggling to identify and implement cloud services

Grazed from CloudTech. Author: James Bourne.

Cloud computing is already cited by CIOs as one of the biggest contributors to IT complexity – now new research released by Trustmarque shows more than four in five CIOs struggle to identify and implement cloud services must suitable for their business. The complexity of existing IT infrastructure is a problem for moving to the cloud, according to two thirds (66%) of CIOs, while almost three quarters (74%) admitting interdependencies between different IT environments are another barrier for moving IT services to the cloud. (73%) see cloud services as making data governance more complicated.

A similar number (78%) say integrating different cloud services is a challenge, while two thirds (68%) say admit modernising or rearchitecting certain applications will slow their journey to the cloud, according to the research. It is not just integrating different cloud services which is an issue- the needs of employees also leaves CIOs with headaches...

Cloud computing on the rise in education sector

Grazed from CloudPro. Author: Clare Hopping.

A report by MarketsandMarkets has revealed the education-based cloud computing market is accelerating at an amazing pace, with researchers predicting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.8 per cent between 2015 and 2020. The research firm said the market will grow from $5.83bn in 2015 to $15.02bn by 2020, with the US continuing to demonstrate the biggest gains and Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America breaking out of the nascent stage.

"Cloud services in [the] education sector enable efficient management of business processes and effective knowledge delivery to students," MarketsandMarkets said. "This results in higher student engagement, better collaboration among stakeholders, and improved student performance."...

Steve Ballmer Calls BS On Microsoft Cloud Revenue Numbers, Says Universal Windows 10 Apps Won’t Work

Grazed from HotHardware. Author: Brandon Hill.

It’s been nearly two years since Satya Nadella swooped into replace longtime Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. Ballmer later resigned from Microsoft’s Board of Directors in August 2014 and has kept a relatively low [tech] profile since then. His most recent commentary about his former company was rather flattering, with Ballmer commenting in October, "Nobody else is really trying to compete with [Apple] anymore, really, seriously, in hardware. If there's going to be any competition for Apple, it'll come from Microsoft - and I believe that."

This week, Ballmer once again had some words to say about Microsoft, and this time he wasn’t so kind. At Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting held yesterday, Ballmer, Microsoft’s largest shareholder, took issue with Microsoft’s failure to disclose its profit margins and sales figures for its cloud services and hardware business...

Cloud Computing: Microsoft’s Skype Translator takes inspiration from Star Wars’ C-3PO

Grazed from WinBeta. Author: Kareem Anderson.

In a recent interview, Microsoft’s group engineer Fil Alleva opened up about Skype Translator’s connection to the popular Star Wars characters, C-3P0 as well the long path it took them to grasp universal translation. While many may argue that Star Trek explored universal translation in a much more thought-out implementation, Alleva admits that it was C-3PO’s ability to understand and speak (presumably) millions of languages that he held in the back of his mind as the inspiration.

What we all had in the back of our minds, whether we say it or not, was C-3PO. Like the upcoming seventh Star Wars film, the Skype Translator team is leaning heavily on 30 plus years of ground work. Microsoft’s specific involvements can be traced back to the company’s executive vice president of technology and research Xuedong Huang’s early speech initiatives in 1993...

Cloud Computing: Get the Helion out of there, now!

Grazed from IT KnowledgExchange.  Author:  Joel Shore.

Not even two years. HP’s Helion public cloud service, launched on May 6, 2014. It’s being euthanized on Jan. 31, 2016. If your organization has workload and data assets in the HP cloud, they must be moved elsewhere by that cutoff date.
Not even one year. In reality, HP pretty much threw in the towel after less than a year. Just 11 months after its launch, in an April 7, 2015 New York Times story, Bill Hilf, HP’s senior vice president of cloud products and services sounded the death knell: “We thought people would rent or buy computing from us. It turns out that it makes no sense for us to go head-to-head.” That’s head to head with the big three, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud...

Meet the Powerful Server-monitoring Tool - SysKit 2016

Grazed from Acceleratio Announcement.

Acceleratio Ltd., an innovative software development company, released an ultimate system admin toolkit - SysKit 2016. It's one of the biggest ever Acceleratio releases, because the company decided to bring all of its great server monitoring products and their features together into one tool - SysKit.

SysKit allows monitoring of Windows-based infrastructure, including Windows Servers, Remote Desktop Services, Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop servers, RD Gateway, workstations, etc. It enables administrators track users' logon activities, monitor actions done on files, get information about blocked IPs and network traffic, track important hardware and software assets, and much, much more.

ByteGrid Rolls Out Comprehensive Compliance-as-a-Service

Grazed from ByteGrid Announcement.

ByteGrid Holdings LLC, a leading provider of highly compliant hosting solutions, today announced a new portfolio of compliant colocation, managed hosting, and cloud IT infrastructure services delivered from a national platform of data centers.

ByteGrid has expanded the availability of highly compliant Life and Health Science hosting platform to ByteGrid's Seattle, Chicago and Washington DC Metro data centers. These ByteGrid locations have been formally qualified to offer the highest levels of technology, security and compliance of any national IT infrastructure services provider.

NAKIVO Launches High Performance VM Backup Appliance Software for Synology NAS

Grazed from NAKIVO Inc. Announcement.

NAKIVO Inc., the fastest-growing virtualization and cloud backup software company for VMware environments, has announced today that it has released NAKIVO Backup & Replication v5.9. The new version can be installed directly on Intel-based Synology RackStation and DiskStation NAS devices, thus creating high-performance VM backup appliances. In addition to backing up VMware environments onsite and offsite, NAKIVO Backup & Replication can also back up VMs to Amazon cloud for further protection.

With NAKIVO Backup & Replication installed on a Synology NAS all VM data protection components are unified in a single system that is fast to deploy and easy to manage, while also not consuming the valuable resources of a VMware environment. The appliance combines backup hardware, backup software, backup storage, and data deduplication in a single device. This results in a smaller VMware footprint, less power and cooling, less maintenance, time, money, and most of all higher VM backup performance.

DH2i Unveils New Sandbox Lab For The Rapid Proof Of Concept (POC) Testing Of Container Management Software For Microsoft Windows

Grazed from DH2i Announcement.

DH2i Company, recently named a Cool Vendor by Gartner in the "Cool Vendors in Servers and Virtualization, 2015" report, recently announced the general availability of its new Sandbox Lab. Designed to provide simple access to evaluateDxEnterprise container management software for Windows applications and workloads, the new lab streamlines proof of concept (POC) testing. It gives IT teams unfettered access to a live customizable testing environment, eliminating the need to build and/or maintain their own on-premises POC infrastructure.

"The DH2i Sandbox Lab is an ideal way to accurately evaluate the value of container management technology for Windows Server environments, such as SQL Server workloads," said Edwin Sarmiento, Microsoft SQL Server MVP and MCM. "Using the lab, enterprises can quickly determine how container management software will meet their requirements in areas such as minimizing datacenter complexity, Windows Server OS sprawl, and licensing costs."