September 2013

Ex-NASA CTO on cloud computing, zero-gravity and Glass-like tech in 2006

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Derrick Harris.

No offense to the others — they’ve been great — but this week’s Structure Show podcast might be favorite one yet. Barb Darrow and I spoke with computer wunderkind Chris Kemp, who’s currently co-founder and CEO of cloud computing startup Nebula, about his time as CIO and CTO at NASA, and the crazy things he saw and did there. Oh, and he has some thoughts on OpenStack — which his team at NASA helped create — as well.  Here are some highlights. But if you’re into cloud computing or even space exploration, you really should listen to the whole thing. Seriously.

On the complexity of walking into NASA, as a twenty-something, having worked primarily with normal IT systems: “Literally every technology that has ever been sold has been bought by NASA, and NASA has invented a lot of technology that has never been sold. So it’s really difficult to communicate just how diverse and federated and interesting the infrastructure is at NASA.”...

Awesome Cloud Services Announces Infographic Illustrating Cloud Computing Industry Growth

Grazed from PRWeb.   Author: PR Announcement.

Awesome Cloud Services, the company that delivers hosted IT infrastructure solutions enabling channel partners to offer cloud services to their clients, created an infographic illustrating the future growth of cloud computing. The infographic also showcases the opportunity for technology providers to generate new revenue by providing cloud services to their clients as part of the Awesome Cloud Services partnership program.

The infographic is interesting in that it not only outlines the growth rate of cloud services by segment but also predicts growth. For example, by 2014, 60% of server workload will be virtualized meaning more businesses will be utilizing cloud services. Of all the cloud computing revenues, about 50% comes from the US and currently, 40% of the customer relationship management (CRM) systems sold globally are cloud-based...

Centrify looks to Paradyne for Cloud expertise

Grazed from ARN.  Author: Nermin Bajric.

Unified identity services provider, Centrify, has boosted its product suite by signing its first specialist Cloud computing partner, Paradyne.  The partnership, which will be formally launched at Microsoft’s TechEd conference later this week, will see Paradyne’s Cloud expertise applied to Centrify’s portfolio.

Earlier this year, Centrify extend its product set from the datacentre to the Cloud through Centrify for Mobile 2013 and Centrify for SaaS 2013.  The integrated capabilities are designed to deliver secure, enterprise-class mobility with integrated application single sign-on (SSO) for security and productivity...

Cloud Computing: Is a Buy at All-Time Highs?

Grazed from Wall Street Cheat Sheet.  Author: Victor Mora.

With shares of (NYSE:CRM) trading around $49, is CRM an OUTPERFORM, WAIT AND SEE or STAY AWAY? Let’s analyze the stock with the relevant sections of our CHEAT SHEET investing framework:

T = Trends for a Stock’s Movement

Salesforce is a provider of enterprise cloud computing and social enterprise solutions. The company provides a customer and collaboration relationship management applications through the Internet or cloud. Salesforce delivers its service through Internet browsers and mobile devices and markets its social enterprise applications and platforms to businesses on a subscription basis. Cloud computing — the use of Internet-based computing, storage, and connectivity technology to deliver a variety of different services — has generated a lot of buzz in recent years...

Adobe Launches Single App Team Plan For Creative Cloud

Grazed from BizTech2.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Adobe announced a new version of Adobe Creative Cloud that enables creative teams to purchase membership of a single desktop application like Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, InDesign CC or any other of the entire collection of CC desktop applications. With this new move, Adobe now offers two team plans for Creative Cloud: the complete option that delivers 14 Adobe desktop applications and sophisticated, cross-device collaboration and publishing capabilities; or the new single app plan that includes access to one desktop application along with 20GB of storage and the ability to showcase work on Behance, the world’s leading creative community.
Both plans for Creative Cloud for teams radically simplify license management and deployment for IT departments. An intuitive, easy-to-use web portal, the Admin Console, lets administrators centrally purchase, deploy and manage all seats across an organisation – whether single app or complete – under one membership agreement...

Cloud Computing: Legal disputes over data theft soar to record high, report claims

Grazed from ComputerWorld UK.  Author: Matthew Finnegan.

The number of High Court legal disputes over the theft of data from businesses has reached a record high, according to a report, with the popularity of cloud storage services making it easier for confidential data to be taken.  The number of legal disputes taken to the High Court grew by 58 percent last year, according to commercial law firm EMW, with 167 cases during 2012, up from 106 in 2011 and 45 in 2010.

The majority of these cases are said to have been businesses launching civil claims against former employees, aiming to prevent them from using confidential data taken from company databases.  Mark Finn, principal at EMW, believes that part of the reason for the increase in businesses taking action against employees is that it is has become even easier for staff to move information outside the business, thanks to the popularity of cloud storage systems such as DropBox...

Cloud Computing: Speculation Swirls Around Windows 9 and 10

Grazed from Sci-Tech Today.  Author: Seth Fitzgerald.

Even though Windows 8.1 has yet to be released, rumors regarding Microsoft's coming Windows 9 and 10 are already emerging. A Russian forum user named WZOR provided speculative reports as to what Windows 9 and 10 will be like, as well as how they will differ from the current version of Windows.

Virtually everything that WZOR talked about cannot be proven, but according to numerous articles regarding the information, WZOR has been behind countless other Microsoft leaks. With an impressive track record, it makes sense that many journalists are paying attention to what WZOR has to say about the coming Windows operating systems...

Taking supercomputers to the cloud

Grazed from FierceEnterpriseCommunications: Author: David Weldon.

With virtually every type of computing service going to the cloud, it is only logical that supercomputing should as well.  The concept was recently explored in an article entitled "Meeting Demand" in Scientific Computing World, and it makes great sense for two important reasons: cost and accessibility.

There is no secret to the fact that there is a supercomputer arms race going on. Every month we read about the latest and greatest supercomputer going online somewhere around the world, and where the new machine falls on the Top500 list (the list of the world's top supercomputers, which is updated twice annually)...

Cloud Computing 101: Private Cloud vs. Public Cloud

Grazed from Servora.  Author: Editorial Staff.

In order to save on the cost of IT maintenance and installation, many companies have chosen to use cloud computing. Cloud computing has allowed companies to experience the benefits of Software-as-a-Service, strengthening their businesses and make them more efficient all around without the capital expense. But how do you know if you should engage in a private or public cloud?

In order to understand the question being asked, let us first define cloud computing. Cloud computing is essentially SaaS by internet with faster setup and scalability. Once the cloud is set up, these programs, applications and processes are accessed via the internet. The cloud is maintained by the cloud vendor and is paid per use by the company...

Cloud Adoption Limited but Poised to Grow: Gartner

Grazed from eWeek.  Author: Nathan Eddy.

Just 38 percent of all organizations indicate cloud services use today, according to a survey of 651 organizations across nine countries from IT research firm Gartner. However, 80 percent of organizations said that they intend to use cloud services in some form within 12 months, including 55 percent of the organizations not doing so today.

The results revealed that although the use of cloud services is growing faster than the overall enterprise IT market, it is still a small part of overall IT spending. The objective of the survey was to better understand how organizations are shifting from the use of traditional technology products to new technology delivered as cloud services and to understand end-user organizations' use of external service providers for IT services, Gartner explained...

Fukushima sends Japanese IT to the cloud

Grazed from The Register. Author: Phil Muncaster.

Analysis The devastating triple whammy of earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdown which struck Japan in March 2011, has led many IT managers to rebuild their infrastructure with a key focus on disaster recovery and business continuity, according to experts.

It’s an effort which has had obvious knock-on benefits for cloud computing, virtualisation and mobile vendors touting their wares in the land of the rising sun but also teaches some important lessons about IT best practice. Now the dust has settled on one of the world’s worst disasters in recorded history, the short and longer term impact on IT operations becomes clear...

Ericsson Plans Three Centers For Cloud R&D And Interoperability Testing

Grazed from BizTech2. Author: Editorial Staff.

Ericsson is planning to set up three new ICT centers over the next five years, of which two will be located in Sweden and the third one in Canada. These centers will be another step in providing industry leading cloud-enabled technology.

The new centers will house the company’s complete portfolio, enabling the R&D organisation to develop and verify solutions, creating the foundation for the next generation technology and cloud-based services. The centers will be the new platform for more than 24,000 Ericsson R&D engineers around the world, supporting their lean and agile ways of working...

When it makes sense to become a cloud provider

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: David Linthicum.

These days, many enterprises have processes or data they want to share with the world -- and they want to do it with cloud computing. At least, that's what I find in my travels. The reasons vary, but some emerging patterns are pushing enterprises to become, in essence, small public cloud providers. The patterns include:

  • The need to provide information to outside parties using well-defined and secure interfaces. For example, the company wants to allow its partners or customers to see the status of an inventory item, or perhaps the company wants to provide complex data analytics services.
  • The need to define access to core business processes to outside partners or customers. For example, a company might want the ability to expose small tactical processes, such as purchase and shipment of products, using cloud-delivered APIs...

Piston Named Best of VMworld 2013 Private Cloud Computing Award Finalist

Grazed from MarketWired. Author: PR Announcement.

Piston Cloud Computing, Inc., the enterprise OpenStack? company, today announced that the editors of TechTarget's have selected Piston OpenStack? as a Best of VMworld 2013 award finalist in the Private Cloud Computing Technology category.

A team of independent judges comprising experts and editors from reviewed and evaluated over 200 products submitted for the awards. Products were judged according to innovation, value, performance, reliability, and ease of use...

GreenBytes Receives Best of VMworld 2013 Finalist Award in Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing Category

Grazed from MarketWired. Author: PR Announcement.

GreenBytes(R), Inc., a developer of full-featured desktop virtualization storage optimization software, today announced it was named a Best of VMworld 2013 finalist award winner in the Desktop Virtualization and End-User Computing category. The GreenBytes IO Offload Engine was honored for its unique approach to overcoming storage-related desktop virtualization hurdles, enabling orders-of-magnitude increases in performance and data storage savings.

An independent team of experts and editors from TechTarget's selected GreenBytes' IO Offload Engine from more than 200 nominees in nine categories. The annual Best of VMworld awards showcases the top technologies of the year, which are judged according to innovation, value, performance, reliability, and ease of use...

Seven ways you’re using Cloud and don’t even know it

Grazed from BizJournals. Author: Carole Hawkins.

What is Cloud, and why should my company care? When our publisher, David Sillick, asked that question at a Business Journal breakfast two weeks ago, a panel of four Cloud computing executives went silent for a moment with that deer-in-the-headlights look. The question made sense, but the answer was complicated.

It’s like a businessman asking a computer engineer in the 1980s, what’s a personal computer and why should I care? Or, in the 1990s asking, what is the Internet and why should I care? Cloud is the next fuzzy new IT thing we all sense is hugely important, but don’t completely understand...

Cloud Computing: Domo's Mobile App Is Winning Rave Reviews From Customers Across All Industries

Grazed from MarketWired. Author: PR Announcement.

Domo, a new software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that is redefining the business intelligence (BI) market, is making waves with executives across all industries for its mobile app. Available via the iTunes Store, Domo's mobile app works the way its customers do.

Josh James, Domo founder and CEO, says, "Users have been conditioned to believe that mobile applications are less functional than desktop apps. At Domo, we believe that mobile should outperform what the desktop experience delivers. From the beginning, we've focused on completely resetting expectations. In addition to making our mobile app on par with our desktop application, we're adding new capabilities that deliver a surprisingly more insightful, intuitive and user-friendly experience."...

CloudBeat 2013 Conference to Highlight the Open Cloud

Grazed from OStatic. Author: Sam Dean.

The folks over at VentureBeat appear to have one of the best cloud computing events of the year coming up in San Francisco this month. The CloudBeat 2013 conference includes many speakers and participants from the various open source cloud computing platforms, as well as movers and shakers behind proprietary cloud platforms from companies like Salesforce and Netflix. The conference takes place Sept 9 to Sept. 10, and here is what you can expect.

The list of speakers for CloudBeat 2013 looks excellent. It includes George Hu from Salesforce and Paul Maritz, former CEO of VMware and now CEO at Pivotal. Saran Mandair is going to discuss PayPal's cloud computing initiatives, which focus on OpenStack. There are also representatives from TopCoder and Elance, both firms that offer outsourced tech employment, including cloud services...

Cloud Computing: Will VMware, Cisco Collide On Virtual Networks?

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Charles Babcock.

With the launch of its NSX platform Aug. 26, VMware has added virtualization to the list of things its willing to do in the data center. It's also set a course that appears to intersect that of a venerated partner, Cisco.  If there's a collision, it's going to be hard to classify it as an accident.

VMware knows virtualization and understands very well the new control point that's emerged at the virtualization management console. If there's a software-defined data center someday, VMware will be deeply entrenched in the heart of it. Cisco knows networking, and counts many VMware users among its primary customers...

CloudBerry AD Bridge is first to connect Amazon S3 with Active Directory

Grazed from CloudBerry Labs. Author: PR Announcement.

CloudBerry Lab, a cloud data management solutions vendor for Amazon S3, Windows Azure and Rackspace Cloud Files, announces a release of CloudBerry AD Bridge, a solution to connect Amazon S3 account with Active Directory service in Windows domain networks.

CloudBerry AD Bridge was developed to simplify cloud storage deployment in corporate networks. By installing and configuring AD Bridge on one workstation or server in a domain network, system administrators can automatically provide AD users with a restricted access to a certain folder in Amazon S3 account such providing users with native access to AWS resources. CloudBerry AD Bridge hides the complexity of the configuration process allowing to deploy cloud storage as simply as Network Attached Storage (NAS)...