August 2013

Cloud Computing IaaS Pricing Cut by 50 Percent; New Price Performance Leader Emerges

Grazed from ProfitBricks.  Author: PR Announcement

ProfitBricks, the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) company that completely reengineered the delivery of cloud computing, today announced that it will cut its prices in half, making it the price/performance leader among IaaS vendors. With this price drop ProfitBricks’ instance prices are now roughly 50 percent lower than the other major cloud computing providers.

The new pricing model, outlined in detail on ProfitBricks' website and also detailed in a white paper titled "The Secret World of IaaS Pricing: How to compare apples and oranges among cloud providers," sets cloud pricing on the path for full adoption by the enterprise.

Cloud recovery challenges

Grazed from ITWeb. Author: Martin May.

Data backup, storage and recovery processes are fundamental services in almost every business. Recent changes in the IT environment, notably the arrival of cloud computing technologies, are responsible for significant advances in traditional data management patterns. Representing one of the most important shifts in computing today, cloud technologies provide greater levels of provisioning and automation, while helping organisations become more flexible and responsive to change.

The cloud has also made a significant impact on companies’ ability to better allocate their computing resources in order to improve application performances, boost efficiencies and reduce operating costs. Companies are under increasing pressure to ensure data backups are performed efficiently and sensitive business data is held in a secure storage repository. Recovery has to be effected faultlessly and reliably against elevated benchmarks for speed, accuracy and completeness...

Cloud contracts poor on security, says Gartner

Grazed from ComputerWeekly. Author: Warwick Ashford.

Buyers of commercial cloud services – especially software as a service (SaaS) – are finding security provisions inadequate, according to a report by research firm Gartner. Contracts need more transparency to improve risk management, analysts said, with SaaS contracts often have ambiguous terms regarding data confidentiality, data integrity and recovery after a data breach.

This leads to dissatisfaction among cloud services users and makes it difficult for service providers to manage risk and defend their risk position to auditors and regulators. Up to 80% of IT procurement professionals will remain dissatisfied with SaaS contract language and protections that relate to security for at least the next two years, Gartner predicts. “We continue to see frustration among cloud services users over the form and degree of transparency they obtain from prospective and current service providers,” said Alexa Bona, vice-president at Gartner...

Rackspace Unveils Windows Server 2012 Cloud Migration Tool

Grazed from The Vary Guy. Author: Christopher Tozzi.

Moving is never fun. That's true whether the move is between houses, offices or Microsoft (MSFT) Windows Server platforms. But for enterprises migrating from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012, Rackspace (RAX) hopes to make life a little easier with a "Cloud Assessment" tool it unveiled this week to help analyze and plan cloud computing needs on Server 2012.

With the latest service pack for Server 2003 now more than 6 years old, and with Server 2012 having been on the market for more than a year, it's making less and less sense to continue running Web and cloud applications on a server platform more than a decade old. Enough cloud users are apparently still doing so, however, that Rackspace thinks pushing them toward an upgrade to Server 2012 is worthwhile...

How the cloud is going to reinvent ERP - and how long it will take

Grazed from ZDNet. Author: Colin Barker.

Over the past 30 years, enterprise resource planning (ERP) has become the mainstay application of most companies. These systems sit on mainframes or servers, fussed over by a select bunch of IT people, cosseted and quietly churning through the vital work of keeping the company going. Whether it is supplying all the right information on a just-in-time basis, keeping close control of inventory or just printing out employee time-sheets, the ERP system will be the ultimate controlling mechanism.

The software used always needs to be state of the art and is often so expensive that it can turn CEO’s hair white overnight if it has so much as a glitch: in short, ERP is both mundane and absolutely crucial to any production company's success...

Cloud Computing: Kaspersky to end hosted services this month

Grazed from SCMagazine. Author: Dan Raywood.

Kaspersky has confirmed that it will commence winding down its hosted security service this month. In an email to SC Magazine, Kaspersky confirmed its announcement from August 2012 that it was ceasing to sell Kaspersky Hosted Security (KHS), but that all existing customers would be fully supported through to August 2013.

Now it is passing users to partner Spamina after ‘an exhaustive study of the SaaS market'. “Spamina has proven to be extremely successful at providing their customers with industry-leading hosted email and web security services,” it said. “Having integrated Kaspersky Lab's industry leading engine as a substantial component of our malware detection system, we ensure customers have the same high level of protection they've become accustomed to with KHS...

Security fears cited by 78pc of IT managers as barrier to cloud computing

Grazed from SiliconRepublic. Author: Editorial Staff.

More than three-quarters of IT managers felt that a lack of trust in security was the biggest barrier to adoption of cloud computing technologies in their organisations. The study by IT security service provider SecureData highlighted that although cloud offers many benefits to IT departments there are still huge concerns over how to securely migrate to online services. As a result, over half (59pc) of IT managers thought having a fully outsourced managed security service offering was of importance in order to safely support the roll out and management of cloud technologies.

Furthermore, 67pc of IT managers thought that a Security as a Service (SaaS) provider should be held responsible for any security breaches, highlighting that SaaS providers have a significant responsibility to provide best of breed security...

5 Ways to Turn Your Cloud Computing Security Fears into Trust

Grazed from Business2Community. Author: Kamran Maqbool.

Cloud computing is becoming a successful option for a growing number of organisations, effectively freeing resources and promoting flexible collaboration. If you are considering the switch to cloud computing but are put off by concerns over security, there may be a way for you to gain assurance. Below we have created a list of the main issues posed by cloud computing, along with some suggestions of simple solutions. Where is Your Data? The thought of your data being stored in a different location to your base of operations is one of the biggest concerns for many potential clients.

What happens when your contract ends, or the provider goes into administration? The way around this is to get to know your provider and the data centres they use. This way you can be sure of the exact locations where your data will be stored, and what protocols are in place for worst-case scenarios. Create a Backup Even when you gain reassurance from a provider, you may still hear a worried voice in the back of your head. It is hard to give up control over information normally safeguarded by your business to a third party...

Tidemark raises $13 million for cloud-based analytics

Grazed from ChicagoTribune. Author: Editorial Staff.

Tidemark said Thursday it has raised $13 million in venture backing for its cloud-based analytics services, boosting the startup's efforts to challenge enterprise giants in a fast-growing sector of business technology. The investment round, which brings Tidemark's total funding to $48 million, was led by Tenaya Capital, with participation by existing investors Greylock Partners, Andreessen Horowitz and Redpoint Ventures.

The Redwood City, California-based company, whose competitors include Oracle Corp's Hyperion and SAP , allows businesses to analyze data on a cloud-based basis, using remote computers rather than a customer's own computing infrastructure...

Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Middleware Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019

Grazed from PR NewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Worldwide markets are poised to achieve significant growth as the SOA systems provide the base for cloud computing and support the use of smartphones for transactions and collaboration. SOA is useful for addressing the need for flexible systems, the need for adaptation to mobile handset presentation of information, and the need for marketing analytics.

SOA supports cloud computing solutions with a platform. IBM is the market leader, setting the defacto industry standard in SOA systems implementation. IBM WebSphere is the defacto SOA standard by virtue of providing a way to interconnect disparate siloed web applications within a large data center...

HP Offers OpenStack-Based Cloud OS, New Cloud Services

Grazed from CIO-Today. Author: Editorial Staff.

It's getting cloudier over at Hewlett-Packard. On Wednesday, HP announced new additions to its Converged Cloud portfolio that deepen its position in the OpenStack camp and position the company as a facilitator for hybrid clouds in the enterprise.

HP's announcements focused on its next phase of OpenStack-based architecture for its private, managed and public cloud offerings, as well as new software and services for cloud implementations. In its announcements, HP noted research it had commissioned, which found that "it is expected to be a hybrid world," with 75 percent of enterprise IT to be "delivered across private, managed and public clouds" within three years...

The Canada Cloud Council and Boast Capital Announce The Cloud Factory with Focus on Women in Tech

Grazed from The Canadian Cloud Council. Author: PR Announcement.

The Canadian Cloud Council and Boast Capital have just announced a 2-day mega conference titled The Cloud Factory to be held from April 7 and 8, 2014 in the beautiful resort town of Banff. This enterprise focused conference will bring together senior executives, corporate M&A teams, venture capitalists, enterprise startups, industry disruptors, technology thought leaders and global media to discuss disruptive innovations in cloud computing, big data and enterprise technology.

Day 1 of the conference is specifically focused on Democratizing the Enterprise and Women in Technology. Featured tech women leaders include Linda Cureton, Former CIO of NASA; Theresa Payton, Former CIO of the US Federal Government; Paula Long, Founder and CEO of Data Gravity; Whitney Bouck, GM at Box; Cynthia Stoddard, CIO at NetApp; Perry Hewitt, Chief Digital Officer at Harvard University; Michelle Zatlyn, Cofounder of CloudFlare; Janet Wood, EVP at SAP; Shelley Kuipers, CEO of Chaordix; and Tori MacLean, Cofounder of BeauCoo...

The Cloud Factory - Banff, Alberta, April 7-8, 2014

Grazed from The Cloud Factory.  Author: Events Announcement.

PLANET EARTH’S PREMIERE ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE.   The Cloud Factory is a premiere enterprise technology conference to be held in the stunning resort town of Banff, Alberta, Canada on April 7 and 8, 2014. This conference will bring together senior enterprise executives, corporate M&A teams, venture capitalists, startups, industry disruptors, technology thought leaders and global media to discuss disruptive innovations in cloud computing, big data and enterprise technology.

Each day will focus on a distinct theme – Democratizing the Enterprise, and Growth Hacking the Enterprise – featuring keynote presentations, fireside chats, panel discussions, startup pitches, demo alleys and post-event excursions and activities. The conference will culminate in the first ever Canadian Cloud Awards dubbed as the Oscar’s of Cloud Computing...

SaaS gets sassy

Grazed from ITWire. Author: Graeme Philipson.

SaaS is an ‘industry darling’ with massive growth, but that growth needs to be properly managed. There are many challenges posed by the wholesale shift to mobile applications. US digital investment consultancy Siemer & Associates has published a report into the global SaaS (software as a service) market. The report focusses on opportunities and challenges for vendors and financiers, in keeping with Siemer’s client base, but it is also of relevance to the user community.

The report finds that the SaaS business model continues to be an ‘industry darling’ in recurring revenue, in the venture capital and private equity worlds, and on stock markets, but growth needs to be managed appropriately with the shift to mobile...

A Guide to Cloud Computing Terms

Grazed from Business Daily News. Author: Ryan Goodrich.

Cloud computing continues to change the way businesses work. It creates a new way to facilitate collaboration and information access across great geographic distances while reducing the overhead associated with maintaining what was once an expensive series of resources. As a result, software companies are more flexible and cost-effective and allow consumers to purchase only what they use rather than off the shelf as a large initial investment.

Despite how many companies regularly use cloud-based services, many individuals don’t fully grasp the terminology associated. The jargon that comes with the cloud is understandably confusing, so here’s a quick breakdown of common terms...

Accenture Outlines Cloud Strategy

Grazed from IT Business Edge. Author: Michael Vizard.

Rather than building its own cloud computing platforms, Accenture is maneuvering to position itself as a broker of cloud computing services that are delivered via multiple cloud service providers. The global IT services and business consulting giant today announced that an update to the Accenture Cloud Platform now includes cloud computing services delivered via a variety of third-party infrastructure-as-a-service providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Windows Azure, Verizon Terremark and NTT Communications.

In addition, Accenture announced an investment in Apigee, a provider of an application programming interface (API) management platform that is widely used to integrate applications across the cloud. According to Michael Liebow, managing director and global lead for Accenture Cloud Platform, the Accenture cloud strategy is anchored around the ability to provide a single pane of glass through which its customers will be able to manage multiple cloud computing services...

CIOs driving innovation - Moving manufacturing to the cloud

Grazed from Ferret. Author: Brent Balinski.

LAST year an interview with Autodesk's CEO in Tech Crunch magazine got a lot of attention from those who follow CAD news. "I'd say two to three years from now, every one of our products will be used online," Carl Bass said in April 2012. "The only way to use them will be online."

Whether or not he was speaking literally was argued on many a message board, and whether or not he was, there's no doubting the company's focus on cloud computing as both massively useful for its users and of huge importance to its own future...

Cloud Computing: SpiderOak Takes Novel Approach To Data Privacy

Grazed from InformationWeek. Author: Thomas Claburn.

Ethan Oberman has a problem with cloud computing. "A person should be able to use cloud technologies without relinquishing his or her privacy," explained Oberman, CEO of cloud storage service SpiderOak, in a phone interview. Given Internet companies that rely on mining data about users for revenue, government agencies that have the capability to monitor online activities and read personal communications, businesses seeking competitive intelligence, and hackers hammering at the data piggy banks, maintaining a comfortable degree of privacy isn't easy.

The problem is that cryptography isn't easy. Cryptography doesn't ensure security. It's merely an element of a broader security strategy. But it has become a necessary element, given the inadequacy of perimeter-based protection. Because barriers can be penetrated or bypassed, data deserves additional protection...

Cloud Paging: The Technology Behind Cloud Game Streaming And Live Streaming

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Salman Ul Haq.

Cloud initially started off as a cost-effect and convenient way to get small and medium business up and running on the web but with the exponential growth both within SME and large enterprises, other domains within computing have also started to integrate Cloud within their own equations. First it was PaaS and IaaS then SaaS and now we’ve seen phenomenal growth and adoption of GaaS which is short for Gaming as a Service. It is one of the most useful and powerful Cloud services which are being used for online Cloud based interactive gaming and there are numerous consoles that are being launched based on this technology.

For the gaming console leaders in the computing industry, it’s practically impossible to resist the augmented usability of the Cloud managed libraries of content with stream-anywhere capability. ‘Any device gaming’ and ‘click to play’ experiences have equipped the users to stream and play the games anywhere using the Cloud just like they stream the HD media on different web outlets like Netflix, YouTube, Pandora and Spotify...

BetterCloud: Google Apps A Critical Foundation of Cloud Apps

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

BetterCloud, which focuses on evangelizing and selling apps on the Google (GOOG) Apps platform, released the results of its quarterly customer survey. Based on 1,537 responses from the nearly 25,000 Google Apps for Business administrators the company deals with, the survey has come up with a Google Apps customer profile, as well as data that shows Google Apps has become the critical foundation of the cloud application stack.

Keep in mind that BetterCloud has bet its livelihood on Google Apps, so the company is gaining data from those who are already sold on the platform. But still, its survey came up with a few highlights worth examining. The typical BetterCloud customer, which uses BetterCloud's FlashPanel and Google Apps, is an IT director or system administrator who manages a domain with an average of 631 users...