May 2012

Quark Summary: What CFOs Need to Know About SaaS and Cloud Integration

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: R "Ray" Wang.

This document addresses many questions asked by CFO’s about cloud deployments and the top integration questions often asked by CFO’s responsible for key busienss initiatives that involve technology.

A. Executive Summary

Organizations have escalated their adoption of cloud computing and SaaS applications in the past 3 years. As part of the broader trend in consumerization of IT (CoIT), business leaders have slowly tipped the balance of power in determining technology acquisition. However, the proliferation of adoption has led to organizational chaos in data, process and meta data integration as users adopt and deploy the cloud in silos without considering the implications of organizational silos and services oriented architecture (SOA).  As cloud integration emerges as an enterprise-wide issue, CFOs must get acquainted with the cost-value equation of cloud and SaaS applications. Why? Cloud integration emerges as a key competency for successful organizations seeking to innovate while maximizing returns on investment. Consequently, CFOs should understand ten key points on why they must master cloud integration...

Be Specific Consulting offers Cloudremedy for UK Cloud pains

Grazed from PRWeb.  Author: PR Announcement.

Cloudremedy™ by Be Specific Consulting is a new service introduced to troubleshoot and enhance Cloud Computing implementations. The service works at any stage of a Cloud strategy by applying a simple yet entirely business-focussed methodology to correct elements which are not working as desired for the business.

Cloudremedy aims to use a client’s chosen or existing hardware and software assets. If there is no hardware, software or software subscription in place, Cloudremedy focuses on finding the most suitable technologies which can fit with the business and budget requirements without vendor bias. Cloudremedy differs from other solution provider’s services as it does not require clients to purchase equipment or software through Be Specific Consulting or commit to a long term contracts. Be Specific Consulting will work with solutions in almost any location...

Cloud Computing, Cloud Services Stocks Up 28% Since January

Grazed from Talkin Cloud.  Author: Joe Panitierri.

Cloud Computing and cloud services stocks closed April 2012 on a high note, and our Talkin’ Cloud Stocks Index is up roughly 28 percent since January 1, 2012. The most recent weekly winners included SolarWinds (NYSE: SWI), (NASDAQ: AMZN), Equinix (NASDAQ: EQIX) and Citrix Systems (NASDAQ: CTSX).

For the week ending April 27, 2o12, cloud computing and cloud services stocks rose 3.21 percent, though many of our Talkin’ Cloud Stock Index members saw small declines on the final day of trading this month (April 2012). And in broader markets, there are concerns about the U.S. economy potentially slowing...

Cloud Computing: Cloud Foundry vs Google App Engine

Grazed from Sys Con Media.  Author: Tanmay Deshpande.

PaaS is nothing but uploading your small kernel of code with business logic and the PaaS service provider will run that code on allocated computing and storage instances. The aim of PaaS is to let the developers concentrate on developing their code rather than creating and maintaining their ecosystem required for it. When Google launched App Engine in 2008 it had very basic functionalities but gradually it has evolved to support much good functionality like Channel APIs.

But when it comes to language support, selection of cloud, selection of database, control over database, Cloud foundry gives great amount of flexibility as compared to App Engine. Also, when it comes to supporting Java packages also, Google App Engine doesn’t allow developers to free their arms as there are quite a few important packages which are still not part of App Engine’s white list...

Gaining and Maintaining Application Control in the Coming PaaS Era

Grazed from ChannelInsider.  Author: Michael Vizard.

Over the years a huge percentage of the custom application development being done by corporations has been outsourced to the channel. Whether it’s modernizing COBOL applications using developers in India or creating mobile computing applications by relying on the expertise of independent application development houses, the channel in many ways dominates application development these days.

With the rise of platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings in the cloud, however, that independence is being threatened. In addition to being optimized for only one or two development languages, PaaS environments come with a lot of application management tools that ultimately serve to lock developers into a specific platform. Worse yet, it’s difficult to develop composite applications that span multiple clouds. Customers obviously need that capability because just about every application ever built is dependent on another for one service or another...

Expand Your Use of the Cloud: Using Cloud Services for ITaaS

Grazed from Technorati.  Author: Blake Dukes.

The cloud has become the Holy Grail of business technologies. Every day dozens of new stories and blog posts pop up, touting the fantastic impact and developmental leaps being made by companies switching over to some form of cloud computing, whether that's Software, Platform or Infrastructure as a Service. But another use for cloud services has emerged: IT as a Service. In this model, cloud services are used not only to increase a company's computing capabilities and make their technology more agile, but also to supplement or free up their in-house IT staff. There are several benefits for companies that begin using ITaaS...

Does Cloud Computing Matter?

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Maribel Lopez.

Cloud computing is top of mind for computer geeks, information technology (IT) providers, web and mobile start-ups, and most CIOs (chief information officers), but should other senior executives care?  After all, can CxOs afford to take time out from global growth concerns, foreign corrupt practice allegations, dysfunction in D.C., and other business exigencies merely to immerse themselves in abstruse technology plumbing?  To be a leadership priority, “computing” in general and the “cloud” in particular—a network-centric, pay-per-use, on-demand service model for IT—would have to be strategic.

It’s been argued that “IT Doesn’t Matter,” since IT is available to anyone, and thus is a commodity like electricity.  Therefore, this argument concludes, IT can’t be a source of strategic competitive advantage.  This line of reasoning seems plausible at first glance, but conflates IT’s infinite malleability and algorithmic possibilities, often limited only by imagination, with its more mundane physical incarnation—computers, storage, and network gear—and therefore fails to explain how a Google or Facebook—started from scratch with no brand, no assets, no preferential access to resources, no marketing, no sales force, no regulatory protection, in fact, with nothing more than ideas and business concepts encapsulated as IT—could rocket from dorm room project to multi-billion dollar annual revenues in short order...

IT operations in the age of cloud: Brace yourself for change

Grazed from TechTarget.  Author: Alex Barrett.

Like a hurricane barreling up the coast, cloud computing is gathering strength and expected to make landfall shortly. In some IT shops, cloud is already here, bringing the winds of change along with it.

But unlike a natural disaster, cloud computing doesn’t destroy everything in its wake – merely transforms it.

In the data center, IT operations managers who have experimented with cloud — private, public, and otherwise — report it’s already had a profound effect on the way they run their IT environments and do their jobs. And they expect even more changes to come...

A smarter migration: Cloud computing

Grazed from SC Magazine.  Author: Stephen Lawton.

As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous, small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are looking to it as a way of securing their data more efficiently at a potentially lower cost. While service providers tout the cloud as more secure than a corporate data center, experts are not as certain.

At issue is how the company negotiates its security agreement with the cloud provider. Some vendors offering services to consumers or small businesses, such as Amazon Simple Storage Service, write into their user agreement that the provider is not responsible for any data security at all. At the other end are companies such as Carpathia Hosting of Dulles, Va., which provides cloud services to the CIA and the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Between these poles are many options.

The question a CISO must address before contracting with a cloud provider is: For how much security is the company willing to contract and how much will remain its own responsibility, says Simon Crosby, CTO and co-founder of security start-up Bromium...

NTT America Continues Focus on Cloud, Global Expansion and Green Initiatives

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

NTT America, a global IT infrastructure services provider and wholly owned subsidiary of NTT Communications Corporation, today announced its continuing support for the company's cloud, global connectivity and green efforts and the refocus of key business units to address customer requirements and market dynamics. In addition the company has won awards for both green efforts and in marketing.

As enterprise cloud demand continues to grow in parallel with customers' interest in global connectivity to support large scale cloud deployments, NTT America has ensured its leadership through a variety of partnerships and an ongoing speaking platform to bring insights and information to the industry...

Corent Named As A Finalist in Cloud Computing Category For TechAmerica High-Tech Innovation Awards

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

Corent Technology, Inc., a disrupting innovator in the cloud computing space, announced that its key product - Corent Multi-tenant Server(TM) - has been named a finalist for the most innovative cloud computing product/technology in the TechAmerica Orange County High-Tech Innovation Awards. Now in its 19th year, this premier business event celebrates excellence and achievement in the region's technology industry, and honors local companies, individuals and products that drive innovation in Orange County.

"The technology community in Orange County are producing breakthroughs that advance cloud computing, e-commerce, medical device, hardware, software and telecommunications solutions around the world," said Bob Brunson, director of TechAmerica in Orange County. "As a strong indicator that the local technology economy is flourishing, we received nearly 100 nominations, including many from companies new to the competition. We congratulate all of the finalists and look forward to celebrating their achievements at the awards dinner."...

XO Communications Launches Concentric Cloud Solutions

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

XO Communications today announced the launch of Concentric Cloud Solutions. Concentric Cloud Solutions offers new cloud computing, content acceleration, and cloud voice solutions for businesses. These solutions are designed to help customers quickly and cost-effectively deploy and manage infrastructure and services they need, when needed, in order to accelerate performance without significant capital expenditures.

"Concentric Cloud Solutions represents the next step for XO Communications' cloud services strategy," said Mike Toplisek, president of Concentric Cloud Solutions. "Through our own technology and the partnerships we have established, Concentric Cloud Solutions offers customers best-of-breed cloud-based solutions for their mission-critical virtualized environments, web site acceleration and interactive voice needs. Our cloud-based solutions allow companies to spend more time building their businesses and less time maintaining their infrastructures." ...

3 Predictions for Cloud Computing

Grazed from Internet Evolution.  Author: Nicole Ferraro.

Speaking at the conference on Monday, IBM executives cited survey statistic both from IBM and other vendors demonstrating that, on average, 80 to 100 percent of enterprises plan to deploy a cloud in the next year to three years.

According to IBM's vice president of marketing strategy, Scott Hebner: "I fully expect it to be adopted as quickly as the Web was... Maybe even quicker.:

Taking the stage during a panel on cloud computing, Hebner, along with IBM VP of software standards Angel Diaz, offered up theories on developments to come in the cloud computing space in the near future...

ServiceMesh to Address Enterprise Cloud Best Practices at Interop Las Vegas

Grazed from MarketWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

ServiceMesh, provider of the market-leading cloud application management platform for Global 2000 companies, today announced that Dave Roberts, ServiceMesh's senior vice president of business development & platform ecosystem, and Anthony Skipper, ServiceMesh's vice president of security and integration, will present a range of enterprise cloud adoption best practices at this year's Interop Las Vegas, May 6-10, at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas.

During the Enterprise Cloud Summit - Cloud Platforms track, Dave Roberts will present "Free-Market Cloud Computing: Avoiding Stalinist Failures in Your Cloud Operating Model."

Dave Roberts will also participate on a panel discussion, "The Great Debate: Companies That Don't Embrace Big Data are Doomed."...

Cloud Computing: ADARA Networks Announces Shipment and Distribution of Its SDN Platform for Enterprises

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

ADARA Networks, provider of the most advanced commercially available Software Defined Networking (SDN) and cloud computing platforms, today announced the initial widespread commercial shipments and distributions of its software-only SDN platform to the US Commercial market, via ADARA and Tech Data's nationwide network of value-added resellers (VARs) representing an initial 7,000 enterprises; with a significantly greater number of shipments and distributions already scheduled.

The ADARA SDN and cloud computing products were recently demonstrated at the 2012 Open Networking Summit, showcasing their commercial readiness and capabilities for industry leaders, enterprises and service providers. These shipments and distributions further demonstrate the commercial availability of the ADARA platform. While the benefits of SDN are easily envisioned in service provider networks, ADARA's announcement underscores the immediate utility of its Full Stack Engine platform in delivering the benefits of SDN to enterprise data centers and networks of all types and scales. The ADARA Full Stack Engine and its SDN capabilities will also be displayed and highlighted at Tech Data's Technology Solutions Center. These announcements underscored ADARA's message at the 2012 Open Networking Summit; SDN is the future of networking and that future is now...

JDA Outlines The Top Four Things Chief Executives Should Expect From The Cloud

Grazed from BusinessWire.  Author: PR Announcement.

In the information technology world, no topic is receiving more attention than cloud computing. Unlike in the past where cloud computing was perceived as a cost-effective, flexible option for small to mid-sized companies, in 2012 cloud computing will proliferate deeper into the enterprise as more chief executives embrace and move to a cloud services model.

Even though cloud computing relies heavily on high-quality computing resources, stringent IT protocols and the latest technology advancements, the real value lies in the capability that the cloud can deliver to a project, a solution life-cycle and most importantly, an enterprise. There are very few companies that cannot achieve significant time, cost and efficiency benefits from entering the cloud; however, the key is understanding the real value that cloud services can bring to your business and how to go about getting the answers you need to make the best decision for your organization...

How to make informed decisions when outsourcing cloud computing

Grazed from SmartBusiness.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Executives are jumping on the outsourcing bandwagon as cloud service providers promise unlimited scalability, reduced expenditures for hardware and IT staff, and the ability to offload software and routine maintenance at a moment’s notice.

In fact, Gartner analysts predict that 35 percent of enterprise IT expenditures will be managed outside the IT department’s budget by 2015.

But overzealous executives eager to jump to the cloud may encounter security issues down the road, as the security practices of the cloud service provider are often unclear — up to and including where the data is stored. A survey by Symantec shows that only 27 percent of companies have set procedures to approve cloud applications that use sensitive or confidential information...

BofA Tech Guru preaches 6 cloud truths

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Barb Darrow.

Private cloud computing is big among security-obsessed financial services companies and Bank of America Merrill Lynch is no exception. In a note sent out by the company this week, Brad Spiers, the senior vice president who heads up Compute Innovation for the giant financial services firm, had some insightful points to make about BofA’s use of cloud technology and cloud computing in general...

VMware, Piston Cloud pledge to develop open source PaaS offering

Grazed from ITWorld.  Author: Brandon Butler.

In a pairing of unlikely partners, Piston Cloud Computing announced it will work to support integration of VMware's open source platform-as-a-service offering Cloud Foundry with OpenStack, the open source infrastructure-as-a-service model.

In recent weeks, the rhetoric between the open source and proprietary cloud offerings in the IaaS market has intensified. But today's move signals a more collegial tone in the PaaS market and what one analyst calls a recognition by providers that integration across multiple clouds and between IaaS and PaaS is key for cloud adoption by end users.

Piston Cloud announced today the Cloud Provider Interface, an open source project that will allow for integration of OpenStack with Cloud Foundry. Piston Cloud leverages the open source OpenStack code to create an IaaS cloud deployment model aimed at enterprise users. Piston Cloud officials say they hope Cloud Foundry support will be available in a future release of its OS product and plan to submit Cloud Foundry as an incubator project for the full OpenStack project...

Cloud Computing: Nebula Appoints Web Pioneer Jon Mittelhauser Vice President of Engineering

Grazed from MarketWatch.  Author: PR Announcement.

Nebula, the cloud systems company that will enable all enterprises to easily, securely and inexpensively deploy large scale private cloud computing infrastructures, today announced that Jon Mittelhauser has joined the company's executive team as Vice President of Engineering.

Mittelhauser is considered one of the founding fathers of the World Wide Web. He was co-author of the first widely used Web browser, NCSA Mosaic, and was a founding engineer of Netscape Communications Corporation. He was integral to building the products that made the Web a powerful business tool. As Netscape Navigator's first product manager, Mittelhauser led the effort to make the browser a platform by integrating and creating technologies such as browser plug-ins, Java and JavaScript that today are still core to the power of the Web within the enterprise...