November 2010

HDS Puts More Skin In Cloud Storage Game

Grazed from Network Computing.  Author: Steve Wexler.

Hitachi Data Systems Corporation is extending its cloud reach with enhancements to its object storage solution -- Hitachi Content Platform -- and the introduction of an on-premises intelligent storage cache for distributed sites -- Hitachi Data Ingestor. HCP v4 adds  simplified and automated replication, more granular multitenancy and chargeback capabilities, while HDI is being called the new "on ramp" to HCP, a way to simplify cloud adoption by providing standard file serving access - NFS or CIFS - to stored content.

On the Hunt for 'Elastic Computing'

Grazed for IT Business Edge.  Author:  Arthur Cole.

The enterprise is quickly transitioning from the concept and design phase of cloud development to a deployment and operations phase. In many ways, this is where the rubber meets the road in that we will soon learn what the cloud can actually do as opposed to what has been promised.

Part of this proof-of-concept period is the idea of elastic computing. Can a cloud environment actually provide the kind of dynamic infrastructure that will allow users to pick and choose the operating environments, applications and data sets to achieve their self-defined goals?

The Case for Open Source Search in the Enterprise

Grazed from GigaOM.  Author: Haydn Shaughnessey.

Absolutely Essential Vim/vi Commands

Grazed from ServerWatch.  Author: Joe Brockmeier.

Another Cloud Integration Company Bought by Big Vendor

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author:  Loraine Lawson.

When Michael Dell teased that Dell planned to announce a cloud acquisition today, it was assumed he meant something along the lines of networking capabilities. Wall Street theorized it would be Brocade, which specializes in data center networking, or Rackspace, which offers cloud-based servers and managed Web hosting.


Dell reaches for the clouds with Boomi deal

Grazed from BBC.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Computer giant Dell has announced a deal to buy cloud-computing company Boomi for an undisclosed price.

Dell has been looking to acquire cloud computing technology, which allows users to access files or services remotely over the internet, rather than just from their own local servers.

It recently lost a bidding war with Hewlett-Packard for cloud firm 3Par, despite being the preferred bidder.

Dell is the world's third largest computer maker.

It said the deal for Pennsylvania-based Boomi would "help businesses reap the full benefits of cloud computing".

Microsoft hopes to show its Cloud Power

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Ina Fried and Josh Lowensohn.

The software maker is launching its largest-ever ad campaign targeting businesses, touting "Cloud Power" and its benefits over traditional server-based computing. The ads, which include TV, Internet, print, and outdoor ads, feature the line "cloud power" with actors portraying different types of customers and offering various takes on what products like Windows Azure, Office 365 and Windows Server can offer.

Dell to make cloud computing acquisition

Grazed from The Register.  Author: Chris Mellor.

Dell is also going to build up a tablet computer product line, spreading out from the 7-inch and 5-inch Streaks launched in September. Michael Dell was speaking at an event in Hong Kong.

Dell lost out to HP in a bidding battle for 3PAR, which HP bought for $2.4bn in September. The InServ storage array from 3PAR had proved to be attractive to cloud computing providers because of its ability to scale, as well as its storage efficiency and highly automated management that integrated well with VMware.

Cloud computing vendors 'should address security concerns'

Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: Neil Hill.

Cloud computing vendors looking to increase the number of companies using their services will be most successful if they can prove the security of the offerings.

According to Rob Ayoub, global programme director for information security research at Frost & Sullivan, many companies are currently holding back on a move to the cloud because of security and availability concerns.

He said that cloud computing providers should be in a position to provide reassurance to potential clients on these issues, reports Computerworld New Zealand.

Ocado moves into the cloud with Google Apps

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Antony Savvas.

Online grocery retailer Ocado is deploying Google Apps for Business for 1,250 staff, with the aim of cutting costs and improving productivity.

Ocado said the cloud-based product suite will facilitate remote working, improve productivity and boost internal communication for head office staff and regional managers. Staff will be able to log in from any secure internet connection to access their emails, documents, calendar and other internal information.

Enomaly launches online cloud computing market

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Nancy Gohring.

Enomaly has launched a compute market that will let anyone shop for low cost, no-frills compute power offered by a variety of providers. The company, which offers software that cloud services providers use, came up with the idea as a way to help its customers fill up unused capacity.

There are currently 15 cloud providers offering their services through the SpotCloud market. Enomaly is offering the market as a beta right now to make sure that it can handle requests, so end users must register and be approved before they can buy services.

Simplicity key to unlocking cloud benefits

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Kevin Kwang.

Brian Prentice, research vice president at Gartner, said awareness of cloud computing has been rapidly increasing. According to a survey of CIOs the research firm conducts annually, cloud computing has climbed up the list of hot technologies IT heads are looking at, from non-existent at the end of 2007 to second place by end-2009.

Oracle submits cloud interoperability API

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Larry Dignan.

Oracle on Wednesday said it will submit an application programming interface to the Distributed Management Task Force in the latest move to address cloud interoperability.

Cloud interoperability is becoming a big theme for vendors, which are proposing various standards to avoid lock-in.

Oracle’s move comes a week after Intel and a bevy of IT buyers formed a coalition to make clouds interoperable. The Intel effort is called the Open Data Center Alliance.

US Defense Dept. Expands Cyber-Security Role

Grazed from Internet Evolution.  Author: Sean Gallagher.

When the US Department of Defense started the ball rolling to create US Cyber Command, its network and information systems security and intelligence organization, there were a lot of people who were uncertain what such a command would do -- in fact, the whole idea of "cyber-warfare" was still sort of nebulous. There were concerns from within the government, in Congress, and from observers outside that Cyber Command would expand DOD's activities out into the civilian domain.

Data management tools 'to help tackle information growth'

Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: Neil Hill.

More businesses will be seeking out data management tools in the near future as they attempt to meet the challenge of information growth within their organisation, Gartner has forecast.

According to research conducted by the independent IT analyst, 47 per cent of large enterprises rank this issue as their top data centre hardware infrastructure challenge, ahead of system performance and scalability.

Gartner predicted that corporations will be looking to address this problem by bringing in new data management tools, consolidating storage and investigating the use of information reduction techniques.

Oracle unveils cloud computing plans

Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: James Glass.

Oracle has revealed details of its planned products for private and public cloud computing.

Rex Wang, Oracle vice president of infrastructure and management, explained that businesses are looking to save money in regards to their data centres and stated that his company believes they can be encouraged to move from silo models to the cloud.

He said that clients will want to switch between public and private clouds, with Oracle offering the option to do this, reports Reseller News.

Microsoft, Fiorano to Offer Integration via the Cloud

Grazed from IT Business Edge.  Author:  Loraine Lawson.

When it comes to integration, companies seem to have their eyes on the cloud.


I've seen three announcements regarding integration offered through the cloud this week. The first was Dell's revelation that it would acquire integration-as-a-service vendor Boomi, which I wrote about Tuesday.


CA looks to cloud, tighter APAC partner network

Grazed from ZDNet.  Author: Kevin Kwang.

Fresh from a six-month break following his departure from Sun Microsystems, Lionel Lim is ready to start a new stint as Asia-Pacific president of CA Technologies (CA), where he hopes to push the IT management software company as a thought leader in the cloud arena as well as improve its channel partner ecosystem in the region.

Prior to his appointment, Lim had spent 20 years at Sun in various capacities, most notably, as president and COO of Sun Microsystems Asia-Pacific. Before Sun, he spent a decade at Hewlett-Packard.

With this track record for strong commitment to the companies he joins, now at CA, he says he is in it for the long-haul, too.

Cloud computing is inevitable, claims VMware exec

Grazed from ComputerWorld.  Author:  Paul Krill.

Even if PHP developers are a tough sell on the concept, cloud computing is inevitable, a VMware cloud technology executive stressed on Wednesday afternoon.

"I do believe that as developers, we cannot fail to consider the importance of this. The economic drivers are simply too profound. This really is going to change our lives," said Rod Johnson, who is VMware's senior vice president of cloud application platform, during a presentation at the ZendCon 2010 PHP conference.

Software-as-a-service solutions 'make analytics easier'

Grazed from Experian QAS.  Author: James Glass.

Software-as-a-service tools make it easier for businesses to conduct analytics assignments on important data.

This is the view of SmartData Collective contributor John Jordan, who explained that analytics allows companies to gain business insights by sorting through data sets to discover previously unseen patterns.

He said that there has been an upturn in interest in the process recently, something that can be partially attributed to the development of software-as-a-service offerings that aid such work.