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SkyHigh Networks moves to secure SaaS applications

Grazed from SkyHigh Networks.  Author: PR Announcement.

SkyHigh Networks has moved to collaborate with SafeNet in an attempt to deliver flexible and secure key management solutions for the enterprise data in the cloud.  The partnership will help businesses retain full control of their encryption keys whilst leveraging on-premise or cloud-based models, in turn meeting the compliance needs of their corporate and regulatory requirements.

Chris Cesio, VP of business development and alliances, Skyhigh Networks, said: "More and more organisations are asking to encrypt their data in business-critical SaaS applications such as Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Microsoft Office 365 with customer-managed keys...

Hackers seed Amazon cloud with potent denial-of-service bots

Grazed from ArsTechnica. Author: Dan Goodin.

Attackers have figured out a new way to get Amazon's cloud service to wage potent denial-of-service attacks on third-party websites—by exploiting security vulnerabilities in an open source search and analytics application known as Elasticsearch. The power of Backdoor.Linux.Ganiw.a was documented earlier this month by researchers from antivirus provider Kaspersky Lab.

Among other things, the trojan employs DNS amplification, a technique that vastly increases the volume of junk traffic being directed at a victim by abusing poorly secured domain name system servers. By sending DNS queries that are malformed to appear as if they came from the victim domain, DNS amplification can boost attack volume by 10-fold or more. The technique can be especially hard to block when distributed among thousands or hundreds of thousands of compromised computers...

Cloud Computing: OpenERP Becomes Odoo, Raises $10M in Funding

Grazed from TalkinCloud. Author: Chris Talbot.

Open source cloud computing is on the rise, and one vendor is hoping to take things to the next level. Odoo, formerly OpenERP, recently went through a change of name, and the company has also raised $10 million in funding to push its open source cloud marketing, but it also plans to soon release version 8 of its suite of cloud-based business services.

A media alert noted that the company has made "gentle waves" in the open source software world, but it is hoping to make a bigger splash this year. Odoo provides customers with a suite of open source business applications that are aimed at organizations with a lower level of technology experience and knowledge. Its goal is to help small and medium businesses (SMBs) with any of their online needs, from building their own websites to running ecommerce, accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, manufacturing and more...

CIOs, CSOs should address cloud sovereignty uncertainty with facts

Grazed from CSO. Author: David Braue.

IT and security leaders should arm themselves with details about the location of their corporate data and use a growing comfort with cloud computing to address policy concerns about data sovereignty, a recent Gartner analysis has recommended. The research firm's The Snowden Effect: Data Location Matters report warned that knee-jerk reactions to questions about the physical location of corporate data were becoming increasingly difficult as a growing tide of organisations began to embrace offshore cloud services.

While tools such as encryption were in use to protect offshore data by 38 percent of 221 executives surveyed by Gartner, many organisations never got that far. With IT leaders often “entangled” in discussions on the issue with stakeholders and advisors from legal, customer, regulatory, management and other organisations, an overall fear of committing data to overseas cloud services had been reinforced by ambiguous guidance on the issue...

Cloud Computing: BYOD, IoT Increase Security Challenges

Grazed from eWeek. Author: Jeffrey Burt.

A group of Dell experts, customers and partners, as well as analysts and journalists, debate the issues of security in a rapidly evolving IT world. Mobile computing, the cloud, bring-your-own-device and the Internet of things are trends that are changing the way computing is being done, and forcing businesses big and small to rethink what security needs to look like in order to protect the growing numbers of user devices and data.

At a recent panel discussion in Boston, Dell officials and customers, as well as analysts and journalists, discussed the security challenges that these trends bring with them, the issues facing enterprises and small and midsize businesses, and what will security measures will be needed in a world where workers are more mobile and armed with more smartphones and tablets, data is stored in the cloud and information is constantly flowing across networks to and from a multitude of systems, machines and devices...

Amazon Web Services Won't Dominate Cloud Computing

Grazed from OutOfTheBox.  Author: Eapen Chacko.

Back in 2013, when the the hype about cloud computing and big data was gathering steam, we wrote,  "Unfortunately, none of this really makes it any clearer who is going to carry the day as far as supporting the migration of mega-cap, public multinational corporations to a public cloud computing infrastructure. Will one or more of these companies really want their entire IT infrastructure to reside with a bookseller and operator of global merchandise bazaars?"

Last week, the theory that Amazon Web Services would be the growth and earnings engine for the company was called into question. Data security, risk management, documentation and mitigation of breaches will weigh more heavily on CIOs, particularly in health care and financial services, than saving a few nominal bucks by outsourcing data storage and applications...

How Principles of Virtualisation Can Help you to Understand Cloud Computing

Grazed from EUKHost.  Author: Asher Ross.

One hundred thirty-one billion dollars. This is the turnover of the worldwide market for public cloud services that have been provided in 2013. According to a report by Gartner, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) represent the fastest growing segment, growing by 47.3% year on year, the concept of cloud computing

This is the segment of the advertising based on cloud computing, which would have constituted the largest portion of the market for public IT cloud services in 2013 (48%). Service Cloud Processes (Platform as a Service or PaaS) is the second largest of the total market (28%) segment, followed by the (Software as a Service or SaaS ) (14, 7%), the Service Infrastructure (Infrastructure as a Service or  IaaS) (5.5%), cloud services management and security (2.8%) and the Service Platform ( IT Process as a Service or IPaaS) (1%)...

'The cloud' isn't all that perplexing

Grazed from News-Press.  Author: PR Announcement.

The R-rated comedy “Sex Tape” didn’t quite connect with audiences the way the execs at Sony Pictures hoped it would, but one aspect of the movie did seem to resonate in these technologically confusing times: seemingly no one knows anything about “the cloud.”

In the movie, which made its way to theaters on July 18, a husband (Jason Segel) and wife (Cameron Diaz) use their new iPad to record themselves doing, well, what the title implies. Afterwards, however, Mr. Segel’s character not only forgets to delete the racy video, but accidentally uploads it to “the cloud” where it can be seen by their family, their friends and even the neighborhood mailman...

Cloud Computing: IT Mythbusting Part 4 - Custody Means Security

Grazed from Business2Community.  Author: Marc Shaw.

Part 4 of a five-part series examining common IT myths.  Cloud computing is rapidly moving from the wave of the future to the present reality with analysts reporting, for example, that Amazon’s Cloud has become the fastest growing software in history. However, many business owners, especially small businesses, are still holding out. We’re taking a look at some common myths that keep them from making the leap.

One of the myths about cloud computing surrounds physical security. In fact, security is one of the most common concerns voiced among CEOs as an obstacle to move to the cloud, per Gartner analysts (2014). At the same time, many businesses lack the resources to develop and maintain up-to-date investments in physical security. Most organizations today still use outdated door badging infrastructure...

Mobile cloud services bring user convenience, but at what cost?

Grazed from TechTarget.  Author: Michael Finneran.

The combination of mobile devices and the cloud provides a vision of what computing may look like in the future. One of the most compelling reasons for individuals and enterprises to store data with mobile cloud services is continuous, ubiquitous access. Users who store files with cloud storage services can have immediate access to them anytime, anywhere and from any device -- assuming they have network connectivity.

 Millions have already taken their data to popular consumer-oriented mobile cloud services such as Dropbox, and some have taken the further step of synching many of their work files to those services. This leaves enterprise IT professionals wondering: How secure are these consumer services? And how can employees be restricted from using them?...