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Cloud Computing: Now AWS users get to deploy with Docker, too

Grazed from InfoWorld. Author: Sedar Yegulalp.

Never let it be said that Amazon is falling behind in cloud computing. The newest wrinkle with AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a twist on a long-standing technology, Elastic Beanstalk, Amazon's application deployment and management system for all of its cloud services. Beanstalk has now been upgraded to support deploying and launching applications containerized through Docker.

Any Docker image can be deployed this way, whether from Docker's public repository or from one's own private store of containers. Users are left to create a .JSON file that describes the image to be used and a few other notations, and even that's not mandatory because an existing Dockerfile, as they are called, will typically work as-is...

Cloud Computing: PernixData Enhances Its Software Solution To Improve Storage Performance

Grazed from CloudComputingToday. Author: Arnal Dayaratna, Ph.D.

Today, PernixData announces enhancements to PernixData FVP, its software-based storage solution for enabling dramatic improvements in the scale-out storage capability of IT infrastructures without the addition of hardware-based storage resources. In its initial rollout, PernixData FVP used hypervisor software to aggregate server side flash to create a “scale-out data tier for the acceleration of primary storage.”

The aggregation of server side flash creates a clustered acceleration tier that enables improvements in application latency and storage performance. The clustered acceleration tier empowers application administrators to optimize application performance without changing the workflows or raw storage capacity of the infrastructure in which the application is deployed...

Xform Computing Announces World's First Dual-Screen Streaming Cloud Desktop for iPad and iPhone, Using Apple TV

Grazed from PRNewsWire. Author: PR Announcement.

Xform Computing, leader in open-source based cloud-streaming apps for mobile devices, announces its Dual-Screen technology is included in the latest update of the AlwaysOnPC App in the iTunes App Store. The AlwaysOnPC app delivers a cloud-based desktop computer to mobile devices. This latest Dual-Screen innovation lets mobile users extend their AlwaysOnPC experience beyond their device to a nearby HDTV screen using Apple TV's Airplay Display feature.

The iPad-to-Apple-TV connection is wireless, so no cables are required. When Dual-Screen mode is activated, the AlwaysOnPC desktop apps are displayed on the large, clear HDTV screen. Users then have the entire screen of their iPad or iPhone as a touch-pad and keyboard, to control and use the AlwaysOnPC features...

ISC Cloud 2014 at a Glance

Grazed from ScientificComputing. Author: Editorial Staff.

This year’s ISC Cloud conference will be the fifth in the series and will continue the tradition of bringing experts and users from industry and academia to foster collaboration and innovation in the field of cloud computing. The conference will be held in Heidelberg at the Marriott Hotel from September 29 to 30, 2014, followed by ISC Big Data, from October 1–2. Registration will be available in early June.

Program Highlights

Hands-on Tutorial: Accessing and Using HPC Clouds for Science and Engineering: The number of cloud providers is growing steadily, and it’s challenging for users to identify the best-suited providers for their application and business requirements. ISC shall invite different providers to the tutorial to introduce and guide users through the process of accessing and using their cloud resources, and teach them how this can benefit their work and organization as a whole. Previous cloud experiment clients will also join this tutorial to share their lessons learned and offer valuable recommendations for new users...

Security vendor blames Amazon for customer malware

Grazed from CSOOnline. Author: Antone Gonsalves.

A security vendor claims Amazon Web Services provided a cloud-computing customer with an unpatched version of Windows that resulted in a malware infection. Bkav, a network security company based in Vietnam, started investigating the incident after the AWS customer complained that Bkav software had failed to catch the data-stealing malware.

Bkav claims that AWS, a division of e-retailer Amazon, initially handed the customer a version of Windows Server 2003 that had not been patched since October 2009. Over the last five years, 300 vulnerabilities have been reported in the operating system, according to CVE Details...

Microsoft Launches Educational Program to Help Partners Bring SMBs to the Cloud

Grazed from TheWhir. Author: Chris Burton.

Microsoft is aiming to help its partners draw SMBs into cloud computing with a program called Cloud SureStep. Cloud SureStep is an educational program launched this week to teach SMBs about how cloud computing works and how it can benefit them. The announcement is detailed in a post on Microsoft’s blog on the World Partner Conference 2014 site.

The post claims that the program will teach companies how to use the cloud to lower cost-of-sale, increase sales volume, generate demand with digital marketing, and generate service revenue. “Cloud SureStep is the one-stop resource built within our MPN website to help our partners establish, grow and thrive in the cloud,” Thomas Hansen, VP Small and Medium Business, Worldwide SMS&P, said in the blog post...

Cloud Computing: OneLogin Named Major Player in IDC's 2014 Identity Management MarketScape

Grazed from PRWeb. Author: PR Announcement.

OneLogin, the innovator in enterprise identity management, today announced it has been named a "major player" in IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Federated Identity Management and Single Sign-On 2014 Vendor Assessment (March, 2014). OneLogin provides an on-demand, cloud-based solution consisting of single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, directory integration, user provisioning, and a catalog of thousands of pre-integrated applications.

Adopted by some of the world's most well-known enterprises, the solution offers fast, easy, and secure identity management in the cloud. In assessing offerings from 13 vendors, including conducting interviews with customers, the study by the independent analyst firm identifies several strategies that have contributed to vendor success, including:...

Cloud Computing: Citrix actively searching for new CEO

Grazed from Sun-Sentinal. Author: Marcia Heroux Pounds.

Cloud computing company Citrix Systems has begun interviewing candidates for CEO, the current chief executive said Wednesday. "We've seen candidates," said CEO Mark Templeton, who previously announced plans to retire within the year. Templeton said the Citrix board would look for what Citrix most values in leaders, including cultural fit — "how we do business matters to us as much as how much business we do," he said.

Citrix's search committee also will look for a "strong product leader" who can steer the company through a more competitive landscape and "a great team leader," he said. Fort-Lauderdale-based Citrix, which makes tools for people to "work from anywhere," said Wednesday that first-quarter revenues rose 12 percent to $751 million, compared with $673 million in the same quarter in 2013...

Cloud Spending by Companies Outpaces Predictions, Forrester Says

Grazed from BusinessWeek. Author: Ian King.

Corporate spending on cloud-computing services, software and resources will reach $191 billion in 2020 as companies replace older equipment and programs with Internet-based systems, a research firm said. Growth in the cloud market is outrunning prior forecasts, according to Forrester Research Inc. (FORR:US), which projects a rise from $58 billion last year to $72 billion this year.

The market is on course to be about 20 percent bigger by 2020 than estimated earlier, Forrester said in a report to be published today. Cloud computing has reached “hypergrowth” as businesses replace standard licensed software from companies such as Oracle Corp., SAP AG and Microsoft Corp. with Web-based subscription versions, known as software-as-a-service, said Andrew Bartels, an analyst at Forrester...

Cloud Computing Myths vs. Facts: Must-See Trends for AWS Users

Grazed from Cloudamize. Author: Editorial Staff.

When it comes to cloud computing, there is no shortage of noise in the marketplace. People trumpet about the savings you will see by migrating infrastructure to the cloud, and conversely, lament about the complexity of cost control or how time-consuming it can be. I've seen more than one person disappointed that their expectations of improved performance have not been met, or worse, their costs skyrocketed unexpectedly compared to their on-premises solution.

At Cloudamize, we know the Cloud can be easy and the benefits are endless. To this end, I challenged our team to paint an accurate picture of the truth around cloud computing to decipher the signal from the noise, and they met that challenge with this brand new infographic based on an analysis of 77,000 AWS instances: Cloud Computing: Myth vs. Fact...