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GE Healthcare to Connect 500,000 Imaging Machines with Announcement of GE Health Cloud and Apps

Grazed from PRNewswire.  Author: PR Announcement.

 The GE Health Cloud was unveiled today at the 101st annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago. Designed exclusively for the healthcare industry, the new cloud ecosystem and its applications will connect radiologists and clinicians to speed, efficiency and collaboration across care pathways and multidisciplinary teams – both inside and outside the hospital setting.
"Our ultimate goal is to help improve patient care and drive superior clinical, financial and operational outcomes alongside healthcare providers," said Jeff Immelt, Chairman and CEO of GE. "As the digital industrial leader, we are betting big on the GE Health Cloud. By connecting clinicians with the insights needed, when and where they need them, clinicians can take action to improve healthcare outcomes and delivery around the globe."...

Google Outsmarts Competition With Custom Machine Types In The Cloud

Grazed from Forbes.  Author: Janakiram.

Microsoft Azure is no different in overwhelming the customers. It has over 30 VM types with varied capabilities and pricing options but with very little guidance on choosing the right configuration.  Like most of its competitors, Google has a choice of 18 predefined machine types that offer varying power of CPU, memory and storage across 4 categories. Each machine type has its own pricing and is billed separately. For example, customers running transactional databases choose from high-memory machine types while running the development and test workloads on standard machine types.
The challenge comes when customers try to map their on-premises server configuration with the available machine types. In most of the cases, they settle for a configuration that’s only a close match but not a symmetrical match. That’s where Google Compute Engine custom machine types come into the play. Customers can create a machine type with the number of cores and memory that mimics their existing server configuration...

Microsoft Launches Single Trust Center for Enterprise Cloud Services

Grazed from  Author: Sylvia Adams.

 The newly formed Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) is to partner with Microsoft as part of its cloud strategy, with a view to Azure filling the public cloud requirement for HPE customers, replacing its own Helion Public Cloud services in the future.  Microsoft just scored a big win in the public cloud wars.
Unlike IBM with its own cloud offering, HPE will flog appliances ready to go with Azure.  The company created a single information hub - or "Trust Center" - to provide enterprises with information about Microsoft's cloud security posture, and how its off-premise services adhere to global and regional legislation...

Amazon's monster Black Friday deal lets you store all your files in the cloud for just $5 for an entire year

Grazed from Amazon.  Author: PR Announcement.

Being able to store all your videos, photos, and other bulky files in the cloud is a beautiful thing. It lets you have a small (or even practically nonexistent) hard drive, and access you files from wherever you happen to be.
This Black Friday, Amazon has rolled out a monster deal on its unlimited cloud storage option. Just today, you'll be able to buy unlimited cloud storage for a year for only $5 (regularly $60).  You'll also be able to unlimited photo storage for $1 (regularly $12), though it should be noted that if you have Amazon Prime, you already have this - you might just not know...

Cloud Computing: Oracle Corporation to Lay Off 150 Workers in Germany

Grazed from BidnessETC.  Author:  Martin Blanc.

Oracle Corporation has planned to lay off around 150 employees in Germany, which represents around 6% of the 2,700 total employees in the region, local business magazine, Wirtschaftswoche reported yesterday. The report also said that the company was planning to gather its IT support jobs at one site in Romania. It is interesting to note that the magazine did not name any source.
This is not the first time that layoff speculation pertaining to Oracle has emerged. Back in 2009, WSJ reported that Oracle had laid off around 500 employees in North America, citing people familiar with the matter. In 2002, Credit Suisse said the company was preparing to cut 400-800 jobs...

HPE partners with Microsoft for enterprise cloud services

Grazed from ITProPortal. Author: Anthony Spadafora.

In an effort to improve its cloud offerings, HP Enterprise (HPE) has just announced a partnership with Microsoft. HPE will be working alongside Microsoft to implement its cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure to handle its enterprise cloud services. Under the new agreement, Microsoft will become a preferred public cloud provider of HPE and HPE will likewise become a preferred provider of Microsoft Azure services.

What brought these two companies together is that they share similar beliefs in regard to a hybrid approach for enterprises. HPE and Microsoft both see a chance to simplify hybrid infrastructure for their consumers through this partnership. HPE is planning to close down its own public cloud service next year which will allow Microsoft to step in and fill the void experienced by HPE’s current customers...

Cloud Computing: The Big Switch and Mobile Security

Grazed from InfoSecurity. Author: Eldar Turvey.

The Big Switch is a book by Nicholas Carr, first published in 2008, that – while making many arguments about the social and moral implications of the modern digital world - drew a strong comparison between cloud computing and the electricity grid. Before the arrival of grids, factories, farms and even some households had their own electricity generators. Each generator owner paid for their own upkeep, maintenance and fuel, and were responsible for their own power supply – and therefore carried 100% of their own risk.

Clearly, this was in many ways inefficient, insecure and unreliable. And so, electricity grids were created. These broke the siloes of access and served local areas, towns and eventually countries. Costs were shared and maintenance and supply were centralized and everyone benefited from better and greater resources being available to all...

The Benefits of Cloud Computing - Protect your data from hardware mishaps

Grazed from LifeZette. Author: Dave Taylor.

Created any documents on your computer recently? Updated a spreadsheet while on a flight to Seattle, or edited a short movie for your child’s presentation? How about your smartphone: Taken any photos lately that you’d like to keep forever? Every single one of those files is as risk even as you sit and read this.

Storage devices and memory cards are much more reliable, but the problem is that we humans are still, well, human, and we spill coffee on our laptops, drop our cellphones and break them, and even lose tablets on airplanes in the hustle and bustle of getting off the flight and into the arms of loved ones. It’s inevitable, just as it’s inevitable with computers you’ll power up at some point and see an error message telling you that the hard drive is kaput...

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Huawei taps Telefonica data centres for global cloud migration

Grazed from CBR. Author: Editorial Staff.

Huawei and Telefonica are collaborating on a global scale to promote migration to the cloud. The two companies will work together to help businesses to migrate their servers to the cloud, using Telefonica's data centres for computing, storage and backup services. The services are being made available without infrastructure investment and on a pay-per-use basis.

Huawei's role in the partnership will see it deploy Telefonica's Open Cloud service, which is based on OpenStack, in eight of its partner's data centres. Telefonica will tap into Huawei's knowledge in the public cloud market in China. The collaborative services will be rolled out firstly in Brazil, Mexico and China during the first quarter of 2016, with five additional locations later in the year.

Your company is running 987 cloud services, and you don't know about most of them

Grazed from Computing. Author: Peter Gothard.

The average company in Europe is running 987 cloud services, with the vast majority coming under the heading of shadow IT. So says director of EMEA marketing at Skyhigh Networks, Nigel Hawthorn, after presenting the results of a survey carried out by his company today. Speaking at Computing's Enterprise Security and Risk Management 2015 conference, Hawthorn asserted that "the number[s] of sanctioned IT is enormously outweighed by shadow IT".

"For these, the first thing you need to do is ask 'What's going on?'," he said. Describing the survey, Hawthorn said: "It's not asking people for their opinion, it's finding out how much traffic is coming at [companies] from around Europe over six-month periods." Hawthorn said the cloud services being installed by end users are "not consumer - these are corporate", but many continue sending and receiving data over the weekend outside office hours. "How are you managing your risks 24/7?" he asked delegates...

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