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Common Legal Concerns in Cloud Transactions

Grazed from FoundersWorkbench. Author: Gerry Stegmaier.

Having recently examined scalability as a key motivation to founders’ use of cloud computing funding, we will now take a look at the various legal issues that may arise from cloud computing-based transactions. The implementation of cloud computing infrastructure implicates several issues inherent to the technology – most notably data control and regulatory compliance.

The simple act of contracting with a cloud computing service provider, for example, requires a company to delegate significant control over its data and computing infrastructure to that service provider. Because the purchasing company likely continues to have responsibility for that core business data, ensuring that the cloud relationship addresses this responsibility remains an important operational consideration...

Changing Channels - Make Shift to Cloud Evolutionary, Not Revolutionary

Grazed from TheVarGuy. Author: Charlene OHanion.

One of the topics I often find myself discussing with both vendors and partners is cloud services. To be more specific, the role cloud services should play in channel partners’ business models. And with every conversation, one thread keeps popping out: Channel partners should embrace cloud services, but shouldn’t expect to make the transition overnight.

In other words, make it an evolutionary event, not a revolutionary event. Two conversations I had last week bolstered this idea. One was with Blake Wetzel, vice president of CenturyLink’s Channel Alliance, and the other was with Bob Skelley, vice president of Global Channel at Infinio...

Surprise! The cost of cloud is about to rise

Grazed from Fortune. Author: Barb Darrow.

After years of competitive price cutting, it looks like Microsoft, at least, is hiking prices on its cloud computing infrastructure. IBM is also making changes. Will Amazon follow suit? Companies spoiled by round after round of price cuts on cloud computing services over the past year or so had better gird themselves for change.

It turns out nothing falls forever. Microsoft is raising prices on its Azure cloud. Last week blogger Aiden Finn, a Dublin-based Microsoft-focused consultant, posted excerpts from a company email alerting customers that Azure prices in the Eurozone will rise 13% as of August 1. The message cited currency concerns, which is understandable given the current situation in Greece...

Nearly one-third of all IT infrastructure spending now devoted to cloud

Grazed from NetworkWorld. Author: Frederic Paul.

Need more proof that cloud computing is taking over? Just before the Independence Day holiday, research firm IDC released its assessment of the Worldwide Cloud IT Infrastructure Market—and the numbers were astonishing. According to the firm's Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, server, storage, and Ethernet switch revenue for public and private cloud systems grew by 25.1% year over year to nearly $6.3 billion in the first quarter of 2015.

Even more importantly, perhaps, the percentage of total IT infrastructure spending devoted to the cloud continues to mushroom to nearly 30%, up from 26.4% a year ago. Private cloud revenue jumped 24.4% to $2.4 billion, while the public cloud grew even faster—25.5%— to $3.9 billion. Servers led the way, up 28% for the private cloud and 33% for the public cloud...

Cloud Computing - The Real Story Is About Business Strategy, Not Technology

Grazed from CloudTweaks. Author: Tony Pagano.

It’s mid-2015, and it’s clear that the cloud paradigm is here to stay. Its services are growing exponentially and, at this time, it’s a fluid model with no steady state on the horizon. As such, adopting cloud computing has been surprisingly slow and seen more IT leaders, as well as business leaders, try to get their footing on what can otherwise be described as a very slippery slope.

Businesses are involved in a struggle to transform their firms into innovative and agile organizations, as well as gain a competitive advantage in their respective industry via a collaborated effort between the IT department and its internal business units. And this is impacting all types of enterprises...

After the 'race to zero', cloud providers look for the perfect location

Grazed from TheGlobeAndMail. Author: Mark Cunningham.

The “race to zero” is alive and well, as Google Inc. made clear a few weeks ago when it announced that its new Photos app will be free, including unlimited storage. Cloud services have finally reached zero. Over the past two years, the cloud industry’s price war has been good for pretty much everyone.

Lower upfront costs, tumbling storage prices and cheaper “compute” (non-storage) services are benefits that software vendors and end consumers alike can thank the race-to-zero gods for providing. But as prices keep dropping across the board, we’re starting to see a levelling of the playing field among major vendors...

Cloud Computing: Blueprint - The Evolution of the Network

Grazed from ConvergeDigest. Author: Leon Adato.

Learn from the past, live in the present and prepare for the future. While this may sound like it belongs hanging on a high school guidance counselor’s wall, they are words to live by, especially in IT. They apply perhaps to no other infrastructure element better than the network. After all, the network has long been a foundational building block of IT, it’s even more important today than it was in the days of SAGE and ARPANET, and its importance will only continue to grow in the future while simultaneously becoming more complex.

For those of us charged with maintaining the network, it’s valuable to take a step back and examine the evolution of the network. Doing so helps us take an inventory of lessons learned—or the lessons we should have learned; determine what today’s essentials of monitoring and managing networks are; and finally, turn an eye to the future to begin preparing now for what’s on the horizon...

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Cloud Computing: Amazon as an adult - Two decades of online shopping

Grazed from SeattleTimes. Author: Rachel Lerman.

It has officially been nearly two decades since shoppers of the world were introduced to the idea of buying books online. Seattle-based’s e-commerce website turns 20 years old this month. The company has grown from an idea hatched by founder and CEO Jeff Bezos to use the burgeoning Internet to revolutionize the book-selling business into an international “Everything Store” that has undeniably changed the way the world shops.

The company seems to be on a never-ending growth trajectory — Amazon employs more than 165,000 workers worldwide and last year brought in nearly $89 billion in revenue . Amazon celebrated its 20th anniversary of incorporation a year ago, in July 2014, and now, on July 16 of this year, it’s marking the two decade-point of its website launch and first book sold...

Cloud Computing: Cyber Security Skills -The Hot New Must-Have IT Skill Set

Grazed from LinkedIn.  Author:  Mayank  Singh.

Those in the IT world are always looking to develop the right skill sets that will help them get noticed above their competition. Considering how quickly technology changes, possessing a highly-desired set of skills can lead to better jobs and higher wages.   Trends, of course, come and go, and keeping up with what is currently the most in-demand skills can sometimes feel like a job in and of itself. IT workers have to figure out what skills they want to master that will lead to higher chances of employment and greater job stability. 
While many companies may be attracted to technical buzzwords being tossed about, one of the hottest IT skill sets is something that mostly avoids the hype: cyber security.   Employers are eager to find workers with expertise in security, and the numbers back this up. The fastest growing job category on happens to be cyber security, with the number of job postings having jumped by 91 percent compared to last year...

How Cloud Computing changes the game in Media and Entertainment

Grazed from Accenture.  Author: Editorial Staff.

Advances in technology and consumer behavior are driving a transformation in the way video content is delivered to consumers. The change involves a migration away from traditional broadcasting models and platforms toward digital distribution over the Internet to a widening array of connected devices.

This fundamental shift is triggering major disruptions for broadcasters, calling for the scalability, cost flexibility and agility of cloud computing.  Disruptive forces require today’s established broadcasters not just to adopt a new approach to technology, but also to navigate a radical shift in their embedded culture and skillsets...